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My Prometheus Fan art and Alien art

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OvomorphMember13 XPMar-15-2014 2:44 AM

I like where you've gone with this concept.  It makes me think about the differences between the chestburster and the grown adult Xeno.  The grown Decon would probably be quite large maybe 15-20 feet.  There's something kind of dinosaurish about the deacon which I also see in these concepts an armored boney dinoXeno humoid.   Maybe with a smaller tail and tubuals on the back.  There's a slight translucence to your lower image which might be cool if it's a glass-like shell with cybertronics underneith.


DeaconMember10416 XPMar-15-2014 7:07 AM

I love the first image.

As far as the Deacon goes well its not so much Xenomorph as its from Hybrid Human/Xeno Face Huger (Trillobite) so it is just as much if not more so Mammal.

So we wont see it grow as much in % as the Xeno, but if we look at Mammals well they can grow on average 4-5X larger when they are Adult so yes 15-20 foot for the Adult Deacon would seem about right.

Another thing is the Deacon is in no way as Alien or Scary as the Xeno, but as its part Mammal DNA from its early stages of gestation,  we can look at how Cute a Puppy looks or a Lion and Tiger Cub they are not scary at all.... But look how larger and menacing a Adult Tiger/Lion and large Dog say Wolf/Rottweiler are compared.

Also as we are dealing with a Organism that is part Xeno, well the Xeno lifeform does go through some stages of change such as the Chest Buster does not have the appendages on its back that the Adult Xeno has and so its changes like this that could still occur to the Deacon when it is Adult.


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NeomorphMember1566 XPMar-17-2014 6:46 PM

I like it

The poster was good though!



OvomorphMember0 XPSep-25-2014 10:51 PM

The sculpt looks good. Do you have more angles/views?


PraetorianMember2674 XPSep-26-2014 1:23 AM


I managed to miss seeing this thread, when you first posted it.

Amazing work....just amazing! :)


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

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