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The Black Goo could be based on a real 'Sentient Oil' phenomenon.
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MemberOvomorphOct-29-2016 2:34 AM

There is speculation in the alternative knowledge community the that the Black Goo is actually real and is presently buried in Antarctica and/or the Falkland Islands by an incredibly ancient alien race that visited Earth. Look up David Griffin, Harald Kautz-Vela and Kerry Cassidy and the Marconi scientists deaths in the 1980s - VERY bizarre. It seems that the Goo is a 'Sentient Oil' and it has to be buried at great depth to keep it inactive. If this is true, it is VERY frightening. It could indeed be the case that truth is actually stranger than fiction.

*Videos added by Chris.

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Deep Space

MemberFacehuggerOct-29-2016 12:28 PM

Interesting - if nothing else it could suggest where the writers got their ideas from for some of the things in Prometheus . . .

As for 'it' (this 'oil') being ET . . . hmmm.  I'd need to look at it in more depth before concluding anything; and whilst I like to keep an open mind, it seems quite a far-fetched (pardon the pun ;) idea.

Very on point post though ZR!   I do like looking at that kind of thing so long as people present facts and have logical arguments.  It's a shame that so many 'conspiracy theorists' are, well, worthy of the Tin Foil Hat moniker!

Those Marconi deaths though . . . suspicious is an understatement.


AdminEngineerOct-29-2016 2:37 PM

Well isn't that extremely fascinating but also horribly terrifying. Of course who's to say such a compound doesn't exist in nature? Maybe not nature on Earth, but somewhere in the vast reaches of space.

I wonder if one day in the future, Humans drill deep enough to uncover it... It wouldn't be the first time science fiction has predicted the future. 

You could get really crazy with the idea and connect the concept to the biblical rapture, and how "Hell" is beneath the Earth's surface and that when the end of days is upon us, this evil is unleashed on the world and allowed to run rampant. Imagine that.

Of course that's taking this idea to extreme limits, but I'm always fascinated with theories like this and how they can be linked / connected to things we're already aware of.

Great post ZR, I'll be looking more into this!

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AdminEngineerOct-29-2016 3:04 PM

After watching that first video, the comparisons with the Black Goo in Prometheus are profound! Literally almost identical!

This is actually beyond fascinating. The fact that this Earth-found Black Goo are able to inject and alter Human DNA and affect life spans certainly matches up with some of the effects it may have in the Alien universe.

Peter Weyland was after immortality, or at least am extension of life. Perhaps he had knowledge of the Black Goo on Earth and tracked it's origin to LV-223.

Or, perhaps the Engineers are merely an older Human race who discovered this Black Goo on their own planet and focused on learning about it and adopting it into their culture. Using it as a DNA accelerant. Perhaps their Juggernaut ships and Pyramids were actually giant drilling facilities, mining the compound from planets they discovered it on, but (prior to Prometheus) they sprung a leak and the Goo infected them?

This opens up so many doors, I'm going to have a few topics stemming from this, I'm sure.

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MemberXenomorphOct-29-2016 3:47 PM

Fascinating thread.

Don't forget avp was 
Also in Antarctica.

Is the black goo the 
Essence of millions
Of lost souls? 


MemberDeaconOct-30-2016 4:01 PM

Yes we could make some connections... but its surely coincidence, but interesting none the less.

It definitely could be a conspiracy idea that they could use in the Prometheus/Alien Covenant as far as expanding the Engineers Agenda.

The Sacrificial Goo did have a metallic look (Iridium) to it when the cup was opened, with hues of Gold Color.

I have heard some of the basis for this video before as far as substances that would give extended life... a Elixir of Life so to speak...   And many Ancient Cultures speak of such a thing... and a lot is refereed to as being the Blood/Venom of Serpents.... on Myth based on the Blood of a Gorgon where one side of the body produces Blood that leads to Death (a Highly potent Toxic) but the other side of the body has Blood that is a Elixir of Life.

But i have not come across this Black Goo theory basis for those Ancient Myths.

With this Video in mind.......

If i was going to be working on a Prometheus Sequel with the Agenda... this would certainly give me a solid base to build off and so present this THEORY.... which i would have used, and who knows maybe they could touch upon it too.


We know Prometheus was based on the Ancient Mankind interactions with Giant Alien Beings who created us, that then lead to the various Mythos and Religions...  hence Star Maps in a number of cultures..... the movie had Biblical and Promethean loose connections.

A lot of  Theologists  have suggested the Sumerians to be the Cradle of Civilization the first truly advanced Civilization that predate the Egyptians and Pyramids.

There Godlike tale was of the Anunnaki, and these Godlike beings had a lower caste Godlike beings called the Igigi... these beings where tasked with mining Earth for Gold that the Annunaki needed.  The Igigi got fed up of the Toil and refused to carry on and so Mankind was created to take there place and Toil and Mine the Earth for Gold.

