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PraetorianMember3381 XPJan-19-2019 1:00 PM

Raised by Wolves: Ridley Scott Sci-Fi Series Cast Announcement

"The rest of the cast was just announced. It includes Amanda Collin (A Conspiracy of Faith, A Horrible Woman) as Mother, "an android with a secret past who has been programmed to raise a brood of human children on a faraway planet.

In addition to teaching her children to survive, Mother must also keep them from believing in the unreal; to ensure this virgin planet isn’t torn apart by the same religious differences that lead the Earth to its ultimate destruction. Mother hopes her family will serve as the nucleus for a peaceful, technocratic colony -- a new beginning for humanity.

But as she struggles to mold these growing humans, she also begins uncovering secrets hidden within her own programming, secrets that could help her protect her family, but could just as easily destroy them.""

"Abubakar Salim (Fortitude, Jamestown) will play Father, "an android whose devotion to his human children is matched only by his devotion to Mother. Father is a considerably less complex model than Mother, but thanks to his wisdom and patience, he is no less important to the family’s survival.

Like many human fathers, Father wants to be funny -- especially in the eyes of Mother -- but it’s a skill he often struggles with. What he is good at is always being there when you need him.""



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DeaconMember10358 XPJan-19-2019 2:04 PM

I was going to add some extra information the other Week on my Topic  Alien:Exodus as more news came about the TV Series but i forgot too.

Now we have names of some of the Cast it will be interesting to see what other information comes about over the next few Months.

As i mentioned in the Topic i Made.... i cant help but think that Raised by Wolves will carry over a number of ideas that RS was going to explore in Alien Covenants Sequel... that is on HOLD and maybe Indefinitely, so he has decided to maybe put some of these ideas into his TV Series as a way to show people that actually there is something interesting that can be done with Sci-Fi still.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPJan-19-2019 2:25 PM

"Winta McGrath (Aloft, Red Dog: True Blue) will play Campion, "a scrappy and soulful 12-year-old boy who was raised by Mother and Father since birth. When a ship of humans arrives from Earth, Campion is exposed to followers of religion for the first time in his life, and starts to question whether his android parents really know what’s best for him."

Seems to be very similar PLOT to what i had mentioned on here a number of times in WHERE i thought RS may take the Series... a PLOT that is similar to a degree of what my Prometheus 3 i was working on would have been about to a degree (David and Dr Shaw end up on another Engineer World inhabited by a Few Engineers and Humans, who are unaware that there are other Humans in the Galaxy).

When i was thinking of ways to do a sequel to Alien Covenant looking at ideas of RS, i had gone through ideas to start Alien Ascension which had some of these same ideas, i was pondering HOWEVER does David's World he Creates, have Brain-washed Human Colonist or does he only allow the Children to Survive

Or does David instead RAISE the Embryos... but i felt that WONT fit within Time Restraints..

A Few Months latter, i then was discussing AI on here and i was mentioning that AI could be applicants, LV-223 Engineers and that AI could be simply Engineering Artificially a Human Embryo.... then i went BINGO!

And Proceeded to make this TOPIC ALIEN: EXODUS

When looking at Alien Awakening, and RS comments i pondered if RS was considering similar Idea to what it seems Raised by Wolves actually could be about.

Certainly IF David either Kept a Few Colonist Alive who are keeping a Secret and Decided to allow David to be their Savoir, or he somehow Wiped them Memory or was able to Alter their Memory... or he just Raised the Children or Embryos (He could Engineer them to Grow Faster) then what we have is a World that David has Built... as i discussed a number of times (much prior to Raised by Wolves).   And then Question...

What happens to this Paradise when other Humans Arrive... this idea i had with my Prometheus 3 where it was David and Shaw arriving at  a Engineer World inhabited by a Handful of Engineers with a Civilization of Humans... and indeed years latter i proposed for my Alien Covenant Sequel that David would again have a World of Humans who would be Raised to his Rules, Religion etc...

And in either PLOT (my Prometheus 3 idea from 2013/2014) or Alien Covenant 2 from last year..  What happens when a Incoming Human Ship arrives and then the inhabitants of the World in Question Discover that THEY are not the ONLY Humans after-all... and then get some Revelations about this Worlds Hierarchy (Few Engineers in P3, David in AC2) that change how the Human inhabitants think FOREVER.

Maybe there is a lot to Raised by Wolves that indeed would have been about Alien Covenant 2 and Davids World and Civilization he has built/controlled... that becomes Corrupted when other Humans Arrive.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-19-2019 10:31 PM

To the OP- Looks a bit like the Monster's mother imo:

I hope this shows up on Netflix because it sounds very interesting.


PraetorianMember3381 XPJan-20-2019 10:49 AM

"i cant help but think that Raised by Wolves will carry over a number of ideas that RS was going to explore in Alien Covenants Sequel... that is on HOLD and maybe Indefinitely, so he has decided to maybe put some of these ideas into his TV Series as a way to show people that actually there is something interesting that can be done with Sci-Fi still."

I could not agree more BigDave

"and indeed years latter i proposed for my Alien Covenant Sequel that David would again have a World of Humans who would be Raised to his Rules, Religion etc..."

The ideas you proposed above in regards to a "World of Humans" looks to be somewhat fulfilled by the new Scott Free production with AI raising human children. Wonderful concepts.

I always imagined David turning the Covenant into a horror factory but your Alien: Covenant sequel proposal is very close to the "PRIORITY ONE" shown in Phobos.

Ridley Scott's quote below (source) is close to the conditions described in latest Raised by Wolves update.

“I think the evolution of the Alien himself is nearly over. But what I was trying to do was transcend and move to another story, which would be taken over by A.I.’s. The world that the AI might create as a leader if he finds himself on a new planet. We have actually quite a big layout for the next one.”


PraetorianMember3381 XPJan-20-2019 10:56 AM

That is most likely, exactly the look they were going for dk.

Great cheekbones sure fit with the new face of AI and the monster's mother. And they are both very easy on the human eyes (at least mine). I also believe Father was well cast with Abubakar Salim


DeaconMember10358 XPJan-20-2019 2:08 PM

I think Amanda Collin looks familiar to a degree to Katherine Waterston too.  Amanda has a more Chiseled/Bony Jaw Structure like Miss Weaver had when she was in her 40's and so Amanda Collin is kind of a cross between a Miss Weaver and Miss Waterston


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-20-2019 2:31 PM

I think Danielle Rayne would be a good fit.


PraetorianMember3381 XPJan-20-2019 2:58 PM

Good observation BigDave.

Yes, Danielle Rayne sure fits dk. Very well.


OvomorphMember12 XPJan-21-2019 9:05 AM

Hey do we know when Ridley Scott series will come to th and what network will carry it. Hope Netflix will have it. Or amc then it will be upload to Netflix 


OvomorphMember12 XPJan-21-2019 9:10 AM

Is the series’s going to have aliens in ir


PraetorianMember3381 XPJan-21-2019 2:03 PM

The series is going to be shown on TNT Yountr, see below.

There doesn't seem to be a schedule yet in regards to the release. As far as the inclusion of an "alien"....oh, could we be so lucky....

Alien Exper

OvomorphMember17 XPFeb-07-2019 2:19 PM

I have a friend who is very passionate about Aliens and i want to send to him an Alien T-shirt as gift for his birthday And written on the shirt (RUN AWAY) I imagine it a very scary phrase So please what is your opinion in the gift

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