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Dallas....was in on it with Ash

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OvomorphMember0 XPMar-25-2012 9:49 PMLying in bed, waiting to fall asleep, I had a scary Alien thought. What if Dallas was in on it like Ash. Think about it for a second. Dallas, was the only crew member who had access to Mother. He could have programmed mother to wake the crew up just before getting to LV-426. Who knows what really transpired in the computer room between Mother and Dallas before they realized they were not home. Dallas ordered the crew to land. Dallas selected the "away" team, knowing full well he picks the weakest crew member, Lambert....and the most eager to jump off a bridge, Kane. Who in their right mind would send the captain, the first officer and the navigator into unknown territory? Why didn't Ripley go? They get to the ship, Dallas then OK's Kane to explore the "cave", probably knowing full well what is down there and what would happen to him. They get back to the ship, Dallas orders Ripley to let them in, knowing full well what the law is. And Ash lets them in the ship, is that the reason why Dallas let Ash stay on the ship? Or is it because Dallas knew Ash was a robot and the creature would not consider Ash a host, if Ash went to explore the cave. So Dallas is in a hurry to get back into the ship, so Ash can start studying the creature. Dallas is not really sympathetic to Kane. The scene were Kane's corpse is in the air lock, Dallas says "anyone want to say anything?" Everyone, including him is silent. What does Dallas tell Ripley about the face hugger? Those decisions are made by Ash, he really doesn't care he is just in a hurry to get off the planet? Why is he in such a hurry? Does he know what is about to happen? Finally, Dallas makes a real half hearted attempted to get the Alien int the airlock, oh lets send me with a flame thrower to go get it. Even right before he is attacked, he realizes that this is stupid, and he is going "to get out of there." To many bad decisions made by the captain, or something else....
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OvomorphMember0 XPMar-25-2012 9:55 PM You do have to take into account this was a Mining crew who have been in deep space for years, they make note Ash was a last minute replacement. Dallas is not "In" on anything, he is inept because he is the captain of a mining vessel, he is not military he is just a random Joe who signed up for the money not the danger. Everyone in the movie is is half hearted at the death scene because everyone is depressed, this was not a happy crew to begin with.


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-25-2012 9:59 PMFirst of all....everything Dallas suggests in the infirmary about helping Kane is in Kane's best interest....everything...from trying to pull it off, to cutting it off.......even at great risk to Kane... The first thing he says after "My God" when they pull the helmet off is "HOW ARE WE GONNA GET IT OFF HIM?" He screams that at Ash, by the way and after they fail to pull it off because its tearing his scalp, he insists they cut it off - even though it may kill him and Dallas is willing to take responsibility for that. As to going in the vent....If were in on it, would he really have risked that situation....REALLY? The whole thing just doesn't fit.


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-25-2012 10:12 PMThe entire crew is important. It would be like losing a member of the shuttle team (also 7 people). Who do you get rid of? The mechanic? The pilot? Pilot #2/Navigator? The Electrician? There's no good person to get rid of.


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-25-2012 10:43 PMViper would never associate with Bilbo Baggins. The very idea! must have been been dreaming.


OvomorphMember81 XPMar-25-2012 11:44 PMIf Dallas had been in on it would he have just frozen Cain as soon as they got him in to the ship? That way they could have simply taken off, pre burster and all and delivered the full pay load to Earth. Thank God they didnt...


OvomorphMember6 XPMar-25-2012 11:58 PMPersonally, I believe that if Dallas was in on it, I think self-preservation would kick in. Why would he do it and commit to killing himself? I just don't see it.


FacehuggerMember425 XPMar-26-2012 12:36 AMI admit the scene with Ash, Dallas, Kane and the facehugger could have been for show with the crew watching, but no one who was "in on it" would have gone into those shafts.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-26-2012 10:49 AMSpecial Order 931 - "For Science officer eyes only" why bother putting that in if Dallas was in on it? Add this to the avalanche of reasons why Dallas did not know.


