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The Crossing: What Can Be Deduced?
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ChestbursterMember935 XPJul-12-2017 6:30 AM

Since the novelization by Foster (Alien: Covenant - Origins) won’t be dealing with what happened to David and Shaw between Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, what can be deduced from the beautifully made short film The Crossing?

Firstly, it’s David’s point of view that we get. He tells the story. Unless he is lying, of course, we know that Shaw repaired David (attached his head) before they set out on the ship (the juggernaut), that is before they left LV-223. Thus his comment: “We were able to activate their ship, and set course for their home world”. So, they activated the ship together (which can be seen in the screenshot above). They worked together, enjoying each other’s company, perhaps even love (David could, of course, have played cat and mouse with her)?

We also know from Prometheus that they left LV-223 before the Deacon was born. We know from Alien (Kane) and from Alien: Covenant, that the growth rate is very rapid (within 24 hours). So, David and Shaw must have left the planet within 24 hours.

As they have set course for the Engineers’ homeworld (which they must have found on the holographic map?), Shaw asks David “How long?”. David’s response is: “Impossible to say”. So, they must have found the coordinates to the Engineers’ homeworld, but it’s impossible to calculate the distance (and thus the time it will take to get there?). Shaw is therefore put to sleep in one of the hypersleep chambers (in order not to waste oxygen and empty the food supply?).

David was then alone on the juggernaut - for how long? He was alone and “learned of their ways”. What does that imply? He could study and learn about the engineers, their knowledge and their customs, and perhaps their cruelty and vanity (playing God)? He could also explore what was on the ship (pathogen etc).

David and Shaw left LV-223 in 2094. The happenings on Planet 4 was in 2104 (10 years later). How long did the trip to the engineer homeworld take? As they arrive at their homeworld David is the vengeful demon we see in Alien: Covenant and exterminates the engineers. He loathes both engineers and humans.

After the juggernaut has crash landed, Shaw is still alive (and awake). In Foster’s novel, she has a room of her own decorated with simple wooden furniture, and paper (to write or draw on) - from wood which must have been acquired from the surrounding forest and then “manufactured on site”. For how long did they live in the juggernaut? In Alien: Covenant, David has his dwelling and laboratory in the temple. Shaw is by then dead, experimented on and murdered by David. What has happened?

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PraetorianMember3378 XPJul-12-2017 7:13 AM

Good topic! What can be deduced? I think we can't deduce anything. :) Shaw's point of view and her version is not revealed in it, I mean she doesn't speak in 'The Crossing' at all, so the short does not serve as a reliable source of info in my opinion - you mentioned this possibility as well.

'We also know from Prometheus that they left LV-223 before the Deacon was born. We know from Alien (Kane) and from Alien: Covenant, that the growth rate is very rapid (within 24 hours). So, David and Shaw must have left the planet within 24 hours.'

No! 24 hours? That seems impossible: they arrive on Christmas Day in 2093, and they leave on the 1st of January, 2094 - Shaw says that at the end of the movie.

Plus we don't know anything about the Deacon's growth rate if I know correctly. (It's the only pregnant Engineer case shown in all of the movies.)


Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPJul-12-2017 7:33 AM

@Chli - Great topic!  I was hoping to get some of this covered in AC, so I will now hold onto hope that Awakening will deal with some of this?  I think the biggest problem with The Crossing is that it is told from David's perspective, or better yet, an insane synthetic!


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-12-2017 7:54 AM

This is a interesting Topic, we have covered it a few times before and i made a Topic on it too after the Feature.  It certainly was something many had hoped for answers with, when the ADF Prequel book comes out.... But this Book is not far away from release and sadly it will not cover David and Shaw.

What can we deduct?  Well the Clues are there to be seen.

Prometheus left us assuming David and Shaw had left prior to the Deacon Birth, we do not know how long the Deacon Gestation is, does it take longer in a Engineer?  We really dont know.  The Alien Franchise seemed to indicate about 24 hours but this changed slightly with different movies and so it was established the Gestation could vary from 12-36 hours.

This was however not a Trillobite Born Deacon or a Engineer, and Alien Covenant had given us a even more faster Gestation Rate.

