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MemberOvomorphJan-07-2014 1:33 PM



With the official announcement and trailer for the game out, I had an interesting thought. Amanda goes to a trading post where teh flight recorder for the Nostromo has been recovered. Naturally she meets an alien. Now everyone is all up in arms about how an alien could be there and so on. My wild idea, it is the same Alien that was on the Nostromo and that it somehome survived being blasted by the shuttle jets.  I know, tough guy but still. Any thoughts?

6 Replies


MemberOvomorphJan-07-2014 10:03 PM

I think someone was chestbursted in the trailer, but I'd be down the idea otherwise...maybe...

Sci-Fi King25

MemberPraetorianJan-08-2014 12:22 PM

Well, at least SEGA's making up for A:CM.

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MemberOvomorphJan-18-2014 11:16 AM

So it looks like the guy that I thought was chestbursted was actually just regular dead.  And the people have stated that the xenomorph is fully grown by the time Ripley's daughter arrives.  Soooo, with that information your theory may actually be very likely.  Though I was kind of hoping that we would go through the whole lifecycle like in Alien.  Can you imagine the opening sequence being something mundane like walking down a corrider and having a conversation and then WHAM. Person next to you gets chestbursted.  Oh well, still looking forward to it.


MemberOvomorphApr-23-2014 9:54 AM

I like this theory, and I kind of hope it holds up, but, I have one question:

If it is the first Alien... It was impaled. How will it have healed? Their exoskeleton/flesh isn't truly organic, last I checked.

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maureen ash

MemberOvomorphJun-27-2016 12:30 AM

Alien: Isolation is a fantastic video game. For Alien: Isolation on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled. As we all know that theory was invented by Jim Cameron, but it's the only logical things considered.



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