Alien: Covenant
What are your Alien Covenant concerns?

What are your Alien Covenant concerns?

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PraetorianMember3073 XPMar-10-2017 7:20 PM

With a little over two months to go,and between the latest viral videos and trailers,the excitement for the movie has reached a fever pitch.That being said,what about the movie are you the most concerned about?For me,if you can believe it,it's John Logan.Now bear with me on this one,that guy has an amazing track record with such great films to his name such as Gladiator(that of course is Ridley Scott)SkyFall,Hugo,and The Aviator to name a few.On the down side there's Star Trek Nemesis(the worst Star Trek film in my opinion)The Time Machine,and Spectre.Spectre is the big one in my opinion,while it's an enjoyable film,it's also a tremendous letdown.Much like Covenant here,that film promised us a lot of answers and didn't really deliver any.My big fear is that Covenant will fall into the same trap.What about you guys?

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32 Responses to What are your Alien Covenant concerns?


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-11-2017 11:46 PM

It is cool the action/horror is back but I want to see the creepy stuff David has/is doing and how that plays out.


NeomorphMember1675 XPMar-15-2017 10:11 AM

I am mostly worried that the characters will come off as most the characters in Prometheus, which is either


  1. Idiots or
  2. Not very interesting


Number one is represented by Shaw or Milburn (I am not sure if I shall put Shaw’s boy-friend there but at least he was dis-likeable), two is for example Ravel and Chance. If they come off as Fifield, Milburn, or Shaw I will be very annoyed and will probably be done with the Prometheus movies but I doubt that they will sink that low. They way that they have been portrayed in the trailers have been good but sometimes a trailer can be one thing and the movie another experience.


One thing that I am a little worried about is that they will make everything too obvious since they got complaint of Lindelof’s vague writing (you got to figure most of it out yourself). Since I am patient and a fan of the Alien thing it makes me having patience and interest in it but for those that are just regular movie watchers it seems to me that it wasn’t built in a satisfying way. I hope that they will give us something that is in the middle of those two although I agree that it was too vague and that we as an audience had to watch it to many times to get the clues. Yes, it was too vague but that doesn’t mean that they need to do it as a A-Z book for kids.


Another thing is that they will make David all too evil, I like that he seems to be that kind of naïve boy that is curious and things go wrong. We have already had Ash in Alien so they need to make him different this time. It will be interesting if he would be curious and do experiments that he doesn’t understand are dangerous but that the consequences of his acts end up in disaster. Think about this: if he is evil then does that means that he wants revenge for how humans treated him? Remember that Weyland said that David didn’t have a soul and he reacted to that. Holloway went on and on about how he (David) wasn’t a real boy and it seems that he got hurt by that. His experience with human isn’t a happy one so I am worried that he will be all evil in this movie.

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