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Fox Had Plans to Shoot Ridley Scott’s Alien: Awakening Next Summer

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PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-15-2017 4:57 PM

'You might remember that Ridley Scott suggested he was keen on returning to Australian stages to shoot his third installment in his Prometheus trilogy tentatively titled Alien: Awakening after a positive experience making Alien: Covenant there.

It looks like Ridley wasn’t just blowing his signature cigar smoke.

Omega Underground had learned that at one time Fox was eyeing a Summer 2018 shoot for Scott’s Awakening and now we have more  information to support that along with Prometheus/Covenant’s Mark Huffam and Scott Free’s Michael Pruss named as producers.'

'Our assessment is that Scott and Huffam wanted to return to Fox Studios, Moore Park, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Its current status is unknown.'

'While speaking with EntertainmentWeekly last month Scott teased about shooting three films a year.

I’d like to do three [films] a year, but we’re going to start the next one in February,” he told the outlet. “I’m not sure if we’re keeping the title because the book is so important, but I’m doing [an adaptation] of The Cartel.” 

It’s not impossible if The Cartel wraps before the summer this could happen, but we’re not holding our breath considering the amount of pre-production needed to get this film of this scale ready for a summer shoot. Yet, Ridley seems to be super gung-ho again about the sequel, but who knows how he’ll feel in a couple of months and where Fox stands on paying for the third movie.

Fox might also want to hold off to see how Disney would want to move forward.'


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PraetorianStaff2414 XPDec-16-2017 6:23 PM

I hope so. I have not seen any evidence of a xenomorph infestation here in Australia yet though :p



TrilobiteMember9895 XPDec-16-2017 8:09 PM

Well Ridley Scott had made a agreement with the Australian Government about incentives for Alien Covenant and future Projects and no doubt any Alien Covenant Sequel would have been part of this, Ridley Scott also said that at the time of AC Release that he planned to shoot the next movie within 14 Months which puts it in the July 2018 Ball Park.

I would say its hard to tell how far they had got with the Movie, no doubt Prior to AC being Edited/Cut for release FOX/RS and Logan would have all had a idea where they are taking the next one, and i would not be surprised if a Long Synopsis/Plot Points had been done and onto basic stages of working on the Draft as far as May this year.

I would imagine as of MAY 2017, they would have had a idea what 70% of the movie would be about, they would have had a idea where i would say 70% at least of the movie would be shot and i would not be surprised if some Early Story Boarding/Concepts had begun.  As far as only the Brainstorming Stage.

I think the Reaction to AC which was of disappointment could certainly have caused some rethinking to had taken place.

But now that Disney owns the rights, its anyone's guess to WHEN we will get another installment, i think we will get more ALIEN movies, but who knows how soon or what route they would take, i think a lot could depend as far as how far down the LINE they are with the Sequel, at the time FOX began Take Over Talks.

If they movie was in late development stages and just now waiting for a bit of Final Polish to Plot/Drafts and then it was a case of choosing Shooting Time (we need to remember despite if a Draft was near Final, Production is dependent on Fassbender and Ridley Scotts Schedules) so by that if the movie was close to Full Production only really waiting for Director and Main Guaranteed Cast Member to become Free.

Then if this is how far the Progress has been and talks regarding this had taken Place with Disney Executives then provided those at Disney like what they hear and put trust in the Plans as they was going to proceed under FOX, then who knows a 2018 Shooting Date could still happen.

If the movie idea had not progressed far so they never even had a near finished draft as of say this Fall, then there is a Good Chance Disney could want to get much more influence in the Progress of this movie.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-17-2017 5:44 AM

BigDave - Unfortunately, we won't see a new Alien movie before 2020.


XenomorphMember1161 XPDec-17-2017 6:01 AM

A tough one.

Is the Space Jockey set still up? Are they paying rent? What's the cast and crews schedule? Is Fassbender available in 2019, 2020? I suppose Disney can just eat the contracts and write off what's been done.




PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-17-2017 2:58 PM

MonsterZero - Good questions. :)


TrilobiteMember9895 XPDec-17-2017 3:47 PM

I think if Disney wish to expand on its Library of Movies, then it could do with something different to the 12 and under Friendly Franchises it already has, i cant see them making 18 Cert movies, and i think the Predator and Alien Franchises offer them something different and aimed at a different Audience Demographic (if thats the right term to use).

