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Why create a species that needs a host?

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OvomorphMember12 XPJun-11-2017 8:38 AM

David hates humans, but he develops the species (I am using this word to include all versions of the 'Alien') in such a way that it requires a human or similar host.  The new species also seems to pick up traits from the host. 

Why necessitate the reproduction be through a host?  It limits the spread of the new species. 


8 Responses to Why create a species that needs a host?


OvomorphMember21 XPJun-11-2017 10:13 AM

I think maybe for David to be able to have more control over  the species reproduction, that would be my guess. I really wish this was explored in Covenant in the same scene where he explains the whole thing, he doesn't get into detail when it comes to why a host was needed.

Maybe he just likes the idea of the Xenomorph inheriting a few traits from it's host? Or maybe the chestburster embryo simply needs nutrients from it's host to develop the way David wanted them to.


OvomorphMember78 XPJun-11-2017 10:44 AM

The funny part is that he could have hightailed it to earth behind Shaw's back and dumped the pathogen on earth since he hates humanity so much. However, I can't help but think that he genuinely wanted to help her get to the home world and couldn't care less about humanity at the time, but learned something very important on that ship before wiping out the Engineers' race/culture. What he knows probably links inexorably to us, and when the Covenant arrived, it not only reaffirmed his hatred of humans, but galvanized him to continue his experiments since he hit a dead end for a number of years. The neomorphs, xenomorphs, whatevermorphs all come from the pathogen because it's there to spread and annihilate through the incubation process. This time, though, he has his own "children" to carry it out.


OvomorphMember12 XPJun-11-2017 11:02 AM

Who knows. Evolution is all about adaptation, but what else is there to adapt to if it can survive in the vacuum of space? The thing might also be immortal (doesn't need to eat? never ages?). If all that is true, then it wouldn't need to propagate (it's the end of evolution = "perfect" organism).

That's one reason to prefer the eggmorphing of the original Alien, to the "hive" concept of Aliens (mankind serving as a "bridge" to evolutionary perfection - very nietzschean/nihilistic vs. the eusocial ****roach mafia lol ;) 


OvomorphMember11 XPJun-11-2017 12:58 PM

"Am I a nonentity or getting universally accepted?".- This is a catchphrase(actually from Crime And Punishment) that I should have thought while  watching! I can feel your nostalgia from here so I found a dictionary of the cold war times and now have to write a disclaimer in every line:sorry,a foreign user's comment! (But instead,the only thing  I could oddly think in English was like in every generation there appears a Walter who reloads a David,and this pair is immutable (?)).Maybe I'm foolish.Really I deciphered 2 messages from Mr.Scott.First,it's about the phrase said by the Soviet Prez. Nikita Khrushchov during his famous UN speech.Actually he said -know what? - Imma show ya a cosmic mother!! (He used not a Russian villain's name,he mentioned a Christian name like "Cosma").Honestly:).As a matter of fact we use the word cosmos denoting both space and cosmos,and all the world is laughing when we say "cosmonaut". And 2nd(thing 2nd) is more complicated,for me,cos in this country (Russia,that you've already guessed) it's totally useless to speak of creationism.Frankly,we don't give a damn.Moreover recently I ended up in my literature studies reading "unit for earth,undoomed for heaven"! The worst thing is that I already memorized it in this way.I can't even promise that I'll read Shelly somewhere in future.But the next scene right after "ancient craft" was about playing a pipe/flute,yes? -And we already know that's as easy as lying. Of course that poem by Shelly ,to foreigners it's like a penthagram to Memphistofel , but one angle is bent.The creation has flaws,right? Because it was not for us.Because we don't see them creators and don't know anything who they are.When we're so admired saying it like "vijaya vikrama" - not we,not in this country! -just someone wrote it once in cyrillic on 1 of our sources,so when they say it they see not them - their gadgets,devices and gear!As for me personally,I'm not 10 years old anymore to say to anyone,may I ride your copter? And maybe together with you? Host or guest,home is best. Oh btw,maybe off topic,sorry.It was in the cinema,the announcement of the Russian movie,a fantasy,like an old witch,a modern Russian chav and his chaviette,like they burnt the witchery inside that damn hut in the forest,and he broke her broom,and all that accompanied with "I'm losing my favorite game...". And then that "hunting high and low" started! Whoever is responsible for this synchronization,what was his purpose? - to pre-heat the audience like at a rock show or to overheat,probably,Thermogant? If this,then Fernando would have been a better track for that Russian "fairy-tale". Or do they mean that Scandinavian English is a sort of deviation?Mine is worse.Btw what I'm writing is not anglomania.Just a  slang Russian word for dude or guy is "chuvak". In this country some people still like searching for moral,and I can read their thoughts(holla if they read it too),our fashion moralists would think,look at their stormcoats,in this country it's gardeners' and fishermen's outfit - in Hollywood they floss in it! (also can predict the demands to send Mr.Scott to Cheremshanka to shoot ionospheric phenomena).And the movie title,the Russian word for it means like "from sire to son" ,and only after I saw the word "covenant" on a T-shirt I remembered that it's used with "over".Covenant is the law. And the last but not the least.Look at the alien! Just hatched,having carved a bloody eagle from the human's back,never worked not a day in its life - and what?-  it was presented? granted?- a space gear,for free,and flew to outer space.Or was sent? Mark my word it will return.As a host.(or a master?).