I will assume and i think its safe to assume the Deacon was born some 24 hours after Dr Shaw had gone off to get David's head and body.

Dr Shaws SOS is another interesting thing, as we have to ask how did she record this?  Logic would sugest the Lifeboat would have this ability but when we hear her SOS Warning she is heading with the ATV Buggy towards another Engineer Temple Mound, so we cant say if she recorded this during that journey or prior or if she had done so with the ATV and if it had the equipment to do so.


However gives us a lot of Clues.

1) Dr Shaw's Hair has grown a good 6-8" which would take a Human Female of her Age about 6-12 Months.. is this a Ridley Scott Oversight?   If not then it means she had not decided to put David together again, not right away.  She has a right to be cautious as once he is back together she is basically at what ever whim he has.. so its LIKELY she had to give this a lot of thought while she ponders do i put him back together.

2) David will likely mislead Shaw in that he wants to leave this place and at very least he wants to be back in ONE PIECE the Trump Card he will play would have to be that unless he is back in One Piece then he can not help Dr Shaw operate the Ship as if Shaw realizes she does not need David in one price to do so, she would be better off keeping him in TWO PIECES.

3) We have to ask where does Dr Shaw get the EQUIPMENT/TOOLS to put David back together, they do not look like Engineer Technology and the Bed David was on, is clearly very Human Technology.   And then we have the Cup she was drinking from, we see these in Prometheus on the ship and we have to wonder what was she drinking.

So its likely she had salvaged the Prometheus Wreckage for Equipment and other things she would need to hold out for a while...  She could have gone to the Lifeboat but i am not sure she would risk that due to the Trilobite.

4) Dr Shaw would not know what becomes of the Trilobite, she would know it was held up in the Med-Pod Room and was unlikely to have been able to escape on its own.  But she does not 100% know if the Trilobite has killed the Engineer or what comes next as far as the Life-Cycle.  Maybe David knows? but who knows...   We then have to wonder how long between the time of Dr Shaw escaping until the Deacon Birth, and can the Deacon escape the Lifeboat?

So a big Question is how does the Deacon and Dr Shaw not interact if they are on the surface of LV-223 for a certain period of time... this i cant really answer.. i will just assume the Deacon went to another place and got trapped some place.

5) Dr Shaw is shown plotting a course for where abouts Paradise is... The equipment she uses does not look Engineer, why would she need to do this when the Engineers have that Navigation System.   David must have alluded to Dr Shaw that he can only activate the Systems if he is put back together.  And so i would assume he roughly told Dr Shaw where about it is and so she found a Star Chart in the Prometheus Wreckage or on the Lifeboat and used that to Plot roughly where it is.

6) Once Dr Shaw has put David back together, they spend a bit more time together while they prepare the Ship and David modifies the Cryo-Tube so Dr Shaw can go inside.  He tells her that he can not be 100% sure how long it would take.. I think he knows how long it would roughly take, and David has said this so that he has convinced Dr Shaw to have to get into Cryo-sleep.

Paradise was discovered by the Covenant Ship while it was 7 years from Origae-6 and it took 7 weeks from this point to arrive at Paradise/Planet 4. We do not know how long the Covenant ship had been traveling or what Speed it can travel but as they had to re-charge the Sails, i would assume they had been traveling for 1.5-2 years prior to this as i am certain this is how long they said it is between Re-charges.  And the Weyland-Yutani Merger had taken place 5 years prior and so the Covenant had traveled from its departure system... some 1.5 to 4 years plus the 7 weeks.

And i would safely assume a Engineer Juggernaught can travel vastly quicker than a Human Ship, their Navigation systems have other Galaxies and when we consider the nearest Galaxy is like 2.5 Million LY away  which is much much further than LV-223 was from Earth at 39.7LY

So i would assume the Juggernaught could travel to Paradise within a very short space of time, maybe even Weeks. If not Days.. its unknown...  but i would say Earth to Paradise would have to be within 500 LY from Earth with ease... but i would assume it is at least 100 LY 

But again we cant be sure... but i would bet the Juggernaught can get there pretty quick, but David tells Shaw he is unsure because it it would be days or weeks, maybe She would want to stay out of Cryo-sleep which then would be a Thorn in the Sides of any Plan/Agenda David has.

