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A:C sequel: when?

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FacehuggerMember105 XPJun-25-2017 4:19 AM

Ok, so it's been a month since A:C was released in theatres.

My question is: when can we expect an official announcement about sequel?

After Japanese and DVD release?

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ChestbursterMember907 XPJun-25-2017 7:07 AM

Not soon enough! Wish they'd sell out and get on the Star Wars/Disney train and do yearly installments. THAT would be epic. RS could Executive Produce, and various GREAT interested directors could follow the storylines. The Universe is wide open now.

Barf The Mog

FacehuggerMember146 XPJun-25-2017 9:56 AM

Listed as being in Pre-production with a 2019 release. That's what it says, but an official statement remains to be seen. However, this is a good sign.


ChestbursterMember725 XPJun-25-2017 10:09 AM

Oh, 2019 isn't too far off! I just don't want to have to wait another FIVE years again!


NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-25-2017 3:13 PM

20th Century Fox must be analyzing the data right now. I am sure they are not happy about having a big franchise deflated like this. I don't think they want to shut it down, but they will take measures. I don't think they will authorize another protagonic role for Fassbender; they will look for a stronger lead in a more classic showdown with the xenomorph. If The Predator does good, probably they will take note and they will incorporate some of that style into the new Alien movie.

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPJun-25-2017 3:17 PM

They better keep Fassbender on as the "New Ripley" of the prequel series. David is the most interesting character in the franchise by far. I'm down for a stronger lead opposing him but nobody is stronger than Fassbender atm. I thought Katherine as Daniels was pretty good but I don't think she'll survive into Awakening. 

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-25-2017 3:22 PM

joylitt Interesting observation. After watching RS interviews and trying to look at it in a big picture way, I wonder if it is being written into a corner somehow. I think if Awakening does not directly link to Alien, the franchise will get diluted. There could be room for the Engineer aspect to go in its own direction as Facehuggers! has suggested with a couple short stories. 


ChestbursterMember839 XPJun-25-2017 3:28 PM

I don't know, if the next movie was to take David from the main stage, it would just contribute once more to the inconsistency of this franchise. I not only want them to stick with David as the main character, but I think they need to. Otherwise, it will be like Shaw and the Engineers treamtnet in A:C. 

And about the actualy topic, I assume that the film will come a little later in 2019 or Spring 2020. The official announcement may come this fall. I suppose after the DVD release date makes some sense 

Not a map, an invitation


NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-25-2017 3:38 PM

I used to work for a company that conducted surveys over the phone. I remember we would ask people things like "Would you like Johnny Depp as the lead in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? Or would you like Nicolas Cage for National Treasure?" This time they will do the same. In the early 2000's those were big names. Taking on account the type of people we used to call, if I were to ask them now "Would you like Michael Fassbender as the lead in an Alien movie", they would reply "Who is that? Fassbender cannot carry the franchise, that is obvious.

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPJun-25-2017 3:44 PM

Wasn't Fassbender unanimously praised for his dual roles in both Prometheus and Covenant? Even those who didn't particularly like the film thought Fassbender did wonderful. Considering Ridley likes Fassbender/David, I don't see him taking him out as the lead considering he literally said he was the Ripley for the prequel films. I agree with @cuponator3000 in that it will create inconsistencies and will show that they're making it up as they go as opposed to the plan already set in motion.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-25-2017 3:44 PM

Lawrence of Arabia cuponator3000 They can do a spinoff if there is enough demand for David, but in spite of him being a great actor, Fassbender needs to be pushed into the background for the franchise to survive.


NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-25-2017 3:52 PM

Lawrence of Arabia Yes exactly, he was universally praised. But if you conduct a survey that is the wrong question to ask.   They made that mistake once, they won't do it again. I bet that is why Noomi Rapace did not come back for Covenant.

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPJun-25-2017 3:52 PM

Why does he need to be pushed to the side? His story is vital to the franchise. Some people may not like how his story changes the mythos pre-Prometheus but I think it enriches it.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPJun-25-2017 3:56 PM

joylitt Your logic doesn't make much sense either, because he isn't well-known he isn't right to carry the franchise? Wasn't Sigourney an unknown before Alien?

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-25-2017 4:01 PM

Lawrence of Arabia It's not my logic. It is the business industry logic. Let me put it this way: imagine Roy Batty as the protagonist in Blade Runner. Even though he is awesome, the movie would not have been the same. Same here.

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPJun-25-2017 4:03 PM

joylitt You do know that Alien:Covenant isn't a reboot or replacing Alien (1979) right? I get your point but they aren't casting Fassbender as Ripley, even though that would be hilarious.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


ChestbursterMember725 XPJun-25-2017 4:05 PM

I'm gonna have to strongly agree with Lawrence of Arabia here, David is the most interesting character right now. They really need to keep him. ...Maybe even Walter, too!


If one of those survey people calls me, I'll definitely give Fassbender my vote :P


Fassbender just needs to keep up his health and eat a healthy diet full of antioxidants or whatever, so he wont age too much and can continue being a believable android. Especially if production is going to keep taking so long between release dates... 



NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-25-2017 4:17 PM

I know changing direction again might seem sketchy. But the damage is done. Covenant will probably be the "Terminator Salvation" of the franchise, something that the studios would gladly brush under the rug. So they need to study very well the next move if they don't want to get a "Genisys" next. The good thing is that only half of the people who watched Prometheus has watched Covenant, and many among those did not like the direction it has taken. So I guess the studios will shake things up a little bit for the next installment.