I think however Disney would want to make any Alien and Predator move Franchises to be open to a wider Audience than a Cert 18 would allow. But by the same token they would want to allow for some Horror and Gore but i think its the ACTION of those Franchises and the Recognition of the MAIN Characters which are the Xenomorph ALIEN and Yautja PREDATOR and so i feel Disney will at some point release a movie from both Franchises, i feel Disney will Market these towards a Age of 15 plus and so i would expect them being able to push quite close to the Elements of ALIENS, PREDATOR 2 the AVP movies and ALIEN COVENANT provided a few things are CUT (Nudity) and REDUCED excessive Foul Language and Gore.

The Question now is how much of a Urgency and Respect do they have for FOX's work on the Alien Franchise especially as far as Ridley Scotts connection/involvement and plans to continue the laid down Prequels..  OR DO THEY... only care for what a Marketable Iconic Status the Xenomorph has.... and how can this be used to make $$$$$$

If its the later then they could make a sequel to Alien Covenant that links to Alien that occurs after the events of David and what he does next, were the only thing we see of David is his Body and Reactivated Head, and maybe a few Flash Backs where they can CGI Fassbender.  What i mean by this kind of route is IF they would be in NO Rush to attempt a continuation within the next 5 years or so....

If they do intend to continue with a AC sequel and David is to play a somewhat big role (20 Min plus Screen Time) then they would likely have to begin Filming within 2-3 years, definitely if they wish Ridley Scott to play a Key Roll.


Disney could do one of these routes too... as far as Prequels.

1) Have a different Prequel (Slight Changes) to Alien where they keep the Mystery to the Space Jockey and reveal that David merely Re-created the Xenomorph the Engineers had created Thousands of years ago... THIS kind of route could even by-pass having David by having a Character in the Prequel Reference David and his Creations and so it could be a movie set on Origae-6 that features Davids Creations but David is Gone (and explain why) or David is only remains (so he can play a small Bodyless Roll) for Naration/Plot to reveal HE Created the Horrors we saw in AC and on Origae-6 but NOT the Original Xenomorph.

2) Again a different route this time however showing the Space Jockey Event at the Climax, but in the build up showing that its Cargo is different to Davids Creations and Reveal he had Re-Created it.. HEY even a Davids Xenomorph vs Engineer Xenomorph?  Again as with above Davids Role in the movie could be By-Passed or Reduced Greatly.

3) Attempt a Complete Prequel RE-BOOT that removes Prometheus and AC from Canon.

I think a key thing that Disney will do is take on board what Fans want and what they feel made the Franchise what it was... so this Certainly would mean more XENOMORPHS and Queens maybe even a Re-Design of the Space Jockey/Engineers and likely Eradicate the Robots/AI Influence  but i think a GREAT FEAR with Disney at the Helm is to Shoehorn in some Ripley Saga to a Prequel... by maybe introducing a Relative involved in a Prequel... even as far as casting Miss Weaver and Ripleys Grandmother... Yep this is something i feel Disney will PLUG IN

HOWEVER... the Problem is reducing Davids Role, Changing the Engineers/Space Jockey could upset some fans who was pleased with Prometheus and Alien Covenant to a degree... to completely Reboot the Prequels and not put any real Focus on the Androids and Re-design the Space Jockey Race to be something different could UPSET fans of the Prequels Big Time.

This is the Problem the Franchise has.. It is hard to please Every Fan No Matter What Choice they make.

UNLESS Disney take on board the Prequel Route i would propose and the Alien Resurection Sequel Route, which both should do enough to PLEASE the Masses.


I can see a Alien movie made in 10 years 100% even 5 years, but as far as in 1-3 years of going into Production i would say 50/50 is Optimistic

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1161 XPDec-17-2017 4:55 PM

What's the end game for Disney? What are they going to get from making Alien movies? 

Academy awards: Nope.

Toys: Probably not.

Theme park rides: Possible....but the parks are bloated with Star Wars now and Avatar is just around the corner.

Risk Reward: 1 to 1 maybe 2 to 1....Not sure Disney would get out of bed to produce a 1 to 1 movie.


TrilobiteMember9895 XPDec-17-2017 5:55 PM

Thats a important Fact for sure...

We can only hope if Disney has no plans for the Franchise to OWN up and say so and license it to someone else to do so.

I think TOY Range is something the Franchise could influence, i think there has always been a Alien Merchandise Fanbase, the Comics Series too...  So maybe how FOX License out for Toy Companies and Comic Books like Dark Horse.

Maybe they can License out the Movie Rights?

