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Watch Alien: Analects Episode 2 - Paradise Lost
Scified2019-06-16 19:07:45
Written by Chris31,008 Reads12 Comments2019-06-16 19:07:45

To commemorate Father's Day, we are unveiling the second episode in our exclusive fan created animated series Alien: Analects! Titled Paradise Lost, this second episode brings fan theories to life revolving around what happened after the events of Alien: Covenant!

Following David's departure, we see a detachment of Engineers visit Paradise, discovering what has transpired. This plot direction was once teased by Ridley Scott. From there, we built upon that plot and fan theories proposed here on the Alien Covenant forums. Check out the new episode below and check back for updates on the next installment!

Artwork and animation provided by Jason Cardona and his Futprnts Workshop in collaboration with Scified and the Alien-Covenant website. Visit the official Alien: Analects page for info on how you can support Jason and his work and browse other episodes!

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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MemberChestbursterJun-17-2019 12:46 AM

No words. Just perfect.


I liked the true bad@$$es in the end. And I liked the brown tentacle alien from the intro. And Shaw is so creepy - I liked her cold-blue/steel colors.


MemberPraetorianJun-17-2019 2:24 AM

It's fantastic that you are making this animated series for all of us!

What can I've shown us many of the things we know will probably never be included in any future sequel, that we wish & hope for.

As well as the wonderful imagery I also appreciate Jason's blending of his own incidental music with original soundtrack themes.

Thanks guys, I just LOVE it! 


MemberPraetorianJun-17-2019 2:25 AM

Ps Cannot wait for Episode 3! ;)

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphJun-17-2019 2:26 AM

I love it, especially the arrival of the Space Jockeys at the end. Just how I imagined and described them on one of the forum topics.

Can't wait for the next part.


MemberDeaconJun-17-2019 5:20 PM

Once again Hats off to the Guys who worked on this EXCELLENT ;)

I think having Dr Shaw as shown would have been interesting, certainly more so than what we got in Alien Covenant.

It would be interesting to see how the Space Jockey are revealed more..  Certainly i think a lot of Fans are Disappointed in the Engineers, they may have expected more... I felt the Engineers were Fine, only the Scale was not pulled off, but this was intended in the Drafts. Also some Aesthetic Differences however Minor.

So it would be interesting to see how this series takes us in regards to the Space Jockey, i know a lot are more a Fan of the Skeleton Theory....  i think a Space Suit or Bio-Mechanical Being (like Xenomorphs) are best Explanations..  But it will be interesting to see where this Series takes us.

Once Again.... Fantastic Work ;)


MemberDeaconJun-18-2019 8:07 AM

Having studied the Space Jockey a lot...

Here is a Pretty Much Accurate Size/Proportion of the Space Jockey compared to our Engineers.

So YES maybe having the Engineers to NOT be the Space Jockey could be the way to go.


MemberFacehuggerJun-20-2019 4:05 AM

I just watched it! Wow!!! Fantastic! The atmosphere is so dense! I think most of us can agree, when I say that we want to see the sequel in a this kind of way. And I hope they bring Shaw back!


MemberFacehuggerJun-20-2019 4:06 AM

And again, goosebumps


MemberFacehuggerJun-20-2019 4:11 AM

Love to hear more classic music in the films. I feel that films nowadays don’t do that anymore. 


MemberDeaconJun-20-2019 8:57 PM

"And I hope they bring Shaw back!"

I think thats Wishful thinking as far as in the Real Franchise... But it cant be ruled out... if David has a sample of her DNA, he could CLONE her.. 

A more interesting way would be (how i would consider it) to have Noomi Rapace back, we see Dr Shaw on screen, we can WONDER HOW... but we then latter see Dr Shaw looks into a Mirror and the Reflection staring back is Daniels...

This Conflicts Dr Shaw, David will try and explain someway to make Dr Shaw believe its a Hallucination but latter something triggers Daniels Memories, and then we get the Reveal that David had Transferred Dr Shaws Dreams/Memories up to a certain point to Daniels Body.  And soon David is Rumbled...

Daniels is Conflicted now with having Multiple Personalities, her own and  some of Dr Shaws.. i think this would be a INTERESTING way to Proceed...

Then David could do to her what we have seen has happened to Dr Shaw in the Analects Series ;)


AdminEngineerJun-23-2019 6:48 PM

We're thrilled so many of you enjoyed the latest episode. We've got more on the way!

And yes, the Jockeys as superior species to the Engineers have been discussed at length on these forums for years now and its something most of us have wanted clarification on since Prometheus. We had to include this theory in this episode and Jason did a phenomenal job connecting the two visually.


MemberPraetorianJun-25-2019 2:32 AM

Jason Cardona & Chris have created this series especially for us, incorporating fan theories & ideas posted by our members. 

If you have enjoyed & appreciate this & would like to see more, why not consider supporting Jason through his PATREON page.

Even a small monthly sponsorship would be helpful! 


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