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Ridley says Covenant is 100 years before Alien...
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MemberPraetorianFeb-09-2018 8:02 PM

Last summer i bought the Alien Covenant collectors guide to the film which contains various interviews with cast and crew,behind the scenes info etc.I was just recently reading through the interview with Ridley Scott and he was asked a question regarding the difference in technology between the Covenant and the Nostromo.He says and i quote

"This Is not a grungy ship-this is a pioneer ship,on a scientific mission.So by the time you get to the first Alien,you're maybe 100 years on from this,where they've now quite clearly become capable of actually digging and mining off the surface of planets."

Now there of course has been many debates on whether the derelict on LV-426 is ancient or needs,whether David actually created the xenomorph etc.But Ridley's claims of Covenant being 100 years before Alien instead of 20 does sort of help explain the time line in his mind,less so the established one that is.Has anyone else read this?

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 

39 Replies


MemberTrilobiteFeb-14-2018 1:03 PM

As I recall, RS didn't hate the queen- he said something to the effect that he would have gone the Space Jockey route instead.


MemberPraetorianFeb-14-2018 3:36 PM

That's what I've read as well.He was a bit disappointed that no one wanted to explore what the Space Jockey was which is what he has now done.

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MemberDeaconFeb-14-2018 4:18 PM

I dont recall RS saying he hated the Queen, i actually remember him saying on two occasions it made sense, and he liked how it looked.

Ridley Scott however is not a BIG fan of Aliens in General, he does not dislike it, its just not the route he would have taken,  he often refers to the Beast being cooked, and how it was more effective in Alien because we dont see it often.

He also refers to the other Alien movies as Shoot-em-ups.

So i think RS just felt that the Xenomorph was shown too much in Alien, and so once revealed too much it looses that Mystery about it.   I think to be fair Alien  3 did not show the Xenomorph much and it was far from a Shoot-em-up but i agree Alien Resurection was.

As for the AVP's Ridley Scott often refuses to speak about them, and he claims he has never seen and has no intention to seeing them.

i think when RS mentions the Beast was cooked with a Apple in its mouth and stuffing etc, he was referring to how it was handled after Alien 3, includes the AVP movies.

I have never seen RS ever say the Queen Concept was bad, ever... i think its just not what he had in mind, a lot of people do make a lot out of James Cameron and Ridley Scott as if they dont really like each others Projects but that is actually far from the Truth, as they had came close on TWO occasions to working together on a Project.

Cameron also had positive things to say about Prometheus and he has never said Alien Covenant was bad.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterFeb-14-2018 7:30 PM


But Cameron did say he would have never made Covenant (which is not very complementary) and that Prometheus in the end did not make sense (I was just paraphrasing...).

And the 100 year stuff makes sense because of the context, as in less then 20 years you would have to establish mining operations in space and wear out the Nostromo as seen in A79, which is not very likely.


MemberNeomorphFeb-15-2018 11:49 AM

OK this is a longer answer

That could be like saying that it is many years before he original movie. Compare it to if you are waiting for something and it feels like you have waited a long time so then someone asks “how long have you been waiting?” you answer “100 years”, you simply says that it has been a long time. Maybe this is what he means here?

What I am saying is that we probably should not take it literally.

How about this?

“the date is seen on a monitor display just before the crew of the Nostromo is awoken from hypersleep.”

How are people able to see details like that? This is interesting to say the least and no I am not making fun of any person. I have watched the movie a lot of times but I have never seen it.

"Being created by a man made android, the xenomorph has become less alien."

This is exactly why I dislike that idea, keep some of it a mystery. I would rather have Jabba The Hutt creating them for some mysterious reason than David. LOL! Having David recreating something from the Engineers is totally fine.

Alien 1 to 3 work fine the way it is, in no way should they retcon anything of that. Sure Aliens is not the perfect movie but it works like a middle thing between Alien and Alien 3. Sure many people have problems with the prequels but imagine how many that would be mad at Scott if he did that to the sequels, that would be so stupid so I do not have words for it. By the way Alien 1 to 3 are a lot better than Prometheus and Covenant so he should stay away from that so no retconning and if that would happen I would be disappointed.

Don't make it to AI pulling the strings behind the wall at the company, that would be stupid.

IgnorantGuy: I do not know what Cameron said or not but I think that Cameron would have done it better (about Prometheus and Covenant) because they were lacking things although I prefer Prometheus compared to Covenant. Maybe he would have been better about how he was dealing with the characters.


MemberTrilobiteFeb-15-2018 2:12 PM

@ Thoughts_Dreams


MemberDeaconFeb-15-2018 2:36 PM


I think what we have here is indeed Cameron was saying he felt that Prometheus was interesting and he did not say Alien Covenant was awful....    I feel his comments are that BOTH movies on their Merits may be ok but BOTH are not the kind of Movie he would have made.

So its kind of similar to how RS has not said he dislikes Aliens or the Queen, but they are NOT Directions Ridley Scott would have taken.

It seems Cameron would feel the movies should stay more in touch with ALIENS, Queens maybe Ripley, and it seems Blomkamp is in the same boat... and so Fanboys as per say.

I think RS had different plans, i think he had different ideas and that Aliens just basically reduced the Xenomorph to some Lesser kind of Organism that just has a Hive Mentality and kills stuff, i get the feeling Ridley Scott envisioned something more for the Xenomorph at that time.

The Xenomorph ended up being over exploited, over shown and not kept to the shadows, and a Queen ended up taking some of the disturbing Procreation that RS had planned.

So i feel RS felt the Xenomorph element had been worn out, maybe RS saw more potential for it that followed similar to O'Bannons ideas, but it evolved to a killing Bio-Logical Organism like a Invasive species of insects.

So Ridley Scott noticed that NO-ONE ever answered the Question about the Origins, and also the Space Jockey Race... which during Production of the Prequels, we was introduced to the whole Ancient Aliens kind of Plot which RS felt was interesting... The Xenomorph prior felt and seemed like a Bio-Weapon and RS i feel just saw that after the Damage done to the Beast, that actually its role is JUST a Bio-Weapon.

So the Space Jockey was more interesting...

I feel that Cameron sees the Xenomorph as more interesting and needing to get the LIME LIGHT, the Franchise was Xenomorphs and Ripley.  And i think Cameron while he may not dislike the Prequels i feel that he felt they had gone off track by not being about the  Xenomorph, apart from Alien Covenant and that then the whole ANDROID created it Plot was maybe what Cameron felt was not the way to go.

Ridley Scott seemed to feel the Space Jockey Race and History and connections to Creation was more interesting, and also the Back Ground regarding the Weyland Company, and so the Xenomorph and Ripley were not really the Main Focus and certainly something that had been done over and over.

So while i think they respected each others movies and never hated them, i think they both simply had COMPLETELY Different ways they would have handled them.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-15-2018 2:39 PM

I personally dont see Ripley as relative to the broader themes, and i also see the Xenomorph as not being much about the broader themes but more important than Ripley.

i think we need to explore the Weyland Company Agenda, and how AI/Synthetics fit in the Arc of Creation, Rebellion and Power... and explore more so the Engineers.

BUT they need to bring something Alien back into it, and for this they need to take O'Bannons ideas and Merge them with HR Gigers.  I think Ridley Scott has LOST sight of where to take this... and i think Cameron would just give us a Aliens meets Avatar, its all about Ripley and Queens Fiasco so no thanks...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianFeb-15-2018 4:02 PM

Yeah dk. What is "David"?'s not our android...see below.
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