I will agree that Disney look to make Money, and in doing so they look at lot at Merchandise as much as the Movie Impact.  I think they would be willing to consider it based off the Impact of Previous movies.

Which Sadly with how Alien Covenant did, and how Fans seem Split about the Franchise, and direction and things that upset some fans but maybe not others... its the case of is the risk too much for Disney?

The Predator Franchise could be different, a lot depends on how well The Predator does, if this does well then i think Disney would be willing to invest in a sequel to that or another Predator movie.

I think a Concern is that its Merchandise Potential (and Game/Comic Rights) and Box Office that matters the MOST and so i would not be surprised if Disneys next Foray into the Franchises will be  a AVP Reboot is does not matter if the Movie is not GOOD if it makes $$$$

I have tried to Watch Avatar Twice and i just dont like it, i prefer Chappy lol, i have Watched Guardians of the Galaxy and to me its well very The Green Lantern, this kind of movies dont seem to appeal to me much, i lose interest in the Spider Men, yet i can watch X-Men and Iron Man etc..  I think its the Goofy Comic Vibes that are added that i deem unnecessary.. i have not brought myself to Watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yet.

Disney look at what can make $$$$ i saw The Last Jedi and without giving much away, i feel its a bigger disappointment than nearly Phantom Menace,  Swap Darth Maul for Kylo Ren and while Maul may not be enough to make the Last Jedi better, Kylo as the Main Villain in Phantom Menace would make that really poor.

But Disney wont care about what a good Plot vs Wasted One that is Rogue One vs The Last Jedi, all that matters is $$$$$ and The Last Jedi would attract more under 12's to the Box Office and Merchandise, despite The Jedi being quite a JOKE IMO lol  Visually Superb, Audio like wise...   These Elements could have benefited Alien Covenant (better Visuals)  but then that movies failings are similar to the Last Jedi as far as wasted potential...

Oh well in Hindsight a Blomkamps Alien 5 with Ripley and Queens may have made more $$$

I am concerned Disney would feel any Alien movie would have to either feature Ripley or be a Predator Cross Over :(

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember894 XPDec-18-2017 1:03 AM


But sure they'll bring back Ripley, of course to kill her off.


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-18-2017 5:18 AM

BigDave - 'The Last Jedi and without giving much away, i feel its a bigger disappointment than nearly Phantom Menace,' - 'despite The Jedi being quite a JOKE IMO lol'

This is a sad fact but your words are true. The Last Jedi is the biggest disappointment of the franchise. Not only a joke, but it is like a Star Wars parody - not only the situations, but the acting as well. The Last Jedi has become the Christmas Special of the year 2017.

There are scenes where you don't believe your eyes - in a negative sense. Mark Hamill does not deserve this, Lucas does not deserve this, fans do not deserve this...

And you are right, the prequels are way much better movies - because they are Star Wars movies.

Thanks God we have Rogue One, and I think/hope the Solo movie will be the best Star Wars movie.


XenomorphMember1490 XPDec-18-2017 11:14 AM

Had or has? There is a difference between these two things. Did they change the plans?

Before they shoot the movie they got to get the locations, sign people to play the roles, and so on. Anyone that knows how far in the process that they have come?

I would rather have a good movie than one that is rushed.

“I think the Reaction to AC which was of disappointment could certainly have caused some rethinking to had taken place.”

This is a must, I don't want to be disappointed again.

Disney, well I hope that they will have the movies closer to Alien but I don't want them to be another Xeno hunt. People that we can like and root for is way more important. I am not sure if I want a lot of spin-offs though (imagine 100 movies like Rogue One but in the Alien universe).

Have some foul language and gore. LOL! Foul language is a part of any language so it is meaningless to leave it out especially when you look back at how the Alien movies have been this far when it comes to that. I would not like the characters to speak like English butler's.

In upper-class English accent:

“Excuse me sir Xeno I am very sorry but I have orders to make you into soup if you don't mind”

(loud bangs)

“Oh my goodness, I think that something rather nasty came on my suit”

(Imagine something like this

It would be crap if Alien would turn into kid movies.

Maybe some better Xeno connection would be nice but I don't want them to erase the Engineers. Hopefully Disney realizes that it is better to have David re-creating the Xenos rather than having him being the original creator of them. Hopefully they will tell Scott this so he has to follow that because I don't like that Scott wants David to be the creator of them.

They don't need more Xenos and defiantly not more queens (I prefer egg-morphing). Please no more Ripley, she is done.


