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The Crossing: What Can Be Deduced?

The Crossing: What Can Be Deduced?

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ChestbursterMember935 XPJul-12-2017 6:30 AM

Since the novelization by Foster (Alien: Covenant - Origins) won’t be dealing with what happened to David and Shaw between Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, what can be deduced from the beautifully made short film The Crossing?

Firstly, it’s David’s point of view that we get. He tells the story. Unless he is lying, of course, we know that Shaw repaired David (attached his head) before they set out on the ship (the juggernaut), that is before they left LV-223. Thus his comment: “We were able to activate their ship, and set course for their home world”. So, they activated the ship together (which can be seen in the screenshot above). They worked together, enjoying each other’s company, perhaps even love (David could, of course, have played cat and mouse with her)?

We also know from Prometheus that they left LV-223 before the Deacon was born. We know from Alien (Kane) and from Alien: Covenant, that the growth rate is very rapid (within 24 hours). So, David and Shaw must have left the planet within 24 hours.

As they have set course for the Engineers’ homeworld (which they must have found on the holographic map?), Shaw asks David “How long?”. David’s response is: “Impossible to say”. So, they must have found the coordinates to the Engineers’ homeworld, but it’s impossible to calculate the distance (and thus the time it will take to get there?). Shaw is therefore put to sleep in one of the hypersleep chambers (in order not to waste oxygen and empty the food supply?).

David was then alone on the juggernaut - for how long? He was alone and “learned of their ways”. What does that imply? He could study and learn about the engineers, their knowledge and their customs, and perhaps their cruelty and vanity (playing God)? He could also explore what was on the ship (pathogen etc).

David and Shaw left LV-223 in 2094. The happenings on Planet 4 was in 2104 (10 years later). How long did the trip to the engineer homeworld take? As they arrive at their homeworld David is the vengeful demon we see in Alien: Covenant and exterminates the engineers. He loathes both engineers and humans.

After the juggernaut has crash landed, Shaw is still alive (and awake). In Foster’s novel, she has a room of her own decorated with simple wooden furniture, and paper (to write or draw on) - from wood which must have been acquired from the surrounding forest and then “manufactured on site”. For how long did they live in the juggernaut? In Alien: Covenant, David has his dwelling and laboratory in the temple. Shaw is by then dead, experimented on and murdered by David. What has happened?

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ChestbursterMember935 XPJul-18-2017 9:49 PM


Nice comparisons with Christian theology, for example, the symbolism of Shaw’s faith, her being barren and giving birth on Christmas Day (in the likeness of The Virgin Mary). Shaw is not free from original sin, however. :) RS is apparently religious (and his parents were or at least his mother who raised the three brothers), so there are lots of intended allusions to Christianity (and other myths), sacrifice, redemption, covenant, Paradise, Hell, etc which you eloquently point out, Michelle.

There are also more allusions to Frankenstein to be found (if one so wishes): David is, just as Frankenstein’s monster, seeking answers about himself from his creators (Sir Peter/father/man), but is rejected and badly treated by people. From being a kind, lost being he becomes the vengeful demon.

Yes, I agree that AC interrupted the path that was taken in Prometheus, that is seeking the deeper answers of our existence, represented by Shaw (and of David). Probably due to some disappointment from fans, RS turned back to a horror and action movie (leaving the existential questions behind). There was more focus on AI-problems. I didn’t think the film was so bad, though (and I look forward to the blu-ray and deleted/extended scenes).

Your idea of the saga ending like a dramatic tragedy and connecting to Alien without destroying the ancientness of the xenomorph, the derelict etc is tempting, but I have no problems with a continuation of the saga, toning down individuals and letting a new heroine take over in Alien: Awakening. You will then get a more dizzying sense of the immensity of passing time, millenia, generations and individuals passing by in the Alien Universe (the questions, problems, horror and fear remain). I don’t think we will be served any clear answers of hierarchy and creation, who and why. Do you? Hopefully, we will get something of a satisfactory connection to Alien, though?

Michelle Johnston

ChestbursterMember763 XPJul-18-2017 11:59 PM


Two points

For me Covenant was desperately predictable and whilst the 1st Act had some fresh and surprising moments the 3rd Act was retread.

I agree with you on what we are going to receive in the follow through movie. But for me Covenant has shrunk the universe and made everything over familiar and pushed the expansion to one side. I have noted a lot of people feel that by filling in the spaces the world does not grow it shrinks. Whilst I believe the Engineers will appear in the follow through it will be symbolic. What is notable If one looks at  Scene 4 of  Das Rheingold there are several interventions into Alberich's enslavement of the Dwarves by the power of the ring. Loge/Woton and also Erda appears out of the ground. Ridley has said there are three of four players who come into play Walter and Weyland Yutani have been set up by Covenant and he has mentioned the returning Space Gardeners.       