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPJun-25-2017 4:39 PM

joylitt I'm glad you're not in charge lol If there was anything wrong with Covenant, it wasn't the story or Fassbender. Mainly the complaints seem to be leveled at the Covenant crew and a needed explanation of the life cycle of the Protomorph. I'm not frazzled by the Covenant crew because they were not expecting what had happened and a lot of civilians make dumb decisions in the heat of the moment but damn do I need an explanation for the Lope facehugger! Hopefully Awakening gives us the answers we need or the Covenant Blu-ray/DVD commentary lol

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


PraetorianMember3378 XPJun-25-2017 4:48 PM

We see that the Lope facehugger closes its legs and dies next to the wall after the action. It shows that it has done its job. Full stop. :) 

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPJun-25-2017 5:30 PM

Ati Exactly, he was just excited to see Lope and pre-maturely *********d lmao I do love how the two Gay men in movie were the ones to give "birth", sick humor Ridley!

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


ChestbursterMember511 XPJun-25-2017 8:14 PM

"but damn do I need an explanation for the Lope facehugger!"

I know what you mean. I'm still waiting for an explanation why the one in Alien died after it deposited its seed in Kane. :P



NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-25-2017 8:39 PM

@Kethol They are discussing why it died after staying for so little time


DeaconMember10333 XPJun-26-2017 4:29 PM

As of May 2017 they was in the process of writing, so i think they have the broad idea of where to go but are in the process of taking on-board how AC is reacted to.

RS had said they hoped to get Shooting done  within 14 Months of May, so i would assume they would want to commence Shooting Next Summer and so i think a March-June 2019 could be a good Guess to when they want to release the movie.

I have a Hunch they may try and get the Premier done for April 26th 2019 as a 40th Anniversary of Alien and on Alien Day ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10333 XPJun-26-2017 4:46 PM

Well we also saw TWO Hetrosexual people also suffer from a Face Hugger and Neomorph Spore infection...

The whole Lope Face Hugger was a bit daft, but we do not know if it stayed on a bit longer due to Cutting of the Scenes.

But alas the Speed of this infection was very odd, but with the others including Gestation of the Chest Buster, they was all needed as a Plot Device to happen faster due to time restraints of the Shooting/Run-time of the movie.

In Hindsight there should have been only ONE Xenomorph infection.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1621 XPJun-27-2017 7:41 AM



Good question, I would prefer if they took their time. Things usually get worse when decisions are rushed. I am not even sure if it has had premiere world wide this far (meaning all the countries where Fox has decided that it shall be shown in movie theaters). After it has been shown in all countries and depending on how much it makes then they will probably decide about where to go next, that is what I would do if I was some sort of boss at Fox.


I disagree with Starlogger about the yearly installments, there is a risk that they will release too much Alien related things as they have done with Star Wars so people lose interest. For example I am a Star Wars fan but there are a lot of things that I simply don’t care for that much in that universe like the EU books, spin-off movies (I watched Rogue One, it was OK but not more than that, I give it a 2/5) so if they will release too much of Alien related movies I would probably react the same way. The more they release in a franchise the bigger the risk will be that these things suck, I prefer quality over quantity even though I can understand it when people have a big excitement about a franchise.


Joylitt has a point where he says that they will look for a stronger lead-role in the showdown with the Xeno. Daniels was alright and could be developed further as a character but she was too anonymous or what ever to say. They need a more interesting character for that although things can develop in a way that makes her a more interesting person (keep in mind how Ripley changed from Alien to Alien 3, or Leia in Star Wars to Return).


Yes it was strange that the Facehugger died after being attached to the face for so little time. That thing didn’t make sense, compare it to Alien and Kane. Did they think that through or can that be explained with the simple fact that this is earlier than Alien in the time-line so it will develop so it will take longer for people to get face-hugged in Alien (1979)?


DeaconMember10333 XPJun-27-2017 8:18 AM

I think RS has a vision he wants to stick too, but FOX will want to be careful after AC and how it performed... RS/FOX may indeed want to set up a Franchise where they can bring in another 4-6 movies... but the next movie will determine that.

They need to get it RIGHT... because if they invest big and have a $150M Budget they would be wanting to make back 3X their Budget... if it fails to break Even then i think that Spells the End of the Franchise for the next 10 years at least.

If they provide a smaller Budget like less than AC (taking into account Inflation) then there is a chance they cant really do the movie justice.... we could clearly see where a Tight Budget had Hurt Alien Covenant..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember38 XPJun-27-2017 12:43 PM

I'm of the camp that really enjoyed Prometheus and was really looking forward to seeing where the story would go and was really disappointed at the changes and that Shaw was no longer a part of that vision.

 I am enjoying the David AI aspect of all this and loved Alien Covenant greatly, so I am anxiously awaiting to see where this all goes.

 But please RS, lets not wait 5 years. While I really enjoyed AC, it was not worth a 5 year wait.


ChestbursterMember907 XPJun-27-2017 12:57 PM

@RZA yes, please not 5 years...1-2, certainly no longer than that.


OvomorphMember38 XPJun-27-2017 1:07 PM

@Starlogger Yup! The huge gap of 5 years I think is another reason why people may have been disappointed with how AC turned out. 

We all waited so long and got nothing we expected I believe.

 I enjoy AC for what it is and for the questions and answers it has now left me with.

 While I do see the complaints and the missteps of some things in the movie, I thought it was really good nonetheless and the continuation of this story cannot get here soon enough!


ChestbursterMember907 XPJun-27-2017 1:13 PM

@RZA totally agree with you.

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