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Trilobite size!

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MemberOvomorphJun-17-2012 10:59 PM
Shaw's baby aka trilobite seemed to be a true facehugger when scaled to the face statue. I almost expected to see it attached later after she left it in the medpod. Makes me wonder if there will be an even larger more superior species of humanoid that the engineers were at war with.
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MemberOvomorphJun-18-2012 12:11 AM
I actually found the size of the "adult" Cuddles a bit problematic. There is almost NO WAY that it could have grown to that size in that amount of time without constantly eating from the instant it was extracted (and even then...) I think they just had to make it that big so that they could film the Engineer in this pose, which is pretty amazing, admittedly. [url=][img][/img][/url]

Hadley's Hope

MemberOvomorphJun-18-2012 1:08 AM
already in this discussion... [url=]Blood on the walls, why Cuddles is so big[/url] Remember the blood on the walls? Remember the crew was 17 people? We didn't see all of them die. 2 of Weylands personal staff die off screen. Can you guess how?


MemberOvomorphJun-18-2012 1:12 AM
Why,not? The xenomorphs grow within a,few hours too to the adult size!

Hadley's Hope

MemberOvomorphJun-18-2012 1:26 AM
Yes, but Facehuggers priority is usually to lay eggs, not grow. So it probably killed the two assistants because it couldn't implant them (harder to jump and stay on with two guys who would help each other.)

Ancient Alien

MemberOvomorphJun-18-2012 2:10 AM
did Cuddles die in the end like a Facehugger does after inserting the embryo? i'm gonna miss Cuddles in the sequel.

Micro changes in air density

MemberOvomorphJun-18-2012 3:24 AM
Good question. But you could also add - why didnt Shaw tell anyone about her baby? and how did it go unnoticed? I suspect these questions are just a weakness in what is quite a poor story.

Hadley's Hope

MemberOvomorphJun-18-2012 4:23 AM
Cuddles eventually climbs off, presumably so as not to obstruct a chest burster, some tentacles are briefly seen on the floor next to Space Jockey. This by the way is actually further evidence that facehuggers are not new, because the 'get out of the way' instinct had to develop from somewhere, or else the chestburster would have to burst through part of facehugger as well. Why didn't Shaw tell people? She thought she'd killed it. It didn't go unnoticed... two people found it and died. That is their [url=]blood on the walls[/url] inside the med pod room. This is the second time I've pointed out that there is a pre-existing thread on this topic.


MemberOvomorphJun-22-2012 2:34 PM
We're thinking in terms in how we grow. It's true that you can't create matter from nothing, so I see the logic in the "it has to eat something to go" advocates. Like the Alien from the Nostromo, it seemingly gets very large quickly without eating anything. But their biology is night-and-day from ours. Both the alien and trilobite (probably) have acid and other chemicals as part of their blood stream. They may have the ability to use something other than digesting food to grow. Perhaps they can use their acid to inflate or bloat parts of their body, like how a puffer fish uses water to inflate itself? Notice how the trilobite seemingly sogged out like a jelly fish after it had impregnated the engineer?


MemberOvomorphJun-22-2012 6:20 PM
The two unaccountable crew members being eviscerated by Cuddles would explain ''her'' rapid growth rate but adds a more problematic question of once again continuity .


MemberOvomorphJun-22-2012 7:45 PM
I truly believe the size of the face statue & Trilo are related.


MemberOvomorphJun-22-2012 7:47 PM
Also, how did Shaw know that Trilo would attack the Engineer? Maybe she actually saw him eating the crew through the window beforehand.


MemberOvomorphDec-01-2019 9:21 AM

I have JUST seen Prometheus, and you know what? The Arrivals' Heptopods do look uncannily like the thing that was "born" to the lady in Prometheus, the Facehugger, but then that birthed Alien(?). Plus they have the same ship in both films...
So, in many many moons into the future the Prometheus' Heptopods (Facehuggers) have evolved into the Arrivals Heptopods, maybe. It makes so much sense in so many ways, I hope to God that this be the plot to future films.

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