Alien: Covenant
Alien: Covenant Trailer Release Date Potentially Decoded!

Alien: Covenant Trailer Release Date Potentially Decoded!

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EngineerAdmin23332 XPMay-31-2016 7:32 PM

I've updated this topic since Foxoved Covenant's release date up by 3 months. Now releasing on May 19th, 2017, a logical prediction for the trailer debut is anywhere between December 1st and December 20th. 

We're not far away now!

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30 Responses to Alien: Covenant Trailer Release Date Potentially Decoded!


ChestbursterMember839 XPMay-31-2016 7:53 PM

It makes sense, Chris! Good work! There is only one thing...It may be too late of a date. Something big could occur on those dates, but the trend recently for big movies is to have the teaser out well ahead of the release. 

Not a map, an invitation

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPMay-31-2016 7:58 PM

Good theory though I'm also thinking June or July. Independance Day (teaser attached to ID4 2) comes out this June and Comic Con in July are potential trailer release dates (teaser trailer). We might even seen footage (dailies) at comics con of Daniels and or David. 


EngineerAdmin23332 XPMay-31-2016 10:27 PM

Lol I wrote February not June, my mistake guys! Updated topic with proper month. Haha

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FacehuggerMember316 XPJun-01-2016 4:16 AM

We may also get a viral video. It's too soon for footage! 




*covers face with both hands*


DeaconMember10416 XPJun-01-2016 8:40 AM

I think at very least the Twitter feed for Alien Anthology could be giving us something interesting pretty soon, definitely this month i feel

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPJun-01-2016 9:10 AM

If anymore should come out, it probably be tonight....Australian time unless  another office is here in the US in charge of, hopefully, we get another clue tonight.


EngineerAdmin23332 XPJun-01-2016 9:49 AM

If not a trailer, at least a short teaser. It really feels like a footage reveal. Even a title sequence, anything! I'll  be watching all channels tomorrow and Friday... and anticipation is killing me!

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PraetorianMember2674 XPJun-01-2016 10:24 AM

I can't take any more of this teasing!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPJun-01-2016 11:45 AM

We all here are biting our nails. The anticipation is overwhelming!!! 


NeomorphMember1691 XPJun-02-2016 8:01 AM

That will be interesting but then I am not sure if you can draw any big conclusion about a movie based on a trailer. The trailer might look good while the movie sucks.


DeaconMember10416 XPJun-02-2016 6:19 PM

Indeed take the Prometheus one for example....


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


EngineerAdmin23332 XPJun-02-2016 6:41 PM

Well, we got one more day to go... fingers crossed we get something juicy!

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DeaconMember10416 XPJun-02-2016 6:53 PM

Fingers Crossed

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-03-2016 4:36 PM

I'm hoping there's going to be as much build up with teasers, images & media files, like there was with Prometheus ... damn did we take that film apart back in 2012 ... great times ...

Engineer Tech Brett

OvomorphMember59 XPJun-06-2016 4:56 AM

I wonder if it will have anything to do with the classified section on the Weyland Industries website. 

Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well.


OvomorphMember11 XPAug-24-2016 7:35 PM

Sorry Chris, I'm going to disagree with you on this one.  A blockbuster this big, and you think Ridley Scott is going to wait until just 8 weeks before the release date to show a trailer?  Not a chance!  Most movie trailers come out 5-7 months early.  I'm guessing either Thanksgiving of 2016 or Christmas of 2016 for a teaser.  Perhaps the full trailer on the date you're mentioning.  But definitely not the teaser. 


OvomorphMember8 XPNov-30-2016 11:35 AM

As I had said about a year ago, I think that time frame is way off.  I said previously I believe the release date would be bumped up because it was too far away and that a teaser trailer would more than likely come out on Christmas 2016.  Well I was right about the release date moving up.  Lets see if I get the Christmas trailer date correct.


TrilobiteMember9516 XPNov-30-2016 1:46 PM

Well Hicks, given that Prometheus trailer released around about the same time in December of 2011, with the movie released in June 2012 the high possibility of an Alien: Covenant before Christmas, given its May 2017 release date is practically a given no brainer.


EngineerAdmin23332 XPNov-30-2016 2:38 PM

Well this thread is severely obsolete now that the release date changed! Hahaha I obviously no longer assume an April release for the trailer. We'll likely get it within 2 weeks now.

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Movie fan

FacehuggerMember500 XPDec-01-2016 7:09 AM

Can't wait for a trailer! :D

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


DeaconMember10416 XPDec-04-2016 6:32 AM

Indeed Gavin....

They will be trying to take advantage of the Holiday Season, as far as people going to the Movies... and then its a busy time for Movies and so to have trailers then would get more views... however the Holiday Period Movies are usually not Cert 15 or above.... not as a great %

Also people may watch more TV in the Holiday Period and so again its prime time to show trailers.

So indeed a Trailer within the next 2-3 weeks would seem likely.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

King Death

OvomorphMember29 XPDec-06-2016 5:18 PM

I say December 24/25th(PROMETHEUS' date of landing in 2093)


EngineerAdmin23332 XPDec-06-2016 7:10 PM

I suspected that date as well early on. Though I think it'll debut before then thanks to Assassin's Creed.

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OvomorphMember8 XPDec-18-2016 9:32 PM

My prediction for the teaser is either December 21st or 23rd of 2016. 


OvomorphMember8 XPDec-21-2016 6:57 AM

The trailer is coming out 12am on the 22nd.  What did I win?  Lol


OvomorphMember31 XPDec-21-2016 11:21 AM

My predictions are that the teaser will be released the 24/25th, i'm basing my prediction on the codes they're teasing, if the theory that those codes means dates:

1.   22:05 12.05.2104 
2.   13:01 12.06.2104
3.   18:56 12.08.2104 - For some reason they skipped 07, maybe tomorrow we would get a 09, maybe they'll skip 10 (if they skip these month it means they probably release it the 24) and continue with 11 and 12, if they don't skip the 10, it means that the teaser will drop the 25th.

My point is that (in my opinion) they are waiting until the code (or date) arrive to December and then release the teaser, haha I know it sounds a bit crazy, but kind of makes sense. 

A L I E N 4 2 6

FacehuggerMember444 XPDec-21-2016 6:36 PM

I'm starting to think that we will get a full trailer when it drops. That seems to be Fox's trend recently. Two minutes is a little long for just a teaser 


OvomorphMember8 XPDec-21-2016 7:06 PM

That's an interesting theory.  But one of the reporters that was lucky enough to get a sneak peak last week, accidentally said that by the end of this weak, they won't have to hold onto there secrets anymore.  I think that's a big clue.


OvomorphMember8 XPDec-21-2016 7:14 PM

"We may not be keeping up on current events, but we just got are asses kicked pal....!!!!"


OvomorphMember8 XPDec-24-2016 8:31 PM

Well guess we'll have to wait until Christmas day.  Hints seem to be pointing to Christmas morning on the 25th of this month.  Hope so.  I'm getting tired of waiting.

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