This Myth could be used as a Basis for our Engineers, the Gold they was mining could be this Substance the Video posted on this thread was on about.

The Igigi could be our Engineers... and so this would fit.. and to be fair the Prometheus 2 i was working on i was going for the Annunaki Tale Link, mixed with Greek Mythos.   And steering away from Biblical one..

I was pondering what could replace the Gold though.... and also trying to tie the Plot based off this, i could not come up with one working plot as i had many as far as the God/Mythos connection and so abandoned the project.

But the video about the Black Goo above, does now make me think if only i saw this... it may have made working on a Agenda more easier for me lol





R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconOct-30-2016 4:12 PM

I will watch the longer video latter..

But indeed the Elixir of Life is interesting as it could fit in with what Weyland was looking for.  I did some looking at this a few months ago and looking at the so called real version of such a Key to Immortality and then looked up it in connection to Ancient Mythos including the Greeks... as yes Prometheus is a Greek Connection.  Which led me to how it connects to Romans too (Similarities between Zeus and Jupiter).

Then there was a connection with healing, and key to immortality where Asclepius from Serpents had learned the secrets to Immortality and Jupiter Struck him down with a Bolt of Lighting so he could not pass this Knowledge onto  Humans, thus making them Immortals.   Jupiter then placed a Image of Asclepius in the heavens which is the Constellation of Ophiuchus  which when you study that and its interpretations with many Cultures a few things seem to crop up,  Place of the Gods, Place of Serpents and Place where they Key to Immortality lie.

Maybe such Mythos loosely could fit in with the Franchise and maybe  things like this Black Goo in the video, it would be interesting to see.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphOct-31-2016 2:13 PM

I am a passionate follower of the alternative media being interested in all things supernatural and paranormal since being knee-high. There's some VERY heavy duty stuff out there that has connections with UFOs (of which I have most definitely seen some) such as animal mutilation cases that are still going on as I type. The media blames it all on satanists and paganists, but the truth is horrifying when you look at the consistencies and details. NO-ONE has ever been caught. Look up Mike Freebury 'Killers on the Moors' - extremely chilling stuff implying that there's an unfathomable intelligence doing all this and that the government is powerless to stop it. What has this got to do with 'Alien' you may ask - some of the 'truth which is stranger than fiction' sometimes inspires the (science) fiction ;)



AdminEngineerOct-31-2016 5:31 PM

I'm with you all the way ZR, the fact that some people to this day disbelieve the fact that other life exists beyond our planet baffles me.

I can definitely see blatant connections between Prometheus, what we know so far about Covenant and existing "theories" regarding Alien life and their interactions with mankind.

I've found myself, many a nights up late browsing files and testimonials by people who claim to be "in the know", sharing details about ETs, UFOs and the current relationship we have, or should I say, our governments have with these Alien species. I wouldn't be surprised if this Prometheus series is foreshadowing events to come. I just hope it's not in my lifetime... Lol

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MemberDeaconNov-01-2016 10:58 AM

Who knows about the reality of these things... its interesting to look at different conspiracy theories and what not though..

I have however seen the TR3-B  AKA Dudley Dorito in 1996

All Happened Fast and in a distance, and i wondered if i was misinterpreting something as was half asleep...

But then next day some local papers reported Triangle UFO Spotted over Black Country so who knows ;)

Thats not to say it was a Alien Craft however... we have to wander how much do we know about Secret Black Projects.

The object is exactly like this only lights was white/amber i.e normal looking color rather than Red.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Darth Shiro

MemberChestbursterNov-01-2016 12:02 PM

Im scared....

Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...


MemberTrilobiteNov-03-2016 5:51 AM

Intelligent oil of an alien or prehistoric nature isn't exactly an original idea in science fiction. And I doubtlessly say that the documentaries featured will likely include ideas already postulated in the many versions of which we have already seen this stuff... 

There is the infamous black oil from the X-Files as well as a movie in which a reservoir of prehistoric sentient oil features as the antagonist. There is also the hive mind oil alien that killed Tasha Yar in the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Skin of Evil, as well as the strange black substance used by the Necromongers in The Chronicles of Riddick. Video games too have featured such evil oils such as the Nanoblack substance used by the Necris in Unreal Tournament 3, the black slime in Ghostbusters the video game and the Phazon from Metroid Prime: Echoes.Finally there is the Symbiotes from Marvel comics Spider-Man, the first of which would become the notorious Venom.



MemberDeaconNov-03-2016 9:59 AM

Indeed Gavin.

And also not to forget the Movie Lucy, where the end step of Evolution was Transcendence into a Black Goo too.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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