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Prologue - David meeting his maker?

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OvomorphMember50 XPApr-27-2017 3:04 PM

The prologue is clearly not reality - David is narrating an almost 'boy meets girl' version of events and it's creepy as hell, however I never noticed the first couple of times but he says 'finally, WE are going to meet OUR creators' - just thought I'd point it out!

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ChestbursterMember907 XPApr-27-2017 3:06 PM

Noticed that. Not sure the's got to mean something though, since Weyland clearly was David's creator. Maybe he now thinks of himself as "human" or ...???


TrilobiteMember8212 XPApr-27-2017 3:09 PM

I took it to insinuate being human or that he had his "soul" Weyland said was lacking.


OvomorphMember50 XPApr-27-2017 3:15 PM

I agree it has to be significant - I can't seem to articulate how the prologue makes me feel or what it reminds me of - but I hate it, in a fabulous way if you understand that! It's like he's imagining the entire thing - almost Norman Bates like - reality & fantasy merging in his cross circuits - serial killer cold & Mary Poppins warm - the whole thing is just 'off'!


DeaconMember10237 XPApr-27-2017 5:33 PM

Indeed its a Good point, we can get the picture that David was a Pinocchio and wanted to be a real boy...  certainly as far as acceptance by Humans to be treated no different.

During his time together (seems Months) he and Shaw have grown a Bond, she has treated him more like a Human than a Tin Can....  At the End of Prometheus she said he would not understand because he is a Robot....

Overtime it appears she treated him more than that, and so this made David feel Loved and Human.

This is maybe where this Quote comes into play.

The other way is that as Shaw is after the Makers or Mankind.. (but we met them in Prometheus) Shaw wants to know who made those Engineers and so she is looking for the Guys at the top of the Creation Hierarchy, as who ever created the Engineers, is thus responsible by that action for the eventual creation of Mankind, and likewise, its Mankinds Creation of David that also applies to ... in effect whoever created the chains of creation above him is in effect by their Actions

Davids Maker Too..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1261 XPApr-27-2017 6:03 PM

I agree with the last part BD - In David meeting his creator's creator would be the same as meeting his creator.  So if god made us in his image who made god and then who made that god.  We could have a whole chain reaction of Gods out there.  Like the Titans ruled before the Gods and the Gods won the war over the Titans and remade the heavens.


FacehuggerMember104 XPApr-27-2017 6:06 PM

David most definitely does not aspire to be human.

Even throughout the entirety of Prometheus, he alluded to how he thought humans were basically inferior, like "not too close, I hope" when talking about him being similar humans, and "a superior race, no doubt" talking about engineers. It's not that he hates humans, he doesn't really 'have' feelings, just emulations of them, he just views humans as lowly. I mean, if you had super strength, knew all of human race and a superior alien race's worldwide history knowledge, and were basically immortal, wouldn't you feel superior?

Any interaction he has with humans I believe is just him toying with, or using them for his own purposes.


DeaconMember10237 XPApr-27-2017 6:26 PM

I agree... i think he wants to be accepted like Humans accept Humans... but this is more a case of he did not like being accepted as merely a Machine.

He indeed would see himself as Superior...

But who knows what his time with Shaw had taught him, but then again all along he could have been playing the long waiting game...

And Played Dr Shaw

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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