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Alien: Covenant Alien Day Footage - Sneak Peek

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EngineerAdmin21062 XPApr-26-2017 10:58 AM

So, the Alien Day live stream just concluded and it featured an amazing piece of footage from Alien: Covenant where we see Dr. Shaw putting David's head back on his body. We also see that David put Shaw into a cryo chamber and while she was asleep, he learned their ways.

We then see the Juggernaut arrive on Paradise and dock with the massive Scorponaught ship (As Big Dave and other theorized it would). We then see David prepare to unleash the weapon upon the unsuspecting Engineers below.

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FacehuggerMember106 XPApr-26-2017 12:25 PM


In the scene with young Weyland, David asks Weyland, "Well, if you're my creator, then who created you?"  It parallels how Shaw asks who created the Engineers, and it shows they're thinking along the same lines.  I'm thinking Shaw & David start bonding over pushing the question of who the ultimate creators at the top of the chain are back further.  Dr. Shaw might want to keep moving up the line to the 'higher-ups'

Necronom IV

FacehuggerMember152 XPApr-26-2017 12:27 PM


They have a lot of stuff onboard the ship that I assume does not belong there. Maybe they picked it up from the Prometheus wreckage before departing or indeed the engineers have such items stowed away on their ships. 

Or they passed by a gasstation in space lol :)

"Kane's son"


FacehuggerMember159 XPApr-26-2017 12:53 PM


I knew about Shaw's questioning of the creator's creator so I see that correlation, however, I don't recall David and Weyland having that conversation in 'Prometheus'.  Are you referring to the scene that we see in pictures from 'A:C' where David is wearing white and Weyland is wearing black in an all white room, looking at a mountain with lake scene?  If so, where is that scene available?  I've only seen pictures.


FacehuggerMember106 XPApr-26-2017 12:58 PM

Yeah, it's one of the opening scenes from Covenant. Those likely aren't the exact words David uses, because I haven't had a chance to see the scene.  It's one of the ones that's been screened, so there are reports about it floating around.


FacehuggerMember385 XPApr-26-2017 1:18 PM


iTunes version of Alien just releases a Sneak Peek of Covenant today, in which there is a scene showing what @CarynDelacroix just mentioned, "David asks Weyland, "Well, if you're my creator, then who created you?"" 


PraetorianMember3381 XPApr-26-2017 1:22 PM

Thank you Chris.


FacehuggerMember167 XPApr-26-2017 2:36 PM

Whoa, cant believe they have shown this, still loads of gaps though.

looks like shaw helps navigate the ship and stays in hypersleep? does she survive the crash? Gotta wait.

it looks like the ampoules are magnetically launched, but surely david would have anticipated retaliation systems when he turns hostile? They are a long way up, only a missile or laser could affect them up there.

the sequence doesnt look like ridley scotts doing, it might be in an extended cut, it still leaves so many questions, i love the mystery!

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