7)David learns the ways of the Engineers while Dr Shaw is in Cryo-sleep, he must already have some information on the Engineers, and maybe he can find more from the Juggernaught.  But if you was DAVID with a AGENDA would you not be tempted to go and look around LV-223 once you had secured Dr Shaw in Cryo-sleep? I think there is more chance David could find more about the Engineers on LV-223 than on that Juggernaught and so we cant rule out David going someplace else and not simply setting directly off to Paradise/Planet 4

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember139 XPJul-12-2017 8:13 AM

Firstly planet 4 is NOT their homeworld!

It should be obvious when you look at the planet which has only one city and no orbital structures.

The other part: Dr.Shaw was probably put out of the hypersleep chamber after the black goo bombing, when the air was less contaminated.

Not sure how long this process took, but i expect Shaw was at least years alone with him in limited living space and was alive when the Covenant crew got the emergency signal.

What she could had learned in the short time she was alive:

-Local beings lived a traditional way with less high tech

-They grew crops and breeded animals for food supply

-A non military society with focus on art,music,worshipping

-They had hightech but used it more subtle

-Learned maybe something about their anatomy compared to humans and how long they can live (1.000+ years?)

-They where NOT hostile to other aliens humanoid species but curious (but David had other ideas in his mind, obviously)


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-12-2017 8:21 AM

Ridley said The Crossing "takes place in a time after Prometheus and the beginning of Alien: Covenant", so Shaw would have been put to sleep after they left LV-223.

In Covenant David said he had been there 10 years and in the book he says "Ten years ago Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and I arrived here". Since Covenant also takes place 10 years after Prometheus the travel time must have been far less than a year. Probably just a few weeks or months to get to the Homeworld. Shaw's hair length in the map scene of The Crossing implies she was on the ship for several months before going into hypersleep. David may have also simply been lying to the Covenant crew about the '10 years' part.

I think David knew exactly how long it would take, but he obviously would not want Shaw awake when he got there. Putting her to sleep, then waking her afterwards allowed him to make up the "accident" story to cover the bombing.

Nothing in the book or movie gives a clear idea on how long Shaw was alive on the Homeworld. It could have been months or years. I imagine David was experimenting secretly at first, then when Shaw discovered what he had been doing, her reaction to it would have turned her against David. At that point David would have made the decision to experiment on her as well.

I wish we had gotten to see that movie!


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-12-2017 8:41 AM

I know Kethol this is why the Franchise is a Mess.. those who work on it and the stories really do not do any homework and allow for consistency.

Another explanation.... Ridley Scotts complete lack of detail in some areas and thus Oversight.. much like the Engineers Eyes on Planet 4, so Dr Shaws Hair growth is just down to being lazy and overlooking consistency.

They really dont give it much thought really...

But then 10 years could be a approximate date... it does not have to be 10 years exactly give or take a few days.  Alien Covenant is set just under 10 years after Prometheus.

But then if you study Prometheus and then Alien Covenant and the Crossing, we find a Mountain of Plot Holes, that we can only try and find plausible explanations for.

Which i attempted to make with the clues i found, this is not to say i am in any way correct.   It could be that Dr Shaw had managed to take David to the other Ship and then she quickly went out and gathered a few supplies... then put David back together and left LV-223 within 24-36 hours after the Trillobite attacked the Engineer.

And then the Juggernaught took just weeks to arrive at Paradise or Less... and Dr Shaws Hair is something we should have ignored.

Again if this is the case... RS should have had Noomi Rappace Cut her Hair Shorter, its not like she is against this as she has shaved her hair for Jobs before.

It all boils down to a number of being working on the project not really considering things like this, and their laziness is what we must just consider oversights.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-12-2017 8:45 AM

As far as how long Dr Shaw was alive, i think for sure she survived the crash, i think David would have FED her a lot of LIES about the Engineers, but somewhere down the line she maybe discovers he has been hiding a lot of the Truth.  This aswell as potentially David making Advances on her would put their relationship under stress where she simply cant TRUST or even FEEL SAFE around him... i think after this it was only a matter of time before David had to get rid of her.

