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Language of the Gods Part 2
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MemberDeaconJul-31-2019 7:41 AM

I had already made a Similar Thread Before HERE but this Thread was to TRY and Translate some of the more Common Engineer that we had seen used in Prometheus.

As IgnorantGuy had pointed out, that Task was maybe a Waste of Time.  As the Engineer Writing likely never made any sense and likely was Random Symbols.

This TOPIC However i want to look at the Different Forms of Cuneiform/Hieroglyphs of the Engineers and to Wonder what the Relevance of these are?

It appears that both Prometheus and Alien Covenant our Engineers had been using the what we could deem more Common Engineer System.  We surely can Assume they have used this System for a Long Time.

However what we also had seen is TWO other Forms of Cuneiform one we saw on the Sacrificial Bowl and the other is written only on the Bio-Weapon Urns/Canisters.

So we have THREE forms of Engineer Writing (or do we?)

*The Common Engineer Writing we see Mainly used (Temples/Complexes and Ships) does have some Similarities to Old Persian Cuneiform, Ugaritic with a bit of Neo-Tifinagh

*The Writing on the Sacrificial Bowl seems to be similar to Sumerians/Akkadians Cuneiform

*The Writing on the Urns/Canisters does have some Similarity to Ancient Nabataean, Aramiac and Arabic/Persian Script

This does-not mean they are in anyway Connected just they have a similar look like how Japanese Kanji, Korean Hanja and Chinese Hanzi look similar.

The Purpose of looking at the Differences are WHY there are 3 Forms of Writing, like say on Earth we have/had Japanese Kanji, Hebrew and say Old Norse Runes.  They all look Different.

Maybe the reason is similar to WHY we have different Languages on Earth it could also indicate some of the Writing is OLDER than others as Language Evolves.

Or maybe we could Consider was some of it from another RACE/SPECIES as indeed some Speculate the Engineers must have Stolen/Reverse Engineered stuff that they Did-Not Create.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

4 Replies


MemberTrilobiteJul-31-2019 9:41 PM

If nothing else, it illustrates how languages/stories/facts can get distorted over time and interpretations become way off base?


MemberDeaconAug-01-2019 3:34 PM

I think Certainly that could apply a little...  I think it depends on what we look at, if we look at the Sacrificial Scene then the Style on the Sacrificial Bowl could be a Much More Ancient System the Engineers used a VERY VERY Long Time ago.... before the Dawn of LV-223 and the Juggernaught Technology.

The Prometheus Head Statue looked like a Transition from that System to the More Common Engineer, so maybe the Sacrificial Bowl System Evolved to what was on the Head Statue that then Evolved to the Engineers Cuneiform they commonly use?

The Peculiar One is the URNS/CANISTERS its a little odd that the Urns seem to be suited to the Juggernaut as far as Storage and Deployment, yet the Cuneiform on those Canisters is VERY unlike that which the Juggernaught uses and Engineers Bases/Buildings.

Was there a Intention here?  was it just Cool to have different types of Writing from the Production Standpoint...  we have to ask WHY did the Urns not have the more Common Engineer or Sacrificial Scene Cuneiform?

Did One part of that Puzzle Out-date the rest? so for example when the Urns were Conceived the Engineers used that System and then a LONG time after they created the Juggernaughts and a NEW writing system and they simple decided it was too much HASSLE to Re-Label the URNS...

Or Vice Versa?

It would be like say RUSSIA designs a Large Craft with their Writing System throughout, but then then use for the Weapons say Bombs that have say Chinese all over them!

But this may make sense in that the Chinese could supply the Ammunition i guess...

Could the same be said with the Engineers, are the URNS supplied by another Race/Species or different Culture/Civilization of Engineers?

Are we looking at a Collaboration? or a Theft, or just a CANT be bothered to update with Newest Writing System on older stuff they had?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconSep-16-2020 6:26 AM

Looking at some Concept Work from Alien Covenant in more Detail i did NOTICE that the Earlier Concept had a VERY Early Mesopotamian Influence.

The Aesthetic of the One Concept as FAR as HOW these Humanoids appear is the SAME as some of the Early Mesopotamian Reliefs 

The other Aesthetic is more Greek/Roman influenced but the WRITING is the same as on the Mesopotamian Reliefs 

This TYPE of Cuneiform is Very Similar to what is ON the Sacrificial Bowl.

With the Removal of the Elders Scene in Prometheus because RS did-not want to MEET GOD in the First Movie.

Could they at ONE POINT and Pondered having the Hierarchy above the Engineers as being similar in Aesthetic to HOW the Ancient Mesopotamian's had depicted their GODS?

Our Engineers in Prometheus were maybe THUS....  The Igigi

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphNov-03-2022 1:06 AM

Its look that oldest write of Engineers on sacryfical cup can be oldest, in the temple is newest write and on ampules with goo write is different that's Engineers and looks like other species. Maybe ampules with goo was steal from other aliens, Engineers can not use this with safe atentions and it kill them, or was lost trap for them like this room with ampules, when open door atmosphere was changed and ampules with goo will get ready to attack with goo.

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