FacehuggerMember357 XPJun-11-2017 4:52 PM

“Doesn’t everyone want their parents dead?” Perhaps there is sense in David facilitating the creation of a creature that will kill its host, as its bloody birth results in the immediate death of the creature that bore it.

A different perspective to this, is that in an embryonic state the xenomorph is possibly at its most vulnerable. For a short time its host acts as a protective parent, and the host would have knowledge of its immediate environment, and therefore the ability to avoid dangers that could threaten the development of the embryo.

Another aspect is that the xeno can be used as a weapon, and in the case of Alien uses the host like a Trojan horse so can infiltrate its victims environment very efficiently, particularly if the host is not aware of its true nature.


DeaconMember10325 XPJun-11-2017 7:03 PM

"Another aspect is that the xeno can be used as a weapon, and in the case of Alien uses the host like a Trojan horse so can infiltrate its victims environment very efficiently, particularly if the host is not aware of its true nature."

100% Agree with this as for a Evolutionary point of view attributed to creating something that could act as a Weapon to Destroy Mankind.

The Black Goo needs a Host too, this stuff Mutates a Organism to become something of a Hybrid. In the none Weaponized/Dropped Form.

I would assume that some of the Urns had infected the Enviroment/Water after the Crash, and these Urns was not Weaponized/Primed to Explode like the Bombardment ones.

This evolved some life on the Planet, which David found and he then continued to experiment with these life forms, in the pursuit of his own Perfect Creation.

But the Original Infected Life-forms from leaked Urns could have led to the Spores which require a Host, well they infect a Host to create the Neomorphs.

However indeed the Xenomorph and Hosts is a Good Question, i think maybe David is creating/experimenting with the Black Goo and his original intentions may not be as a Weapon but to create his own Creations... but then he knows these Creations could then Evolve Mankind so that "sometimes to create one must first destroy"

But requiring a Host is a bit of a FLAW.... whats better is if a Evolution happened where a Queen Lays Eggs that then instead of Face Huggers we get Small Xenomorphs inside like the Oram Chest Buster.

This would be more Perfect Procreation.... but then its the whole needing a Host that made ALIEN and the Xenomorph the iconic and horrifying Monster that it WAS.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

I Moon Girl

ChestbursterMember611 XPJun-11-2017 7:18 PM

If I remember right, the whole point of the Alien Xenomorph evolution was to scare a man in a sexual way.  Basically, to get a man to know what it feels like to be penetrated and raped.  This, I would assume at the time Alien came out, must have been a unique vision, which was to put the obvious sexual focus and pain associated with a woman to a man. 


OvomorphMember24 XPJun-11-2017 8:54 PM

"the perfect's structural perfection is matched only by it's hostility"


Obviously the reason David made them dependent on a host is because when he punishes humanity, he wants us to suffer. Our sins will be our own torment. The fruits of our evil manifesting within us, the perfect form of hostility made flesh, destroying our kind in absolute horror.

David wants to create living hell for humanity. Unspeakable fear and suffering. In his eyes it is the only just outcome we deserve.

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