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She won't go quietly/alien directors cut.

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Timmy the ultramorph

ChestbursterMember559 XPNov-30-2017 9:56 PM

this is sort of a continuation of my post why alien covenant needs a directors cut. I just rewatched the she wont go quietly clip on youtube (above clip) and it does everything i want the directors cut to do. it develops character with every day life and then is followed by some legitimately intense action. honestly This 1 minute clip has far better action then anything in the final xenomorph fight. this also proves my theory that there is tons of suspenseful build up scenes on the covenant and tons more character moments shot then were put in the film. and there is clearly even more than what we just saw because all the character development moments happen before hyper sleep promoting whole other scenes with the crew pre hypersleep and it proves that there is way more action suspense build up scenes that were missing from covenant because daneills is alone in all of her action shots witch means that in the script her and tennasee somehow get separated during the search. she is also asking mother were it is. not david suggesting that she loses connection with him as well. also , she is holding a flashlight witch she didn't have in the movie. just these two sections of film would add about 15 minutes of extra time with the crew actually getting to know them and like 15 minutes of actually legitimate suspense. all things i hope to see added in a directors cut.

food ain't that bad! - Parker

5 Responses to She won't go quietly/alien directors cut.

Timmy the ultramorph

ChestbursterMember559 XPNov-30-2017 9:57 PM

sorry that the type is super small. something wrong happened to my computer.

food ain't that bad! - Parker


PraetorianModerator2414 XPNov-30-2017 10:34 PM

Fixed the text up for you and embedded the video-clip Timmy the ultramorph :)

Timmy the ultramorph

ChestbursterMember559 XPNov-30-2017 11:00 PM


food ain't that bad! - Parker


FacehuggerMember164 XPDec-01-2017 9:51 AM

100% agree.  One of the best parts of the movie was cut from the movie. 


NeomorphMember1658 XPDec-03-2017 2:50 AM

For some reason that clip of Daniels was more interesting than what we saw of her. We see how she reacts to situation like that and it gives her some more depth which was lacking in the movie.

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