How long this took, we cant be sure.. we do not know how long it was before the Outside of Planet 4 was safe, do we know if Dr Shaw ever left the Juggernaught?  while she was alive? 

There is so much we dont know to be honest, which makes it all the fun to speculate.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-12-2017 8:46 AM

Sorry, I don't agree at all. I don't see any inconsistencies or plot holes. Some simple deduction from what we see allows several logical conclusions.


FacehuggerMember129 XPJul-12-2017 9:41 AM

They do look a lot like plot holes, in my opinion. But they could have been intentional. We really don't know how much David said was true and what was made up, as he is clearly malfunctioning.


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-12-2017 9:50 AM

Regarding the star map Shaw was looking at - It is interesting that they put this scene in there.

I don't see the Engineers needing printed 2D maps, so those would have come from the lifeboat in Prometheus.

It looks like she is scratching lines from star-to-star, and circling certain stars. Perhaps she is tracing where the Engineers have been based on what she sees in the navigation room Hologram. These could be locations of other planets they seeded or wiped out.

She is also doing this before putting David's head back on, but the scenes we see may not be chronological. She is wearing her space suit in that scene. Later scenes show her wearing the suit, her t-shirt, and the Engineers robe, so they are probably not shown chronologically.


FacehuggerMember240 XPJul-12-2017 10:07 AM

Great topic!!  I myself have been pondering what indeed took place, and what the hell David did to Shaw. As far as the equipment on the Juggernaut that Shaw was using goes...I assume it was all gathered from the lifeboat and maybe other items that had crash landed after the Prometheus exploded/crashed.  


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-12-2017 10:19 AM

The lifeboat had 2 years worth of food and supplies on board, so she definitely would have taken everything she could.

She would not have known if the Engineer or trilobite were still alive, but she knew there was a gun from Weyland's security guard that was left back on the Juggernaut that she could take with her when she went to get the supplies.


FacehuggerMember240 XPJul-12-2017 2:08 PM

What is Shaw looking out of in the crossing at one point?  Is that  a window or just some light in the wall?  


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-12-2017 2:47 PM

I don't know why she would be looking into a light. I assume it was a window with something bright nearby, like a star or light reflecting off a planet sh was looking at.


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-12-2017 3:40 PM

I think this is why the Crossing is very interesting its a bit ambiguous, and it depends how we each look at it.

If we go the route that... Shaw collects David's Body zips off to the Juggernaught in another Temple Complex (she was heading off to at the end of Prometheus) then she all of a sudden thinks.... I need a Star Map, Some Food, a Bed, Tools and then she just happens to By LUCK find them all in the crash site and then off she goes to the Juggernaught and then assembles David and off they Fly as shown at the end of Prometheus.

If this all happens within 24 hour Period, then indeed i think its a bit of a coincidence and maybe treading into Plot Hole Territory... by Plot Holes again we used to run into this Problem with SM, well i used to and so i guess maybe it depends what a Plot Hole is and so thats maybe the wrong word.

But i mean it would bring about some things that dont add up without giving a good explanation that would contradict a few things. Not all such Plot Holes... well flaws are attributed to the Crossing Alone... i meant that AC leaves a large number too.

I think its nice to speculate on ways around these, and indeed going to the Life Boat is one possible way, but again we have to ask would Dr Shaw even risk doing so?

She could get the Shotgun and yes Kethol thats a nice idea, but then she witnessed the Engineer was not killed by such a Blow from it...     I think if she Assumes or David leads her to believe the Engineer would not stand any chance against the Trilobite and he would definitely be dead... we then have to ask does David know what comes next?  If he did would he tell Dr Shaw...  i would assume David would want to Protect her because if she is KILLED then David is Marooned on LV-223

A only Logical Way would be if Shaw does go back and when she does the Deacon has left, and all Shaw sees is a Dead Engineer and Trilobite and she tells David or he sees it himself and he informs Dr Shaw that the Trilobite must just have killed the Engineer and then died.  Dr Shaw would maybe not suspect the Busted open Chest as nothing more than the Trilobite causing a Wound... perhaps.

The only other options is the rest of the wreckage provided her with all the supplies and equipment she needed... and well they found Passports after 911 so who knows ;)

We really dont know how long the Deacon Gestated and where it went next.... it may seem a Plot Hole of sorts if Dr Shaw stayed on Paradise for weeks or months without not coming into contact with the Deacon.

