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Spoiler Prometheus=The Perfect Science Fiction Movie. Thank you Sir Ridley.

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OvomorphMember67 XPJun-16-2012 12:30 PMFinally,y, we have the Alien, Blade runner genre back. First of all who does not want to see Prometheus II? I can't wait for the novelization or sequels to explore thoughts and concepts kept from us. I was 100% entertained and have as yet to meet anyone who has seen the movie and did not love it. (I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea) and some think its stupid and hate it, others could probably care less, I just have not personally encountered them. I've read dozens of reviews, and even critics who panned it, can't wait for the sequel. What I loved was the fact that you are in the same shoes the crew are in until the credits roll. As for being spoon fed answers to every scene in this movie, I thank God they didn't. Watch Transformers, Battle Los Angeles, Twilight or the dozens of other movies Hollywood pumps out if you want to think about fishing or work during the movie, Watch Prometheus if you want to think about a movie while fishing or working. In life you have brave heroic people who sacrifice their lives to save a drowning stranger, so what is hard to comprehend about Patriots (Janek, Chance, and Ravel) willing to sacrifice their lives for their world, billions, including family at home, instead of allowing hell to visit them? We also have people who are professionals with high IQ's that make bad choices (Millburn, Fifield) freak out, or become scared and have differing opinions when faced with simple decisions, let alone encountering the proof of giant alien life forms. Everyone doesn't necessarily agree on things, we are not clones. But even in these situations Fifield did what some others would not have attempted and tried to save his companion who he did not even know personally, after seeing the strength and violence the hammerpede was capable of, he did not run. We are not perfect organisms. Some drink, smoke pot, and f*ck over the weak. I would love to see how we would react waking up after two years of sleep with too many chiefs, some pro's (especially the mercs), some Ologist, (scientist) a “dead” man who has used you and a android hell bent on disobeying every order given him to ensure our destruction. Even Holloway redeemed himself in my eyes by his act of sacrifice, both with Shaw and Vickers (Go ahead and do it.) When in Rome do as the Romans, but that planet was not Rome. This is what Alien means, not like us. How brave would we be on someone else’s turf learning their rules not by a guide book to their acceptable and unacceptable behavior, but on pain of death? I understand and respect everyone’s opinion because it is theirs, it’s just funny how people are complaining about the horrible food while begging for seconds! I agree with the critics who panned it on one point. When is Prometheus II coming out!
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