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-26-2012 1:56 PMIt's funny, but if you follow the plot until Dallas chases the alien through the air vents, it appears Dallas could easily be in on it or the sole villain. I mean, imagine nothing changes plot wise until that scene, and Dallas sends Ash into the vents. Then Ripley learns it was Dallas all along, and that Ash actually let them in the ship just like he said, because he thought Kane's only chance was immediate help. But then we are left with that scene with Dallas clearly trying to get the facehugger off. It all falls apart there. Also, the complete script has a scene where Dallas confronts Ash even more fiercely than Ripley after Kane's death. He basically tells him he knows he let the Alien survive inside Kane, but doesn't know why. Ash convinces him otherwise but Dallas is clearly unsure. You are right on target with the last point . . . Dallas makes too many bad decisions. And he finally tries to do something right by going in after the alien, knowing full well it is Ripley who should go. It is like he is trying to atone for his bad calls. And he sure does. Imagine Ripley going in there. The end result would most likely have been the same. Would Dallas have had the sense to have it out with Ash?


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-26-2012 1:56 PMNope, he wasn't in on it, he just didn't follow the quarantine laws. He was more concerned with his crew member. Unfortunately at the expense of everyone else.


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-28-2012 9:31 PMI never believed Dallas was in on it, but just to play devil's advocate. Let us assume that Dallas knows what Ash knows. First, the infirmary. Dallas is shocked, and does order Ash to get it off of him. But Dallas also knows the rest of the crew is watching them. Parker of all people comes up with the only logical solution which is to freeze him, and Dallas ignores it. Ash tells Dallas that it is feeding him oxygen and keeping him alive, Dallas does not even entertain or question the thought of freezing Kane, why? Dallas probably knows, like Ash, that this isn't the final stage of the Alien. Is it beyond possibility that the two of them tried to make it look as good as possible for the other crew members? Ash knows that nothing will work and he is going along with Dallas' orders so I don't believe its beyond the realm of possibility. If Dallas were to freeze Kane, there is a possibility that Kane would survive, but Dallas allows Kane to remain unfrozen in the care of Ash. Second, I don't think the entire crew is important. Lambert is not really an important part of the ship. Anyone can push a few buttons and mother does all the work. Kane is also unimportant as a first officer. Your most important crew members are Dallas, Parker and Brett and then Ash. It all depends on what the warrant officer role is in the future to make a determination on Ripley. Third, as to self preservation. I think that Dallas was probably given some information beforehand about the creature, but not all the information. I think whatever the company knew about the creature it didn't tell the entire story to Dallas, who probably thought he could catch it in a cargo net. It is far fetched, but just something I threw out to see if it would stick.


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-29-2012 11:43 AMarrgy, I will see your Dallas and raise you one Jones the cat. Now, when the crew is discussing the signal, Jones is mysteriously silent. As if he knows something. In fact, I don't even see Jones at all in that scene. What was he doing? When we see him, he is licking his chops. Clearly excited over the coming chaos. Next, when Ripley is convinced by Ash not to go after Dallas and Co., we next see her holding Jones, as if Jones was making doubly sure Ripley was too preoccupied with his irresistible cuddliness to have second thoughts. Now, when Ripley, Parker and Brett are trying to track the beast, Jones purposely leads them astray and then forces Brett to follow him. Jones leads him on, typical cat, as we see Jones DROP THE CHESTBURSTER SKIN he was clearly given by the Xeno to play with. And we all know what Jones does to poor Brett, the one guy on the ship who is truly likeable, the kind of mellow guy that can even put up with Parker's *****ing. For this, Jones can never be forgiven. And finally, when Parker and Lambert are about to be confronted by the alien, Jones wtih malice and intent "meows" to Ripley to draw her attention so that she can't make it to her comrades in time. Also, just look at how the Xeno smiles at Jones in his box with Jones showing now worry whatsoever. The case is clear.

the coming

OvomorphMember0 XPMar-30-2012 5:49 PMYes Jonesy is a xeno sympathiser and they probably have a telekinetic link...good thing he stayed home in Aliens imagine the havoc he would have caused with his duplicity..well they all died anyway Dallas wasn't in on nothing, he's a guy who enjoys the fine things in life like Hawaiian shirts and getting home..not his character
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