XenomorphMember1161 XPDec-18-2017 3:51 PM

Loved The Last Jedi.

Don't know if it was the best or the worst...and don't care...that's for the children to argue about.

All I Know is, I give it the highest honor I can bestow on any work of art: Makes me glad to be alive.


TrilobiteMember9895 XPDec-18-2017 5:21 PM

"In upper-class English accent:

“Excuse me sir Xeno I am very sorry but I have orders to make you into soup if you don't mind”"

Ha ha that sounds more like David... boy i bet thats something to not look forwards to a movie of Davids.. but i dont think we would have had that, but we dont know where Disney would take this Franchise WHEN they decide to invest into it.

I think we can just Pray we get more ALIEN Movies and Disney Realize this Franchise is different to what they have, no point making it more Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars or X-Men etc...  Alien Franchise and Predator offer something DIFFERENT and should be kept that way.

If Disney try and make them more younger base Friendly, then they will end up with movies to similar to what they already have and doing this will ALIENATE (pun intended) the Alien Fanbase, and do little to attract New Fans if the movies are similar to those others Disney has, because they will ultimately prefer those already done (Star Wars, Avatar etc).

If we managed to Push Alien Covenant as a Cert 15/R i am sure while some may want a bit more Gore, i think what Alien Covenant had done would do for the Franchise, i also feel not much changes would be needed to have got most of the Franchise movies NOWADAYS into a Cert 15/R

ALIEN was only Scary, because it was the First Time we saw the Gruesome Life-Style but mainly it was the way the movie was done, pitting a Crew (short in numbers) with not the right Experience and Equipment to deal with a Xenomorph, on a  Dimly Lit Claustrophobic Space Ship, against a Alien Monster that kept to the Shadows and was not shown too much, who the Dark Narrow Corridors and Spaces of the Nostromo Suited the Alien to the Ground...

The Problem is Some fans liked the Adventure Elements some movies showed, some liked the Philosophy Elements, some likes the Action of some of the movies and some liked the more confined Horror..

So how do you please them all?

This is the Big Problem the Franchise Faced... Alien Covenant attempted to give  a bit of all of the above, within such a limited time to do any of them any justice.

Looking at the Set-Up which is what has to happen next to get to ALIEN and how David is off to Origae-6 which will take over 7 years, then in terms of Alien Time Line there is a lot to happen from the aftermath of Covenant to reach Alien...  and if the movie run  times are not high, i think its going to be a struggle to fit this into Two movies never mind ONE..

But would Disney Invest in TWO movies hoping the First Does well?

They can attempt to change things and learn from the Changes made that gave us AC, much like the next Star Wars movie in the EP7-9 Series can learn from its mistakes with EP8  The Problem is Star Wars movie still made money.

If Alien Covenant made $400-500M despite its flaws FOX/RS would have seen it a Success and continued the same Formula with the Next movie, DISNEY'S Problem with the Alien Franchise is  they have picked up a Poisoned Chalice of sorts.

Do they try and give us ONE movie to Alien, and have the events between Alien Covenant and this movie simply by-passed like we did in AC as far as the 10 years between Prometheus and Alien Covenant..

so basically a Company Ship arrives on Origae-6 say in the year 2115 and discover the Colony has been over-ran by Xenomorphs, or they discover only Eggs... but this sets up a kind of Aliens flick... Then Engineers arrive at some point...   We can get clues and Narration to what happened with David between AC and setting up a Colony on Origae-6 and then it being overcome by Davids Creation... 

This Flick would by-pass the Next Planned Movie, and then could Directly Tie with ALIEN and i would not rule out THIS kind of flick, if the ALIEN Franchise is on hold for 5 or more years.

But would doing this please every fan? I am sure some fans looking forwards to what happens next after Alien Covenant would be as disappointed as those wanting to know what happens when David and Shaw arrive on Planet 4/Paradise... which all we ended up with was by-passing this event. Apart from some answers and a flash back

Or Does DISNEY set up a TWO MOVIE plan but then find the First of this, disappoints and then it leaves them basically committed to carry on and risk MONEY on the Final Part or to simply not bother and leave the Franchise in Limbo....

ANOTHER thing to consider is MONEY... sure Alien Covenant could have done with a extra 40 mins and extra $50M Budget...  Would Disney be prepared to invest about $150-160M (plus Inflation) on the Next Movie?  They would if they FEEL they could make back $350-400M if they feel it may not make $300M i think they would either NOT bother or use a much Lower Budget.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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