One can see how these various interventions lead to a Space Jockey, Eggs and a knowing Weyland Yutani. Let us hope Ripley's mum isn't one of the colonists who are rescued !




ChestbursterMember935 XPJul-19-2017 1:53 AM


I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing “The Ring of the Niebelung” I’m sad to say (As a Swede, I enjoy old germanic myths such as the Icelandic sagas though). That’s where the “Entry the Gods into Valhalla” comes from, I take it?

Personally, I knew too much of what was going to happen in the movie, due to all the discussions in this forum. “Curiosity . . .”. So it was very predictable because of that. The third act could definitely have been better. I would have liked more of a creepy atmosphere in the long corridors of The Covenant (as in Alien). I guess audience, time and pace had its toll?

Yes, I agree that the Alien Universe has shrunk somewhat. The more detailed it becomes, the less is left to imagination. The vastness and awe vanish, as it were?


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-19-2017 4:24 AM


Thanks for those images, indeed shows the deleted scenes hold a lot of information, i have studied Prometheus a lot, even some of the deleted scenes but never as far as study in detail the process of the Doors Opening.

As i mentioned in my replies the only way would have been the Engineer shut the door, or it automatically locked, and so thanks for the Screen Grabs as this does look for certain the Engineer had Shut the Door...  Logically in a Hostile Environment the Inner Door would have a Safety where it would not open unless the outer door was sealed.

Kind of Jogged my Memory now as i recall the deleted scene the Engineer slightly squatting for a moment near the panel.. as far as i remember... so this indeed is when he had operated the controls.

As far as the Outside again, the images posted show that there would be no way she would be able to peer through the Outer door from the other side, and if indeed the Airlock Door remained Open which looks likely from evidence you give... or even if not.  She would have to open it regardless to get any kind of look inside.  But more likely it opens up on its own.

As i can only work out what looks like a Panel on the left which i think would be hard to reach looking at how the Door looks if it was closed... This is maybe a Oversight like how you pointed out there was no space for the Doors to Retract too.. but i feel it points to indeed the Doors either Open up Automatically once the Inner door is sealed and outer door opened from inside.  Or it has some kind of Sensor that detects someone outside

The Trilobite moving away again i do recall the Organism had moved away from the Body before the Chest Bursting... and those images posted do show it must have been Alive just prior and during the Deacon Birth Scene.

This does help to raise some Questions as far as how incapacitated it looked to Dr Shaw, if she did come back to take a look. Which is likely.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-19-2017 4:50 AM

@Chli and Michelle

Liking the Debate ;)  i do think its very interesting what events happened post when Dr Shaw had retrieved Davids Body and Head to when the Covenant arrives.

The Hair Length Michelle, indeed could be a oversight its not like the first time RS has made such a error, or maybe there is a reason for it... but alas only Ridley Scott will truly know, just as with the not so Engineers in Alien Covenant.  I took his comment as Slowly she will put David back together as being a sign that She did not do this right away.  But then who knows how many days or weeks this was.

I think Dr Shaw would be reluctant as the greatest Concern for her is that ONCE David is back together she really is at the WHIM of David, he can do what ever he wants at this point because Dr Shaw would not be needed by him then... unless he has any feelings or pity for her and her cause or if he needs her for his AGENDA... but it does appear a Bond was Formed, we have to wonder how Long did such a Bond Take as it clearly formed prior to arriving at Paradise/Planet 4

From Davids Perspective he does not want to remain in TWO Halves, and so he would have to play a Game of Cat/Mouse with Dr Shaw.... if indeed David could get Dr Shaw to Paradise with just his Head, and talk to the Engineers.... then Dr Shaw would have no reason to put him back together, it would be safer for her with just his Head.  So i think this gives us a reason why the ship was drifting through space for a while, and why she had to set up her own place on that Ship and spend some time there....   David would want to persuade Dr Shaw that without him being put back-together she would not be able to arrive at the destination she wants.

It is going to be interesting to see what Alien Awakening Covers, i am sure while we wont get a The Crossing Movie i would feel and hope that the Next TWO Movies do touch upon some stuff, sadly i am not sure we need to know much about Dr Shaw... but i feel they will have to give more clues to David and those Experiments, and how LV-223 Connected.  So while we may not get to know the relationship between David and Shaw, i feel they will have to cover what the relationship between the Engineers and Paradise and LV-223 was.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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