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OvomorphMember3 XPJul-26-2013 5:35 AMWith recent news about the new Prometheus comic, an idea sprung into mind whether i should turn my old scrapped Olympus now a more Alien fan film (which I'm still working on) sorry to keep you guys waiting since my previous writers dropped off the project a few months ago and i just recently found someone who will pitch me a plot and I will later turn into a script. Back to the matter at hand, not sure if a lot of you know this but I am a huge fan of comic books. Always collecting them and love to draw comics too. especially collecting a lot of the alien and predator comics as well as marvel and dc. Quite funny how i never came up with the idea as I'm constantly drawing comic book characters myself. This will probably be my first online fan comic if i get to finish it. Not many here have seen my artwork, if you'd like to I do have a deviant art account [url=]King's Deviant art account[/url]

[img width=351 height=150][/img] "Frostmourne Hungers"

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OvomorphMember3 XPJul-26-2013 5:37 AMsorry i meant to say turn my old scrapped Olympus into a fan comic :P

[img width=351 height=150][/img] "Frostmourne Hungers"

Genghis Juan

OvomorphMember0 XPJul-26-2013 3:41 PMWell, I hope it all turns out well. I'd love to see it come to fruition. I've written a fan fic Predator script if you'd like to see it. It's on this site. Titled PREDATOR: INFERNAL
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