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Blomkamp's Alien will be an Alternate Path from Alien 3 and Alien 4

Blomkamp's Alien will be an Alternate Path from Alien 3 and Alien 4

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David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPJul-07-2016 2:25 PM

So, Sigourney Weaver confirmed that the new Blomkamp Alien will in fact ignore Alien 3 and Alien 4. This is some good news as they now have a clean slate to go from.

It’s just as if, you know, the path forks and one direction goes off to three and four and another direction goes off to Neill’s movie -- Sigourney Weaver 

Link for Story: Entertainment Weekly

34 Responses to Blomkamp's Alien will be an Alternate Path from Alien 3 and Alien 4

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPJul-08-2016 5:57 PM

I'm looking forward to his story. I've never abandoned Scott. He was the reason I went to film school 


FacehuggerMember316 XPJul-08-2016 9:29 PM

Scott has everything to offer, I think. This Blomkamp project feels like a VanHalen reunion. 

Money plays a huge part in all this but don't forget that money influenced Alien, too. It's commercial art. Someone like Ridley knows how to manipulate that system, he did so with Alien, and Prometheus and he's no doubt doing it again now. Be ready to not get exactly what you want, but on Ridley's terms. There will be awesomeness.


FacehuggerMember316 XPJul-08-2016 9:55 PM


Prometheus won't be a stand alone film. We've seen enough so far to know the Engineer culture is integral to A:C so Prometheus was an initiation of a new, more interesting path.

There was a lot of stuff to set up and they took the chance of doing so in what could have been a complete failure and it was shocking, to me, how many internet dwellers tried to ensure that it was a failure. It was a cultural phenomenon.

But here we are safe and snug with A:C on the way, with some adjustments yes but still palatable, no doubt. Yes, I pre-cringe at the upcoming mention of Ripley but I don't think it will be a big, story turning reveal. We have the leak if nothing else to thank for that and that's a good thing. 


DeaconMember10358 XPOct-02-2016 5:16 PM

Indeed i think we wont see in depth Engineers as maybe the plan was...

But once all the Alien Connections are made and we have our fill of Xenos and Answers to Origins in the Prequels and more Xenos in Alien 5 and no doubt 6 if Alien 5 happens and does well.

Maybe then the beast would be well and truly cooked and fans may ponder... so what is it about these Engineers... and they can then explore that as a expanded universe in more depth.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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