This could raise the case that maybe she left Promptly, but then David would have to activate the Juggernaught and The Crossing seems to point to me that he was in one piece before this happened.  If he could get the ship into Space with being in TWO Parts we then need to ask why would Dr Shaw reassemble him?

Unless this was a reward for his Trust, and getting the Ship into Space?  So a lot is very open for debate.

She either remained on LV-223 for Months or they managed to get into Orbit where she remained in Space for Months before she put David back together.

The LIGHT i felt was not from Space but from outside the Ship, but then who knows because how would any Light get in while the Ship is in the docking hanger and i doubt they would open the Hanger and then just sit there for Months.

It looks like it could be some interior lighting which means it could be in the Hanger or in Space, but the way she looked out did seem to me like she was looking through some kind of Window.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-12-2017 3:53 PM

Ive just watched it again, and i think if i take it in Chronological Order, then i think indeed it could be that Dr Shaw had got David to Activate the Ship in order to get it into Space as her first Request at building trust.

This would explain the ship at the start is floating aimlessly through Space, its thus likely Dr Shaw is looking through the Window viewing the System or World they are leaving behind.

where then David gains her trust so he can be put together and then they can set course to Paradise.

There are flaws with this a bit, as indeed she is wearing her White T Shirt and the engineer cloak over the top...  while she is looking at the Star Chart and through that Window.

Yet when she is putting Davids head back on, and when she is then sitting in the Control Panel Chair she has her Space Suit on.. 

Then she is put into Cryo-sleep with the cloak and white T-Shirt... now a thing to consider is in some shots we can see the White T-shirts high line around the Neck, where as the Space Suit shots we can see and more so in the control chair that the T-Shirt would be visible under the Suit as far as how far Dr Shaw has it unzipped. So she is not wearing that T-Shirt then.

I will have to watch Prometheus and work out what she was wearing at the end but i am sure it was a Vest Top.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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ChestbursterMember936 XPJul-12-2017 10:37 PM

The Prometheus mission was in 2093 and the Covenant took place 2104, so that's 11 years. I would assume the trip from LV-223 to Planet 4 took about year, hence Shaw's hair and Cryosleep. I assumed the equipment used to repair David were in his pouches as either precautionary measures or just excavating equipment. As to what David meant about 'learning their ways' is up in the air but I would assume their culture or more about the pathogen. It stated in the 'Art and Making of Covenant' that David kept her alive while he experimented on her and in the Collector's edition book it said he killed her to prevent Shaw from leaving him, androids have a funny way of showing affection.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPJul-12-2017 10:43 PM

My bad, Shaw does say at the end of Prometheus that it is 2094 as they leave but I stand by a year approximately that it took them to get to Planet 4. I do not know when exactly in 2104 that the Covenant crew stumble upon Shaw's transmission, so I would say David's assessment of 10 years is correct.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-12-2017 11:08 PM

@BigDave - She was just wearing the bra/tank top thing when she put her pressure suit on, not a t-shirt. The t-shirt must have come from the lifeboat.

After the Trilobite attacked the Engineer, Shaw looked back just before jumping out of the lifeboat and saw that the Trilobite had him locked in its grip. She jumped, leaving the door she passed through WIDE OPEN. She stayed there on the ground at the foot of the lifeboat door for quite some some time, and nothing came after her. Ridley even cut to show some clouds in the sky to indicate some time has passed as she laid there.

Then David called and told her there are other ships. She looks around and sees one of the tracked vehicles half buried in the dirt, right beside the lifeboat. In the next scene she is driving the vehicle to the Juggernaut, so she spent some time uprighting it right in front of that door.

All she had to do was look into the doorway and around the corner at any point to see the lifeless trilobite laying on top of a lifeless Engineer. It was literally just 40-50 feet away, so she knows nothing is coming after her this point. 

The Prometheus arrived late on Christmas day. The events in the movie happened quickly, probably in a span of about 48 hours. She left LV-223 on New years day, so she had 4-5 days to move anything she needed from the lifeboat to the Juggernaut and prepare for her trip. If she did not want to look at the dead engineer and trilobite while doing this, all she had to do was close the inner door :)

She also has rappelling gear when she is moving David's body. Where do you think she got that? Also, the deacon is shown being born AFTER she leaves, so that was not even a factor.



NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-12-2017 11:31 PM

why would anyone in their right mind go back to that life boat with an engineer and trilobite on it just cause she might need a coffee cup? even a star map wouldn't be valuable enough to risk it. she doesn't know who won the fight and she doesn't know the trilobite dies after impregnating the engineer. the fact that the crossing scenes may not be in any order makes me wonder how u can deduce she was looking at the star charts BEFORE putting davids head back on? if ur david, u play ur strong hand. u tell shaw ur not doing anything to help until ur head is reattached and that starts when shaw asks how to take off. so how does shaw know how to take off in the juggernaught? given that there may not be any chronological order to the crossing, what evidence is there david wasn't piloting the juggernaught from take off? the Prometheus landed on xmas day and left on new years day. to me, it wasn't there more than 1 day before it smashed into the juggernaught and we didn't even get how long 1 rotation of lv223 took. that cycle may take 20 hours or whatever but if it is less than 24 hours then shaw has at least 3-4 days from the point the Prometheus smashes into the juggernaught to taking off in the other juggernaught. the crash sights wont be that far from the life boat, maybe couple hours drive on the rover so the scene where she is reattaching davids head may be on new years eve and it is david piloting the ship. there is no indication of time they spend together on the ship before shaw goes to sleep except her hair which really doesn't make much sense unless davids turn to the dark side happened only after shaw went to sleep and he has learned more about the engineers or shaw is really the only human he respects. everything about the crossing is open to interpretation and that's how I think RS has wanted it. no one can truly answer any of it


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-12-2017 11:51 PM

"why would anyone in their right mind go back to that life boat with an engineer and trilobite on it just cause she might need a coffee cup?"

You may as well ask why she laid there right beside the open door for a long time when both the Engineer and trilobite were just 40-50 feet away behind the inner door. But she did just stay there. She did not even attempt to run away. And neither creature came to get her because they were both dead.

A coffee cup? She needed food, water, medicine, clothes. Everything one would need to survive. Even if she was not sure the trilobite was dead, all she had to do was close one or both of the inner doors. She knows it does not know how to open a door. All the supplies appeared to be right there just inside the outer door.

"we didn't even get how long 1 rotation of lv223 took"

It does not matter how long a day was on LV-223. The Prometheus crew were using our standard measurements of time - 24 hour day cycles. Christmas to New years is 7 days. The ship arrived late in the LV-223 day. The crew slept then went back in the morning to look for Fifield and Milburn. That excursion was short, a few hours, then Holloway gets fried, Shaw has her baby, and Weyland is awakened. That is all in the same day, and Weyland is preparing to go back to the pyramid that day. Let's throw in another day just for the hell of it, even though we don't see anyone going to sleep again. That still leaves around 4 days from the Juggernaut crash to Shaw leaving.


NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-13-2017 12:05 AM

how can she get from the airlock to the food stores? she opened the door to the med pod room and let the trilobite into the main area of the ship. unless u have a blue print of the life boat and know where the food is stored and can find a way to get there that doesn't require her to open the door from the airlock that directly leads to the main area where the engineer and trilobite are.

I wasn't talking about how long the daily cycle of lv223 was. im pointing out that no one knows it and the time scale given by shaw shows that she has at least 4 days to try and figure out how to plot a course and learn how to pilot the ship before take off and that it may well have been david who was piloting the ship from take off. also there must be some form of sustenance on the juggernaught for the crew so she may have checked to see if it was edible for her which would have saved her having to face the engineer and trilobite.

unless u worked on the movie u don't know, none of us do. its all our own interpretation of what we saw. unless u have valid evidence to support it


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-13-2017 8:00 AM

"@BigDave - She was just wearing the bra/tank top thing when she put her pressure suit on, not a t-shirt. The t-shirt must have come from the lifeboat."

Precisely ;)

That was what i was getting at, sorry if maybe you misread me, i was indicating that clearly she had no T-Shirt under the Space Suit and that i was certain she had a Tank Top at the end of Prometheus, i am sure i mentioned this?   I did not mention where she got the T-Shirt though.. i was not assuming she had it on.  I think indeed she must have salvaged it from some place.

