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Film Recommendation: Under The Skin (2014)

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Barf The Mog

FacehuggerMember146 XPJun-24-2017 9:41 PM

Greetings community, 

Under The Skin (2014) is a film by Jonathan Glazer, also known for directing **** Beast, Birth, and a plethora of music videos. 

All ALIEN fans and Sci-Fi fans who have an open mind should watch Under The Skin. 

Here's the trailer:

Briefly discussed in this thread:

( Just a short related tangent) Here's the trailer for **** Beast:

Now, Under The Skin is not for everyone, it requires your attention and an open mind. I find it to be a work of art. 

I am only recommending this film for those of you who are jonesing for an intelligently dark sci-fi movie. 

For those of you that have seen it, kudos to you! 



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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-24-2017 9:48 PM

It looks all over the map yet interesting. I like how it doesn't seem to give the movie away in a trailer like a couple other RS movies in the last few years did.

Barf The Mog

FacehuggerMember146 XPJun-24-2017 9:52 PM

It's an effectively creepy film. 


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-24-2017 9:57 PM

Barf- the list and backlog keeps growing-

Barf The Mog

FacehuggerMember146 XPJun-24-2017 10:05 PM

Off the beaten path, for sure, and far away from conventional Hollywood diarrhea. 

A24 was also the studio behind Ex-Machina.  


ChestbursterMember511 XPJun-24-2017 10:14 PM

Excellent, dark, and disturbing movie.


ChestbursterMember907 XPJun-25-2017 6:04 AM

I enjoyed it. It's not for the action *****s, however!


FacehuggerMember396 XPJun-25-2017 12:40 PM

I kind of like it, most due to its atmosphere and creative concept.  I actually recommend "Birth" by this director as well. It's not about alien but to those who likes dark, atmospheric thriller will enjoy this movie. 


OvomorphMember36 XPJun-25-2017 11:33 PM

i absolutely loved this movie. it's definitely a strange one and by far the best Scarlet Johansson sci-fi film. 


ChestbursterMember907 XPJun-26-2017 12:56 PM

@SparklingAmbien you mean SJ was in ANY other sci-fi movie?


OvomorphMember78 XPJun-26-2017 2:32 PM

I think Under the Skin would have been better as a 20 minute short film because it feels like a short film that's been stretched to fit a full-length runtime. As a result, the good stuff gets lost in a sea of monotony. 


OvomorphMember39 XPJun-27-2017 12:03 AM

2014 was a good year for movies. Under the Skin ranked as my number 4 of that year and deservedly so. Despite the sexist nature of the plot it was a breathtaking film. Nothing like I had ever experienced before in my life and that is something I am always looking for in a film. That ending was spectacular, I could not breath!

However I would never watch it again, possibly even if money was involved. It was such a disturbing film that rocked me very deep. I was so aghast by the imagery that I could not stomach another viewing. Like I said it was like nothing I had every experienced before and there was a reason. 

Still a Must-See film and I highly recommend it for film lovers. 


FacehuggerMember457 XPJun-29-2017 6:57 AM

@NassaDane, it's disturbing, but quite watchable. I've seen it several times and I agree it's a great movie.

One film I'd find really hard to watch again, however, is Martyrs. It has good production design but, my oh my, I don't think I could bear to see it a second time.

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