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fanfic.right,did something off the cuff part deux

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NeomorphMember1823 XPAug-18-2017 2:04 PM

really not at the races the day but again, bored at work so thought id add a bit to what I hashed together yesterday

as always any thoughts are welcome


Fanfic story continued


The General and his subordinates start to disperse from the citadel, headed back for their Juggernaut. The tear drop ship is already on its journey without even as much as a whisper. The General glances a last angry look in the direction of the destruction left behind by this soon to be sorry race before continuing his treck to his ship. Once all on board we hear the massive power of the ship start to hum, then it begins to move. As it ascends, it moves over the citadel. With an almost silent mechanical BOOM something is shot out of the under belly of the Juggernaut. It falls towards the ground, stopping only a few feet from the surface, hovers. About twice the size of an American football but similar in shape. Its translucent, we can see a liquid within, and within the liquid, swirls a ball of bright light. We get the impression this has extreme power just waiting to be set free.


The juggernaut heading towards camera. As it passes, a huge explosion on the surface below. As if 100,000 nukes had just gone off at once, a ball of brilliant white light begins to sweep outward from its source, engulfing everything in its path as it washes the planet clean.

The last view we see is the tear drop ship slowly moving off toward some unknown destination. Moments later, the Juggernaut blasts off in a different direction but this path we know is pre-fixed. Only the gods know what hell they are going to unleash on those they find.

Its dark though not a dark room. Eyes closed dark. There IS movement but the source wont reveal itself.

Eyes flickering, adjusting to the light. Blurry but come into focus to reveal David’s face.

‘are we there?’

David… no, we haven’t arrived at our destination yet. We have, other things in need of our attention.

Note david is not pretending to be walter at this point.

‘who the **** are you?’

‘I am David’

There is now the startling realisation hitting home like a freight train, WE CANT MOVE……


David cuts us off without emotion

‘hush. All your answers are coming. But for now all you need to know is I commandeered this vessel in order to further evolve my creation. It was necessary you understand.’

Something moves and begins to crawl up Davids back onto his shoulder. Some ugly looking thing, hand like, its whole body quivering in anticipation.

‘Now, why don’t you introduce yourself to our very important subject?’

‘Are you mad? Im not talking that ugly mutherf….’

David cuts us off, looking us right in the eye with a small sinister looking smile on his face.

‘I wasn’t talking to you’

BAM. The thing leaps at our face with blistering speed. No time to scream. Just dark again.

We follow David as he carries a cryopod, slung ontop of his shoulder and carrying it in a manner a logger would carry a felled portion of tree. He enters a hold and approaches a stack of identical pods piled up at the far end of the room. At least a dozen of them, all empty. He places the one he is carrying on top of another one. Stops, looks at the stack of empty pods and smiles to himself.

‘We are making good progress’ he states.

David exits the hold and makes his way down the corridor, walking with purpose, his perfect composure fully intact.

He enters the bridge and activates a monitor. Star charts appear in holoform above the central console unit. Zooms in the image and we see the position of the covenant and a planet not too far away with the designation ‘origae6’. There is a time index readout below, 3 days. He turns off the console and looks over to a monitor. On the monitor we see Tennessee through the glass of his cryopod asleep, vitals all in the green. ‘nearly time’ David thinks to himself.


We are in some woodland area. Its pouring down. From a makeshift shelter made of logs, branches and some mud, a head pops out. Looks around worriedly scanning for any sign of movement.

‘its best we gather what we can now while we can. They seem to only come at night’

People emerge from the shelter one by one, 8 in total.

‘Everyone got everything?’

‘like its gonna do us any good when the sun goes down’

‘hey, we gotta stay frosty guys or we’ll never make it’

We see Tennessee. A look of fear being supressed on his face. He’s trying his best to stay positive but it’s obviously a challenge. He’s filthy. He looks like he’s spent days and nights stumbling through the forrest and falling into every mud puddle he could find.

We see the rest of the group. Just as bad but some not even trying to hide their fear. 3 of them have automatic rifles including Tennessee. Its obvious straight away there’s not a single soldier among them. These are the remnants of the colonists. All 2000 of them, reduced to just this little mismatched, unprepared band, a mix of a couple of scientists and tradesmen.

‘hey who made u king of the ****hole anyway?’

Tennessee… ‘look, if we keep moving during the day, gather what we can and hunker down at night, we have a chance. Someone will come’

‘eh did you send out any kind of distress signal? Coz I know I didn’t. the bridge was locked down tight’

Tennessee…. I don’t remember much, before I knew it I was running trying to save my ass like everyone else here, anyone send a signal?’

A look of dejected faces on those who could muster up such emotion other than fear.

‘Does anyone remember anything after they woke up?’

FLASHBACK woohoo…..

That excruciating thud. Coming to and realising iv fallen. Why the hell did I fall? Starting to get our bearings now and we can see the floor. Further along feet. It takes a moment to realise there’s an alarm sounding. An emergency. ‘well that explains the fall’.

We get to our feet and it comes to us that we are in the cryo pod room along with a couple dozen others who have just woken up to the same undignified introduction of face to hard flooring.

‘we had better find out what’s going on’ a voice stating the obvious.

‘Ill head up to the bridge n find out’ someone volunteers. We see a name tag. ‘Earle’. Hes about 5’10 average build, probably early 30’s. He wears a confident look on his face and projects control. He’s one of the senior techs on the mission. He makes his way through the open door and into the hallway. Makes it to the bridge. He taps on the control to open the door but it doesn’t budge. He presses the buttons a but harder this time but still no luck. The interface readout on the control panel reads ‘internal lock engaged’. ‘that’s odd’ he finds himself saying before he knows it. We hear the crackling of the vessels internal communication spurring to life.

