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Mortality/ Immortality (A search in PROMETHEUS and COVENANT)

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OvomorphMember44 XPJan-03-2017 11:11 AM

Hello guys!

I re-watching PROMETHEUS again, and take some point of in Ridley Scoot vision of mortality/ immortality. He said Prometheus and Covenant story continuous about that. (link here //



Briffing scene, Peter Weyland said, Prometheus take equal thinks for Gods and mankind. So he was fired from Olympos. So time to back Prometheus for find why we are create, where we go when dies etc.

*When SHAW, FORD and David researching Engineers Head. After explosion, David said "it's mortal."

*I think Peter Weyland directed to David find immortality. Or if find Engineers they can be immortal and how can be us/ he. David's missions is this.

So David is researching. Find black goo. And tested it. Find a alive engineer but he did not said something them. 

David understood black goo made some evolving.

On DR. HOLLOWAY -- he was infected. Died.

On DR. SHAW -- She was pregnant. And she survived.

Also David understood Engineers has infected. And died.


He try test to find how can be match to make something immortal. He did not know what will be; but impressive from Shaw, she did not know but choose to believe. 



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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-04-2017 6:27 PM

If I understand you correctly, I think David was more focused on creating something new and not necessarily something immortal. Weyland wanted David to find an Engineer to find the answer to or be granted immortality. After Weyland died, David became free to pursue his own agenda.


NeomorphMember1823 XPJan-05-2017 12:12 AM

hard to explain my view but ill try.

its about our individual quest to be immortal but the realisation that in the end all things come to an end and that we are and always will be mortal. its about accepting that the only way we can truly be immortal is to create (have children) the way we were intended to create as that makes the species continue. hence immortality as a species as a whole. when we try and play god, we realise our own species mortality as our unnatural creations inevitably destroy us. would answer the question why the engineers were going to destroy us. they realised the error of theyr playing god and tried to rectify the mistake, as they had been returning and manipulating our evolution but may have realised how aggressive a species we were becoming and foreseen us as being a future threat to them, which ofcourse we do become as our own creation, david, apparently brings death to theyr planet.

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