I think the Lifeboat is a ideal candidate to salvage stuff from, and as i had said here but also before when i discussed the crossing that Dr Shaw would not be sure what threat the Trilobite poses she knows nothing about it, she could see it over powered the Engineer, but i am not sure she would know what happens next.

She was very distraught and broken after she ran out of the Lifeboat that the Trilobite may not have been on her mind, and so indeed as you said, maybe she would have noticed the Trilobite had Subdued the Engineer but we cant be 100% sure if Dr Shaw could be 100% Certain the Trilobite was dead.

Which is why i suggested maybe David could have told her it seems the purpose of these Organisms is to simply kill its Victim and so it poses no threat.  David would especially have to relay such information if he knows the only Equipment to put him back together is in the Life Boat.

The Question really comes from how long does the Deacon Gestate and where does it go after....

The Movie events we cant take as Chronological, not with the Crossing, not 100% its now open for debate...  which brings me to your next VALID POINT

"The Prometheus arrived late on Christmas day. The events in the movie happened quickly, probably in a span of about 48 hours. She left LV-223 on New years day, so she had 4-5 days to move anything she needed from the lifeboat to the Juggernaut"

BINGO.... indeed this is something i discussed a few years ago, a inconsistency in the Life Cycle.. because i had a few times discussed the Deacon and how in Chronological Order, it would mean Gestation was 4-5 Days...  I debated this a few times years ago using the same thing you did in that Dr Shaw had left the SOS  on New Years Day 2094 and so looking at the events of Prometheus in detail, it would leave a 4-5 day Gap between when she had escaped from the Engineer to when she left that SOS.

There was some interesting debates in this time, and i was thinking back then if the SOS was not exactly done at the same time we see her ride off into the sunset... well towards the other temples... so i was wondering was the SOS played over the top of this scene but recorded prior or after? who knows.

But i wondered if these 4-5 days was where she would have managed to put David back together.

I think maybe the Big Question is Gestation of the Deacon, if we follow the Prometheus Timeline then indeed it would appear to be 4-5 days or so.... which we have to ask how come DR Shaws Trillobite Gestation was way faster, and how come the Deacon Gestated longer than a Xenomorph?

The only answer i could come up with is that as the Deacon is in effect a Human/Xeno Hybrid as it was from a Human/Xeno-strain Hybrid Face Hugger, maybe Gestation took longer.


The Most Logical  Answer would be the Deacon Gestated Longer and Dr Shaw had no choice to go and check out the Life Boat, maybe she did take the Shotgun as you sugested, this would be wise, and maybe she would peer inside at a latter date/few hours after or what ever and if she has Davids head with her.

And sees the Dead Trilobite and Engineer, David could maybe indeed confirm they are Dead and so Dr Shaw would indeed then be relaxed enough to start to collect supplies.

Take them to the Juggernaught they acquire....

This still leaves us wondering if Dr Shaw and David then left after 4-5 days and then is the Dr Shaw's Hair simply a Lazy Oversight again...  because this looks like a good 6 Months of Growth.

But we still cant work out if this is the case, then could Dr Shaw had Held herself up for a Period of time... where the Deacon simply does not come to where she is... or did they indeed take off with David in Two Parts but then could not Navigate until David was back in one piece.

I think its a bit open to which of these takes place.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-13-2017 8:24 AM


Here is one of the Schematics and its not 100% Accurate, i have added in RED where there are Doors that are not on this Schematic... the RED ARROW showing where Dr Shaw had Entered/Left the Lifeboat

YELLOW is the Interior Boundaries of where the Lifeboat would Separate i assume.

And GREEN is where the Trillobite and Engineer are.

I will have to watch Prometheus again, but i am sure Shaw walks into the Lifeboat via the Arrow, and then there is a Door between this Airlock Part and Vickers Suite and then another Door from her Suite to the Med-Pod and Corridor.

I am certain these Doors Automatically Lock, the Airlock 100% does and we see the Engineer has to make his way through 2 closed doors to get to Dr Shaw outside the Med-Pod Room in the Theatrical Cut.

