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An obscure similarity to Prometheus

An obscure similarity to Prometheus

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OvomorphMember15 XPSep-16-2018 11:22 PM

I was watching a movie the other day whose opening scene and theme was eerily similar to the opening scene and theme of Prometheus. I was actually in another room when I heard the opening theme and thought it was Prometheus .....interestingly enough the movie was called Survival Quest and it was made in 1988....nothing to do with scifi, but made me pause. And for those who want to check it out, Jolly Roger is your best bet. 

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OvomorphMember11 XPFeb-13-2021 8:45 PM

I randomly came across this movie (yes 3 years after you posted this,) came to the same conclusion and Googled it, just to find myself here, with the only other person online to make this connection. The theme from Prometheus is absolutely lifted from Survival Quest. Oddly both Lance Henriksen and Mark Rolston were also in Aliens, so it might just be Ridley Scott's nod to Don Coscarelli. 


FacehuggerMember457 XPFeb-27-2021 3:06 AM

I’d not heard of this movie, so I googled it and found this video trailer.

20 seconds in, there’s a string of 8 notes that occur in the “Life” theme of Prometheus. That’s too much of a coincidence to be pure chance.

Marc Streitenfeld composed most of the score for Prometheus, but the “Life” track, which is most closely associated with the movie, was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. Most likely Harry saw Survival Quest at some point, and the notes stuck in his head somewhere.

It wouldn’t be anything to do with Ridley Scott giving a nod to the Survival Quest movie, though. It doesn’t look like a great movie to me.


PraetorianMember4125 XPFeb-27-2021 4:23 AM

Damn I haven't seen this movie in forever since the 90's when I was a little kid! I think this was my first Lance Henriksen movie (or was it Terminator?) before I watched Aliens and the TV show Millennium 

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