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too many spoilers.

too many spoilers.

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OvomorphMember26 XPApr-04-2017 5:16 PM

40 days left.   Haven't really cared for a movie in a few years.   I feel like that have revealed too much already.   they really should of just kept shaw and davids destinies a secret till the movie released.

but yea you know your boi,  of course I been ignoring the spoiled forums.  but man the temptation! EHY   but for real.   they should of not revealed the xenomorph so soon.  

I guess it was just reassure the hardcore nerd market that an alien was going to be in it,,  because they were soo desperate to see an alien in Prometheus even though it was said enough times that it was not ment to focus on the xenomorph but the engineers and their involvement in its origins maybe.

really dope how scott made it into a human creation story by our gods.  Certainly a way more bigger picture.  Truly alien. 



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TrilobiteMember8212 XPApr-04-2017 8:06 PM

Pretty much agree. I tried to resist but am a push over for trailers. The forum has been pretty courteous about giving warnings of spoilers

I would be fine if no more info came out until the movie arrives- I am thinking possibly one more trailer might bee up FOX's sleeve.


FacehuggerMember119 XPApr-04-2017 8:17 PM

The thing I love is now people are looking at Covenant and saying "some old ****".  Someone is always going to be unhappy I suppose.  

I liked the direction Prometheus went.  Nothing will ever be able to capture the isolated horror of the original Alien, so I thought focusing on the Engineers was much more interesting.  In a way, it ended up being isolated in its own way.  Instead of a cramped ship, it was an abandoned, barren planet.  Creepy in its own right, it gave you that feeling of being insignificant.  Kind of like the beginning of Alien on the derelict, which is my favorite part... the cosmic horror aspect.  I would have been fine with more Prometheus-esque sequels.  But like I said, someone will always be unhappy.  

How much of Covenant will be Ridley bending his will to the people who said they want more aliens?  How much of it will be just the natural progression of the story?  It is yet to be seen, but I hope it's at least partially the latter.  And while I will never get tired of seeing cool ass xenomorphs, having more Xenos for the sake of having more Xenos is silly.  So I hope Covenant still retains some of that cosmic horror aspect.  I think it will.  From the trailers we can see that we get some exploration of the juggernaut, but I hope there is some new territory as well.  But I also know there are more sequels.  So if this is Ridley's more action/alien oriented film he had to make in order to tell the story his way later on, that is understandable.  It is a business after all, and no money = no movies.  

As for the spoilers themselves... I already kind of feel like I know the whole movie lol.  I'm not complaining though.  I'm a sucker for spoilers.  I generally know what I'm getting into when I go see a movie.  And having twists for the sake of twists is silly.  I think truly great movies have genuine/organic twists/surprises, not forced ones.  So spoilers are not a problem for me.  But when they're releasing so many spoilers, you have to wonder...  

Some people are saying "red herrings".  While I'd like to believe that to an extent, because there's something fun about being "tricked" and surprised... I just don't see it happening because some people will see it as being "cheated".  

But I think you're right, in that they're just trying to reassure people that this is an alien movie that will actually contain plenty of aliens.  All the sequels after the original Alien truly ruined the "less is more" approach.  One Alien will never be enough again.  I don't want to give the wrong impression though... I love this franchise.  I just hold that first movie nearest and dearest to my heart.

My wishful thinking about the spoilers is that the movie is just so chock full of content that they know they can successfully spoil this much while at the same time still deliver some genuine surprises.  Overall though, I'm hopeful that the movie will be great and I'm very excited for it.  

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