I am 90% sure when she leaves the Door between the Med-Pod Corridor section and Vickers Suite closes, i am also 80% sure that when she leaves the Room the Engineer and Trillobite where still battling it out... But Kethol  ;) you made me doubt that lol, i will have to go and watch it again.

I am also sure there is a Large Drop to the Floor and the Entrance to the Lifeboat that maybe makes it hard for Dr Shaw to actually see, and i am not sure we can see if the Door is shut or not, but as a Airlock i would assume its purpose is to Automatically Shut.

I will have to watch Prometheus latter to confirm these though, but i think i am 80% certain on these.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-13-2017 8:35 AM

"how can she get from the airlock to the food stores?"

Ben Proctors blueprint indicates the dining room was the next room after the airlock, so presumably food stores were there. In the movie the dining room and living room were condensed in a much smaller single room and the short hall/accessway to the med pod room was on the right instead of left. The Engineer and Trilobite were in that hall room.

"she opened the door to the med pod room and let the trilobite into the main area of the ship"

The trilobite never entered the main room. It just stayed in that short room in front of the med pod door. After jumping out of the airlock, Shaw just stayed right there outside the open door. All she had to do was look through the inner door window and she could see if the trilobite was in the main room.

"would have saved her having to face the engineer and trilobite"

She had nothing to face. The Engineer and Trilobite both died while she was laying outside the lifeboat door.

Capt Torgo

FacehuggerMember176 XPJul-13-2017 8:35 AM

A fine mess can be reduced is my guess. Just a total waste of Shaw/Rapace but I'm thankful we at least got that. A little mystery here and there is still pretty cool. Probably enjoyed the Crossing more than 65% of Covenant. Super disappointed we got no answers from Prometheus instead a ForceAwakens vs Friday13th/BladeRunner. All of those are fine and even mishmashed up are on but Ridley's characters are just atrocious in their behavior and dialogue as Expert Astronauts. That aspect will never age well and I think helped to sour the box office. Now , all we can hope for is flashbacks someday which never were present on the 4 of Alien films. #hotmess


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-13-2017 8:43 AM

"Here is one of the Schematics and its not 100% Accurate"

Definitely not accurate. Much simpler in the movie. She literally walks in through the airlock into the main room. The door to the short hall to the med bay is on the right.


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-13-2017 8:50 AM

Nice Find Kethol ;)

Indeed i think there was a few concepts of the lay out but i cant seem to find a matching one, as it is different in the Movie, i can make a mock up i suppose.

I will watch Prometheus after, but i am certain the Doors Closes behind and indeed the Trillobite/Deacon event would have been contained in a Corridor that seperated Vickers Suite where she had the Bar and Tables and Chairs and the Med-Pod room.

Looking at Prometheus well from what i recall, it appears the Lifeboat would also contain the Hall that Vickers had grabbed David after he went to see Weyland and so Vickers and Weylands Bedrooms and the Cryo-Pod were all part of the Lifeboat too.

Its logical that a Lifeboat would contain Food and Medical Supplies, at the very least.. even if it is separate to the Kitchen/Dining area the Prometheus Crew used.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-13-2017 8:53 AM

Nice Captures.... indeed this is how i remember it.

I am sure we see the other doors shut though, and when she jumps out of the Door its open but its hard to make out in the shot when she is on the floor as i think the shot when she jumps out is the only one we last see of the Door to the Lifeboat.

I will have to re-watch Prometheus latter.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-13-2017 9:00 AM

She opened the airlock door, but she does not close doors behind her in the theatrical cut or any of the deleted scenes. All are left open, although I suppose by default if the outer airlock door was opened, the inner one would close. In the Deacon birth scene it does look like the door to the main room may be closed, but it is difficult to see for sure. It was not closed when Shaw left.

Its logical that a Lifeboat would contain Food and Medical Supplies, at the very least.. even if it is separate to the Kitchen/Dining area the Prometheus Crew used.

Janek tells Vickers she can survive for two years in the lifeboat, so there would have been two years worth of supplies. David also says earlier in the movie - "Its actually a separate module with its own self contained life support. Air, food. Anything needed to survive a hostile environment".

Everything Shaw needed was right there.

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