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OvomorphMember66 XPApr-08-2017 1:39 AM

Hello there,

I just want to share my 2 Cents of Predictions and Guesses on the movie based on what we know so far of trailer/spots and interviews.

1. I dont think there will be an alien queen in this movie. At least not a traditional one like in the old movies.

So far the Alien queen has been in a lot of movies. Aliens, Alien:Ressurection and AvP. 

As far as I remember did Scott not truely liked the introduction of an alien queen to the franchise. I think he said he liked Camerons movie but he would have made a different kind of movie.

Also in Covenant we have a lot of new Aliens introduced. Neomorph youmg/adult, Protomorph and the classic Xenomorph. Putting another Alien(Queen) in the movie would be too much, considering the movie is probably about 2 hours long. Not enough time I mean to get in these 2 hours too much.

I guess there will only be 1 classic Xenomorph, 1 Protomorph (i still think its a mutation experiment of shaw) and 1 Neomorph first in the movie appearing young. Later grown to adult size. 

2. I also think we wont see many different places/set pieces. I think the beginning of the movie will be a flashback with david and shaw spreading the black goo with juggernaut over the engineers. Than cut to the covenant crew just before landing on the planet. Than discovering and wandering around finding the juggernaut. Meeting David and he shows them around in the juggernaut. A couple of people go with him to the temple/his laboratory some go back to dropp ship cause of guy feeling unwell bleeding from mouth.

The others with david in temple dont know of things accuring at the dropp ship. (Neomorph burst and attacking).

David leeds one to egg room. One being held there by david somehow. David wanders of to dropp ship where the night fight with neomorph is going on. 

Either David is shooting the dropp ship (personal thought unlikely). More likely he is distracting the neomorph so the survivor think good of him. He just doing this for own need of new hosts for experiments. 

The final scenes will be at the temple. With chase scenes. The other ahip coming in to pixk up rest of the crew. Most likely only 3 survivors left.  (Daniels, Tennesse and one more)

The classic xenomorph chasing/killing on the ship. 

Personal thougt of ending will be. The spaceship crashing unknown if someone survived and David seeing and looking a the ship going down. Smiling and starting to walk towards it.




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OvomorphMember39 XPApr-08-2017 5:43 PM

Someone has suggested that the Xeno Tennessee and Daniels battle near the end is David himself (perfected). Not likely but I'll take anything after Prometheus.

Very likely, the movie ends as a part one, with Tennessee, Daniels and David masquerading as Walter taking the Covenant and its cargo to another stellar destination, as has been rumored on this site. I'm holding out hope for a last-minute reappearance of Shaw...heroic, biomechanical, or even some version of a proto-Queen.

Prometheus played everything way too safe. So a weird sequel to the Giger-avoiding first prequel would have to be at least a guilty pleasure to some Alien fans.

David (and Covenant survivors) staying on "Paradise" for the next movie? Intriguing...

I just hope next month we all aren't in shock from a sixth big-screen failure to satisfyingly or logically continue the story of Giger's Star Beast.


PraetorianMember2861 XPApr-08-2017 6:01 PM

You make some interesting points and have me wondering even more about what this movie will show us. :)





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