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MemberNeomorphJul-04-2016 3:12 PM

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MemberDeaconJul-08-2016 5:14 PM

The concept and idea was this route....

But it does seem, they had decided during shooting or just prior to change some elements... others had been changed during the Editing and indeed Post movie... Fox had released information to maybe change how the Goo was to be persevered by us all

But regardless we got what we got...

And regardless we cant rule out if Fifield was finished as far as Evolutionary effects the Goo had, we cant confirm or even rule out that this was the Final Stage of effect from the Goo..

Same goes with Holloway, before he got Torched... some Question why Fifield was not changed as much as the Hammerpedes.... it could be that they had been swimming in a larger volume of the Goo than Fifield.

We just dont know, how much of a effect the amount of Goo has on the effects... so its safe to assume Larger the Volume of Material contaminated the larger and more rapid the effect would be....


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphNov-06-2016 7:38 AM

Very proud of this, my first post!!!


MemberDeaconNov-11-2016 7:11 AM

A compelling Post too and one thats overlooked...

One that could give us the Actual Answers to the Eggs maybe?

Prior to what Alien Covenant would do about them however...

This would be based on a few Questions?

1) Was those Worms Native to LV-223 how long had these Organisms been on LV-223 prior to Prometheus mission?

2) If they had been there a while, and even thousands of years, could a similar spillage of the Goo by Accident had infected the same kind of Worms in the Past?

3) The result of which would surely be the same (Hammerpedes) and Worms from Earth can Procreate Asexually and some are Hermaphrodites and if these Worms are the same or similar... then TWO Worms would mate and then both Worms would become Fertilized (Eggs Will).

4) If we assume this is correct and Hammerpedes can do the same but have Xeno Traits and so need a Host, then this would explain why the Hammerpede decided to enter Milburns Mouth to Lay a Egg or Eggs..

5)If these Eggs then evolve to Embryo that takes on the Traits of the Host like the Xenomorph did, then we could get a Hybrid Organism that would be a Egg Layer... as opposed to Shaws Deacon.

So if this is possible, its not impossible for the same event to have happened to the Engineers and this could explain the Outbreak and the Chest Busted Cryo-Sleep Engineers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphNov-17-2016 6:41 PM

The thing that has always confused me re the engineers running is that the one who slips and gets left behind to the point where he gets decapitated is found but where are the other engineers who we assume made it safely to the room and sealed the door?  There were no other bodies.


Are we to assume they are the ones we later see entering the ship?  


MemberFacehuggerJan-13-2017 8:07 AM

I am not sure if someone already posted this but it doesn't "drill" a cavity into Milburn's (The Biologist) arm but rather breaks it and tears his suit and goes in and down his throat later breaking out of his chest as he was found by the crew of the prometheus with a hole in his chest and in a deleted scene it is shown that the hammerpedes were not Created but rather mutated from a worm that Milburn finds and that is why he also reaches for it because he recognized it as the same one he caught and later released (I think).

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair

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