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Spoiler ahead - A hidden connection between "Mother" and David.
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OvomorphMember23 XPMay-23-2017 5:33 AM

I wonder about the terrifying connection between David and "Mother", which nobody new about before "covenant" the ship, arrive near sector 87 (Planet 4).

The clues for it are:

In the end of the movie, David uses his own security code AND name to enter the colonists and embryos section of the ship, and Mother recognizes the code and welcomes him.

Therefore, It's possible that Mother gave the instruction of opening the recharge sales in the beginning of the movie - on purpose, so that the ship will get the full impact of the neutrino burst. And so - the neutrino burst wasn't a coincidence as well.

As captain Oram implies himself, arguing they should make a full scan of Mother's system, to find out what was the reason of this neutrino burst event so that they could be prepared for another possible one.

I think it was all planned in advance by Mother and David.

What do you know or think about it?

And how did this mysterious connection started?


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OvomorphMember22 XPMay-23-2017 10:22 AM

What kind of teapot does David use?


OvomorphMember23 XPMay-23-2017 10:44 AM

How do you mean?


FacehuggerMember141 XPMay-23-2017 11:07 AM

@Avishay2012  Interesting topic. I was thinking about starting one exactly about how the f*** David could use his name to gain access to the embryos deck. I'm not sure, however if the connection is actually between David and Mother, or if between David and the company, who programmed Mother to attend their "agenda", or something like that. I don't believe in a direct "AI connection" between them, but you found good points.

About the neutrino burst, I'm not an astrophysics specialist, but given the almost omnipotent "inteligence" of Mother and the advanced stage of space ships at that point, it seems kind of "stupid" that the ship would just dive into the damn neutrinos without, at least, a warning from Mother. 


"This mighty city shows the wonders of my hand."


FacehuggerMember141 XPMay-23-2017 11:13 AM

And, just for the record, when Oram asks David what his creation was waiting for, and David answers: "Mother...", it reminded me instantly about the "AI Mother" of the ship... David is a creator now, and a mother is what gaves birth - a mother is what he made of Shaw, after Holloway's infection, is what he made of Oram. The dude has a thing about it. Again, I don't think there's a strict connection between the AI's, but it would certainly fit the scenario. 


"This mighty city shows the wonders of my hand."


FacehuggerMember198 XPMay-23-2017 11:31 AM

Is it possible the ship itself created a mini neutrino burst, to make it look like a freak accident?

I wonder if the engine/reactor tech on board could be modified to do it.


PraetorianMember2674 XPMay-23-2017 11:43 AM

I think that eventually, it's all going to tie in with Ash, MUTHUR and Special order 937!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


FacehuggerMember403 XPMay-23-2017 11:46 AM

I skimmed through the last chapter of the novel, there is something different from the movie (SPOILER ahead...)

David asked Mother to open a secure line with the Weyland Yutani Corporation headquarters on Earth. Mother replied by saying it will take some time to establish the link. In that moment David interrupted Mother and use the code David 31822-B as we seen from the movie.

Also one thing interesting to note, the novel seems suggesting that Daniels didn't realize it was David on the ship afterall. She went to hypersleep with peace.  


FacehuggerMember403 XPMay-23-2017 12:10 PM

edited post, please kindly ignore it


OvomorphMember11 XPMay-25-2017 9:23 PM

Once they get back on the ship, for bogus reasons Mother is taken offline. I would argue it is at this point that David tricks them into thinking that Mother needs to go offline and when they take off her offline David manipulates her. I bet she isn't able to defend them at all, if you note there isn't much out of Mother when they fight the alien in the cargo area.

Think single user mode vulnerable.


PraetorianMember2861 XPMay-25-2017 9:45 PM

Okay, this is all getting to be a bit much...

This franchise is degenerating to Star Trek: The Next Generation levels of asinine contrivancy and groaner-level tropes.





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