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AC Design team messed up with the baby neomorph (spoiler image)

AC Design team messed up with the baby neomorph (spoiler image)

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ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-01-2017 2:02 PM

Am I the only one that thinks this thing is just adorable? I have a tiny kitty about the same size as the neo when it jumps on Karine. Similar behaviors too (minus the hostility).

I really feel it was a mistake to give it obvious arms, legs, and the clearly defined elongated skull. If there were no limbs or if they were much tinier so it had that serpent like quality, I feel it would have been much creepier. But with what we've been shown, I just want to pick the thing up and give it squeezles.

Who's with me?


61 Responses to AC Design team messed up with the baby neomorph (spoiler image)


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-01-2017 2:06 PM

I am ok with the design. Small creatures can be vicious when needed.

It is a departure from the Chest burster with little buds for limbs though. That could have been pretty creepy.

Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-01-2017 2:19 PM

really sad they had to go the animalistic space monkey route.

HR Giger Aliens and relatives really should have stayed 2legged.. the 4legged and fast movement takes so much away of their horrible shapes and can only hope for the sake of the movie (and 'franchise') this changes later on, but judging from trailers, it wont. 



XenomorphMember1261 XPMay-01-2017 2:21 PM

IF - It'll slow down and be less "crack lemur" as it gets older.  Remember the original xeno was a "cracked out snake" that sped across the table and disappeared.


FacehuggerMember240 XPMay-01-2017 2:34 PM

lol...cracked out snake :)


FacehuggerMember124 XPMay-01-2017 2:47 PM

HR GIGER made plenty of four legged friends....


ChestbursterMember907 XPMay-01-2017 2:55 PM

@Qubism Yes he did, indeed. I have no problem of the design, just the CGI i've seen so far...namely the animation, not the rendering. I think that'll clean up on the big screen. Given digital releases nowadays they virtually have until release day to "fix" films now.

Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-01-2017 2:57 PM

hehe that doggo would actually make for a better neomorph than the cgi spider monkey 


ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-01-2017 3:02 PM

Doggo? I think that armored suit upgrades it to a sub-woofer. Just my opinion though


FacehuggerMember124 XPMay-01-2017 3:09 PM

Actually I heard that after there was no cat in Prometheus, Sir Ridley listened to the feedback and that 4th picture is Daniels' Spaniel ;-)


PraetorianMember3378 XPMay-01-2017 3:15 PM

'judging from trailers' - MISREADING again the obvious...

Tv-spot 'Hide': Neo on two legs:

Trailer 01: Proto on two legs:

Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-01-2017 3:17 PM

thanks for the speculative evidence, special theorist A(u)ti(st)

against which stands the real evidence of: 4legged neomorphs in leaks, 4legged grown/juvenile neomorphs in wheat field attacks, 4legged protomorph on ceiling in lab, 4legged only protomorph onboard the lander platform, proto jumping fast 4legged in the covenants tunnel etc. misread those i guess 


PraetorianMember3378 XPMay-01-2017 3:22 PM

Can you explain why it is speculative? They are from the trailers, so what you are stating is not true. 4 legs: baby/ 2 legs: adult -- Perhaps it is much easier to climb on a moving cargo holder with 4 legs, don't you think?

Are you going to delete the adjective 'AUTIST' (describing me) again from your comment?

Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-01-2017 3:27 PM

ofcourse its true and a fact thus far, that according to visible footage and trailers the main movement of the creatures was on all fours like mammal animals 

nobody incl. me ever said they wont possibly stand or move upright from time to time, that was just you trying to find something to mess with me.


ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-01-2017 3:29 PM

Well... it appears **** just got real.....


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-01-2017 3:30 PM

I thought the dog in Quibism's third pic was cutting shrubs with its tail.


PraetorianMember3378 XPMay-01-2017 3:33 PM

No, Fifield, I don't mess with you. I try to understand what is behind your animal phobia, and why you misread the pieces of info about the movie before its release according to this aversion.

Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-01-2017 3:38 PM

I know you like your own special world to stay theoretical, but again the visible footage was and is more proof than necessary and nothing to misread for a conclusion no matter how often you rephrase the 'wait for its release' bs.


PraetorianMember3378 XPMay-01-2017 3:45 PM

I don't rephrase anything. I added stills from the trailers and tv-spots that serve as a kind of proof that your statement is not true.

We are 20 years before Alien, and Ridley reveals the segments of the evolution leading to the 1979 Alien xenomorph creature. Alien Covenant will reveal the first steps, these creatures (the neos) are not engineered yet, they are children of the nature, so it seems to be obvious that they behave like animals, because they are (closer to) animals.

Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-01-2017 3:50 PM

Well i would agree if this was the case. But the explanation could still not make up for the disappointment of ordinarymorphs (+in cgi)


OvomorphMember51 XPMay-01-2017 3:58 PM

I think it was pretty scary.  What makes it scary are its quick movements.  If something was slow moving, she would have hit it with the gun. 


PraetorianMember3378 XPMay-01-2017 4:00 PM

Fifield, I think this disappointment and opinion concerning the movie has been decided and chosen before seeing any released materials, trailers, tv-spots. Other members regard this phenomenon as trolling.


PraetorianMember3378 XPMay-01-2017 4:04 PM

WilliamPotter, I agree with you.

Plus, the 1979 baby alien was much faster in/after that famous burst scene.

Plus, there was no cgi and other advanced technologies in 1979 and this fact can explain the behaviour of the adult creature.


ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-01-2017 4:04 PM


It's a kitty kat! Here kitty! (pss pss pss pss)

Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-01-2017 4:16 PM


no, thats just your trollphobia and the aversion that comes with it. In fact I always was and still am in favour of Alien covenant, why would i be concerned about for example creature design if it wasnt so? but you must have misread that aswell.

many others have also agreed in my thread about it somehow (but you probably misread them)

also we still are not talkin the entire movie, but the 10min footage and trailers, if you can that into your special mind.

Ranting Xeno

FacehuggerMember113 XPMay-01-2017 4:17 PM

Rick, you just made my day (and ruined my dinner). Crack lemur! Classic! Lol

So classic, in fact, that I laughed with a face full of Pepsi and it ended up all over my pizza lol


PraetorianMember3378 XPMay-01-2017 4:26 PM

Fifield, I couldn't misread them because I claimed nothing about their opinions. I was talking about your topic from the beginning to the end focusing on its false statements. It's high-time for you to use a dictionary concerning the meaning of the word 'misread' not focusing on the part 'read'. Not mentioning the Chinese connection in that topic bashing and insulting an Asian culture and nation repeatedly.

In the introduction of that topic you highlighted the trailers and other materials as well, not me. Again, you are trying to mislead others.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-01-2017 4:26 PM

At any rate, it should be interesting to observe the things go from crawl to walk. I wonder if they will meet up in the woods and devise a plan.


PraetorianMember3378 XPMay-01-2017 4:32 PM

dk, I read somewhere that 4-5 different stages (from baby to adult) of the creatures will be shown in the movie.


FacehuggerMember316 XPMay-01-2017 4:36 PM


Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-01-2017 4:42 PM

bashing an asian nation and culture for one tiny example of possible censorship related issues? lmao your hatred for my anonymous persona must be turning into delusions, dear agitator.

oh ok ofcourse its fine to have an archaic censorship, great cultural achievement that the people of said country (china) most likely are very fund of and like its benefits.

Sorry people of china, i never intended to discredit your beloved state bureau for censorship.

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