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NASA Researching Deep Sleep Tech for Mission to Mars.

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OvomorphMember0 XPOct-07-2014 6:24 AM


Last year, NASA provided funding to aeronautics research and consulting firm SpaceWorks to look into the viability of placing astronauts into stasis for the 180-day trip to Mars. As reported by Discovery, the group has now released some of those findings, developing possible technology to make the (admittedly science fiction sounding) concept a reality.

Pioneers to the Red Planet would be placed in torpor, or a kind of deep sleep associated with hypothermia. Coolant is delivered through the nose, lowering the astronauts body temperature by one degree Fahrenheit an hour. After about six hours, the body goes into a sleep state, only awoken when the coolant flow stops and body temperature returns to normal levels. Or, you know, when some horrifying creature cuts off the power.

Therapeutic torpor has been around in theory since the 1980s, and really since 2003 has been a staple for critical care trauma patients in hospitals," said SpaceWorks Enterprises aerospace engineer Mark Schaffer. But currently, patients are only induced for a period of up to one week. Further studies will need to extend this sleep period significantly.

If you think this all sounds a bit too familiar, you're correct. Stasis sleeps are a recurring feature in science fiction, with SpaceWorks' own presentation showing a picture of Alien's Ellen Ripley asleep in her pod. SpaceWorks has also proposed one crew member could remain awake in shifts, while the other astronauts sleep. Or, hey, maybe an android could watch over things? That always turns out pretty well.

NASA isn't the only organization eyeing our closest planetary neighbor. The Mars One project is currently making plans to send a group of selected volunteers on a one-way trip to Mars. If you're one of the lucky participants accepted, perhaps you too can have coolant blown into your sinuses

“Give me where to stand and I will move the earth”.

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OvomorphMember5 XPOct-08-2014 12:27 PM

So this is all bull sh_t! Science probably conducted tests on a lot of smaller mammals and what not.
I hate garbage science like this really.

LOL theoretically we could stick a corn cob up your @zz too and put a tube in that and then lower the
temperature one degree as bob holds a bucket of ice water over your head. Bwahahhahahahhaaa LOL.

Here is another possible method for long term stasis. Researchers were able to take specific molecular weight star shaped gold nano-sized particles and deliver them directly to targeted cancer cells. They went right to specific protiens on the outside of those cellular walls.

We cannot induce chemical sleep long term, anesthesia, because the chemicals are just hard on the vascular, brain,  and hepatic functions. Those chemicals are quite toxic long term.

So there may be another way. First we might need to find a few of these different size and shaped nano particles made of gold. They could bind to the receptor sites as long as we can control where they might cluster. So how could we do this without causing problems at the molecular level inside the patient’s brain?

Inside each of the Gold coated nano particles would be just a few atoms of Iron. We then would use a very cheap smaller MRI to create a specific magnetic field in the Hypothalamus where all these nano gold particles would bind to a range of receptor sites and guess what! we induce long term deep sleep just as if the chemical were doing it but the body does not have any of the side effects.

Most anesthetic agents, including sevoflurane, act primarily at the level of synaptic junctions in the brain. When a sensation is detected, the resulting neural signals go to the primary regions of the brain, and then to the secondary regions, before being transmitted to the tertiary regions in the frontal and temporal lobes, which process and combine multiple different types of stimuli.

Higher concentrations of anesthetics can have adverse effects on other parts of the body. They can affect breathing, depress the heart, and decrease blood pressure. Some studies suggest that keeping a patient under deep anesthesia can increase the mortality after surgery. In laboratory studies, it has been demonstrated that prolonged anesthesia could have neurotoxic effects in the brain of newborns. Some retrospective studies in humans also suggest that anesthesia early in life could lead to adverse neurological
Right: 0.5 MAC sevoflurane results in significantly lower blood oxygen level-dependent contrast (BOLD) activity in the thalamus. The thalamus plays roles in the regulation of consciousness. Left: 0.5 MAC sevoflurane bilaterally lowers the BOLD signal in the auditory cortex.


Of course we would then need to drop the patients core body temp down quite a bit, submerge the person in a liquid gel. In combination with all these things we would be lowering respiration to about three breaths per minute and then long term stasis could be carried out for decades.

With a technique like this we could get in a space craft in rotating crews and easily make trips a few hundred light years away. Anti-matter would be contained by heavy magnetic fields and be obtained/processed when we got to a planet for return trip or to get to another star system. Anti-matter will get you very close to the speed of light...all these people have been hiding truth about being able use it as a reliable fuel. We just do not know how to create shields around the space craft yet but that is coming. Then again I believe if you can use a few dozen tons of anti matter you could create intense magnetic fields to initially slow down the incoming velocity of the vector of mass and then redirect around the space craft! Yep it can be done!

A person literally could stay asleep in perfect hibernation for 50 years and then only be on for duty for six months. A crew of a few thousand could easily colonize and explore exoplanets.


OvomorphMember0 XPOct-19-2014 5:30 PM

This is basically a possible solution to avoid those astronauts from suffering the sort of mental instabilities people suffer when kept in a confined space for so long. 180 days of travel would result in mental issues and behavioral changes in people if not managed correctly. Stasis essentially removes that rather serious problem from space travel.


I can't imagine a trip to Mars would be very comfortable without some kind of stasis technology in place.

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