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The last words of the movie. Questions and a thought.

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OvomorphMember35 XPMay-27-2017 10:15 AM

David (Using Walter's voice)

"This is colony ship Covenant, reporting. All crew members apart from Daniel's and Tennessee, tragically perished in a solar flare incident. All colonists in hyper-sleep remain intact and undisturbed. On course for Origae-6. Hopefully this transmission will reach the network and be relayed in 1.36 years. This is Walter signing off. Security code 31564-F"

- I'm confused as to how Earth receives it's information from all the ships it sends out. I'd assume that just like the case is now, every last bit of information would be relayed back to earth. Every security breach. Every malfunction. Every video. Every audio. All of it, and stored on a system on Earth to be reviewed.

Obviously that would make for a boring movie to just see things typed out, and the Alien universe decided to go with actual voices relaying message back to Earth. Which to me seems odd since if every single person and android were to die, how would anyone on Earth ever know? Probably not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but just a little observation I've made.

- Are the colonists that he is referring to, the embryos in those clear casings? Or are there actual people on the ship also, that will be (or were meant to have been) awoken to help build the new world?

- David is seen at the end of the movie without his arm. Which means that he either took over Walter's body, removed his arm to blend in, or was faking it and put a stub on the end. By the way he acts when nobody is around at the end, he folds his arms behind his back and walks, without ever removing a fake says to me that he did one of the first 2 things. That also leads me to believe that he won't be satisfied having a body with only one arm and will look to move on to another.

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