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Unit 731+Josef Mengele=Inspiration for David in AC?(Spoliers)

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Bubba Zanetti

OvomorphMember67 XPMay-18-2017 11:02 AM

Spoilers maybe?


This Saturday is when I am heading out to see AC. So having not seen the film yet, but reading spoilers here and gazing upon pictures of a person presumed to be Shaw. Combined with pictures of David's lab and the experiments he has been conducting I couldn't help but think of the real life horrors of the experiments the Japanese committed at Unit 731 and the experiments conducted by Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz.

Anyone else pic up on this parallel?


5 Responses to Unit 731+Josef Mengele=Inspiration for David in AC?(Spoliers)


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-18-2017 11:31 AM

Unit 731 if Hitler was Personally carrying out the experiments and had the Engineers Black Goo... Certainly

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Bubba Zanetti

OvomorphMember67 XPMay-18-2017 11:40 AM


Had grammatical issue I just cleared up. Unit 731 was under Japanese control. Mengele was the Nazi.

Sorry about that.



DeaconMember10416 XPMay-18-2017 12:16 PM

Ha Ha...

I will have to take a look into Unit 731 ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember240 XPMay-18-2017 12:29 PM

My great grandfather told me stories of Mengele and what took place at Auschwitz.  He was a survivor :)  He died at 97 a few years back.  Yes...the lab does have the look-

Bubba Zanetti

OvomorphMember67 XPMay-19-2017 5:18 AM

So the analogy isn't lost on me.

Big Dave, if you've never heard of Unit 731, all I can say is get ready when you do!


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