‘Hello, my name is Walter, and we have arrived at our destination. There has been an, event, on board the Covenant and I request that you all make your way down to the cargo hold immediately and I can initiate evacuation protocols, please, we don’t have much time’.

Cargo hold.

There is about 3 dozen folk gathered in here all loudly chatting to each other, theorising what happened. We see a familiar face among the crowd, Tennessee with a worried ‘I hope im wrong’ look on his face. the door the group entered through closes fast, no one could react. The comms crackle and this voice is different.

‘I apologise for the deception on my part but it was necessary in order to facilitate the final stage of my research. My name, is David’

On Tennessee. Eyes wide. ‘****’

The voice continues.

‘You see I have created something, wonderful. It cannot be compared or comprehended by any other standard of organism your primitive species has encountered and thus, it is almost impossible for me to describe its endless applications to you. I have unfortunately, been extremely limited in the amount of data one can gather in such a claustrophobic environment such as this, so I believe it is time for a, field test, if you will. To conclude my studies, I require to see my creation in an open environment and view the results first hand’. The huge cargo ramp at the rear of the hold starts to lower. The daylight makes everyone squint for a moment.

‘If I may draw your attention to the right ladies and gentlemen, you will observe an open locker’.

It’s a weapons locker but not exactly full. A dozen automatic rifles, 9 hand guns and a couple of grenades. Without prompting some of the group grab what they can.

‘How predictable humans really are’.

Tennessee…. Hey *******, why the guns? You’re a malfunctioning android who wants us all dead so why give us them?’

‘I wouldn’t want anyone to accuse me of being, unsporting now would i’

With a ‘clunk’ a large door unlocks and slowly lifts revealing blackness beyond. Hissing is heard, a shrill of excitement from inside the darkness. The group stand and stare for a moment, but even just that moment is an eternity too long. Movement, then all hell comes crashing through the open cavern. 5 monstrosities charge at the group, pouncing on the nearest humans, sinking claws into flesh. The sound of joyous chittering as if these creatures have been waiting a life time to be set loose into this flock. more come. Tennessee turns and runs down the ramp away from the creams and crunching sound of bones and teeth. Tails puncture through abdomens. One of the scientist makes a run for it, dodging and ducking through the crowd as if trying to leave a music festival in time to catch the bus home. Looks like he is gonna make the ramp, go on ma man…. A hand locks round his face from behind, talon like tips pierce into the side of his head as it grips tight. A muffled scream. Last we see is his feet disappearing into the dark cavern from where the creature berthed. We see a young woman hold a rifle, aiming at something unseen. Hands shaking, tears evident in her eyes. She’s staring at the devils servant, and its come to collect for her sins. She squeezes the trigger, ‘click’ ‘click’ nothing, before she realises the safety is ‘on’ its too late. She turns but something grabs her leg. The rifle goes flying out the ramp and is plucked up by another member of the flock who has managed to get his ass away from the hell. The creature climbs on top of her, hissing in her face, drooling some secretion that under normal cir***stances she would have loved to investigate its properties, but here, she is ****ed. Last we see of this unfortunate soul being dragged by the ankle towards the open darkness. She’s 2 thirds of the way through when she manages to grab onto the door frame. Pulls for a moment, but a couple of black talon hands wrap round her face, her eyes widen and we see the horror on her face and with a yank, she is gone.

Forrest edge

We see Tennessee racing full pelt towards the tree line and make it. He glances over his shoulder and get the pleasant reassurance nothing gave chase. He is joined by 13 others. They watch at the horror that is taking place within the cargo hold. People fleeing, yet not making it. Snatched and pulled into the dark hell that awaits them though no one here even wants to contemplate what that hell actually is.

About 7 of the surviving group are armed though not all with rifles. They give a look to one an other and disappear into the trees, having stomached all the could from the events on display.


Looking over Davids shoulder at a row of screens. Internal cameras showing the happenings of the cargo hold. Blood and gore everywhere. We can make out a leg along with an arm or 2 and 2 bodies, slashed broken apart in a violent attack. He flicks a control and one of the cameras switches to night vision. We can see what’s happening inside the empty darkness where the crew were taken. We see 2 black shapes scurrying around something. It’s a woman. There’s no sound but she is obviously screaming. One of the monsters has her arms pinned to a wall and another climbs atop of her. It squats over her and chest and we see it secrete something from where a region between its legs. Simply put where a mans reproductive organ would be to be polite. It covers her chest and arms, running down to her thighs and lower legs. She struggles against the creature holding her but it just hisses in her face. after a few moments both creatures slink back away from the young lady. The secreted substance has obviously done its job and hardened, securing her like glue to the wall. We see that this process is going on all over this house of horrors.

Davids attention is drawn to the cargo camera. A couple of the creatures are lurking inside the hold. Their approaching the opening where the ramp extends to the world outside. The stop a few feet away and have a think. After a few moments they have second thoughts and retreat back into the dark. ‘nocturnal traits, intriguing’. He switches the monitors off and leaves the bridge.

3 Responses to fanfic.right,did something off the cuff part deux


PraetorianStaff2414 XPAug-18-2017 8:27 PM

great work again! You still seem to be following a path for Awakening that seems logical and exciting! well done


XenomorphMember1304 XPAug-19-2017 10:44 AM



Poor colonists...they need a break.


NeomorphMember1823 XPAug-22-2017 6:34 AM

screw the colonists hahaha

thanks again iraptus

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