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Dane Hallett's Xenomorph Facebook Cover Photo
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MemberPraetorianAug-06-2018 9:24 PM

Dane Hallett's Xenomorph Facebook Cover Photo

The image is amazing, see below. (source)


Upon further inspection, I enhanced the image (below) and "DH - 84" came out as a label on the supporting structure on the left near what appears to be water pipes.

This may be random but the reference seen above may be to the DH - 84 Dragon, a military and transport aircraft (wiki) manufactured by de Havilland company in the 1930's. Could be a tribute of some sort? Or not.

Morph Foetus

Dane Hallett also shared the above "Have a foetus, on me!". Love it.
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MemberTrilobiteAug-06-2018 10:30 PM

If it is a reference to the plane, it seems pretty obscure and I wouldn't get it. It seems plausible though. It definitely looks deliberate and not like a random afterthought.


MemberChestbursterAug-06-2018 11:08 PM

However the correct name is DH.84 (with a point not a dash).  And the picture is not signed anywhere else so DH could might as well stand for  Dane Hallett and just that.


MemberTrilobiteAug-07-2018 3:41 AM

I'm with Ignorant Guy on this one,


DH is likely the artists, Dane Hallett's initials, with this piece likely being numbered as 84, which would suggest at least 83 previous pieces of work - the question is whether that is 83 pieces of Alien Covenant art or just that this piece is the artists' 84th piece to date. 


MemberDeaconAug-07-2018 3:52 AM

I think its more than Coincidence the DH are his Initials.

As for the 84 who knows...  how old would you say he is? could 84 be the year he was born?  But its unusual to have you Year of Birth on your work but who knows.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterAug-07-2018 5:04 AM


Judging by the fact his first IMDB credit is from '08, it might be his year of birth.


MemberPraetorianAug-07-2018 6:22 AM

That is so funny ignorantGuy and Gavin. I didn't even think of his initials. That is probably it.

I thought somehow all the mystery would wash away with some revelation about Dragon but chances are that the DH stands for the artists initials. Good job....


MemberChestbursterAug-07-2018 7:32 AM

Ingeniero It might a refers to the Beast, as there are still flying examples of it. Now how big a plane enthusiast is  Dane, could answer the riddle.


MemberTrilobiteAug-07-2018 11:24 PM

Sometimes the simplest answers are the actual answers. It can be hard to research though since there isn't much personal bio info. Perhaps someone asking him via Facebook could clear it up? Sorry, I don't do FB.


MemberPraetorianAug-08-2018 6:34 AM

I consider one of my most greatest achievements is the fact that I have never made a single FB post dk. I try to leave it all on the field here where things make sense.
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