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Untitled Alien film finds its lead role in Cailee Spaeny!
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Production on Fede Alvarez's upcoming Alien movie is finally picking up some speed! According to a fresh report by Deadline, the new untitled Alien film has cast Cailee Spaeny as one of its lead characters! As per the report:

Momentum is revving up on 20th Century Studios new Alien movie as sources tell Deadline Cailee Spaeny is in talks to star. Fede Alvarez is directing with Scott Free producing.

20th Century had no comment.

Not much is known about the pic other than the iconic ferocious race of alien beings called Xenomorphs will be front and center again reigning terror against the humans that cross their paths. 20th Century and Scott Free made this a top priority after hearing Alvarez’s pitch and after a recent script was delivered, things only gained speed in getting this film in front of cameras by early 2023.

While execs are going through their process on other cast members, Spaeny has been the top choice for the lead role for some time following several meetings with producers and Alvarez.

The plan is for cameras to start rolling on the new Alien film early next year. As new details become available we'll keep you updated!


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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-11-17 08:26:38


MemberPraetorianNov-18-2022 7:04 AM

I hope its good and has zero connections to the marvel storyline


MemberNeomorphNov-19-2022 3:58 AM

Please get the human characters right, and no focus on androids. As long as they do this, I guess that it’ll be alright. To give us something about the Engineers in some way would be nice.


MemberChestbursterNov-20-2022 6:52 AM

I really hope that they will dress her up in similar way to Devs, meaning androginous to piss-off the anti-SJW crowd.


MemberDeaconNov-23-2022 7:22 AM

It will be Interesting to see the TIME-LINE of this Movie and IF it is Connected to the Upcoming TV Series. Not a LOT is known at Present but its LIKELY to Feature the Xenomorph more than in the Prequels.

We can ONLY go and Guess as to the Direction of this Movie but it seems Ridley Scott will be Connected with it and so WHO KNOWS what this will Bring. Will it be Connected to the Prequels or the Original Movies or the TV Series we just cant be SURE...

Perhaps the ONLY real Connecting Tissue will be the Xenomorph itself.

I am Concerned that UNDER the Ownership of DISNEY what we will get is like a Multi-verse... so that Each Part of the Franchise will be its OWN take on the Xenomorph and so its HISTORY will be Different with each Incarnation.

So it would be like the Christopher Nolan Batman movies vs the Tim Burton ones, where the ONLY like Connection is the Character.... Mainly Batman.


MemberPraetorianNov-23-2022 4:06 PM

so Alien might get the Godzilla treatment


MemberDeaconNov-24-2022 6:52 AM

Possibly only TIME will tell.

ORIGINALLY we had ALIEN and ALIENS then we began to see the Franchise Explored in other Media Forms.... where some of the Comics/Novels etc would Attempt to be Canon and Connect to ALIENS.  But with ALIEN 3 these would then Contradict the Movie Franchise and so are kind of like ALTERNATIVE STORIES.

Ridley Scott had intended the Prequels to be DIRECT CANON.... but they did-not go down with too Many and Contradicted what they Felt that ALIEN had shown and ALIENS to a Degree.

What we know about the TV Series is that it appears it would be CANON but i cant see how this CAN NOT just Conflict the Franchise.  (Xenomorphs on Earth like Nearly 25 Years before ALIEN!).

So i am NOT SURE as to HOW they are going to Explain that away..... if they INTEND the Events of the TV SERIES to Prequel the Movies and be Chronological Direct Canon.

Will the TV Series be as much Direct Canon to Alien as Aliens is? Who knows...

Regarding the MOVIE... we have NO INFORMATION at Present... only that Ridley Scott will be Involved and it looks like it does-not Directly Follow any Events of the Prequels or the Ripley Saga of Alien Movies.

The GALAXY is a BIG PLACE..... the ALIEN FRANCHISE as far as MOVIES has only Ventured within a 50LY Radius of Earth.... There could be other Xenomorphs out there beyond 500 LY, 1000 LY and if they SET IT say Between ALIEN 3 and ALIEN R then that leaves a LOT to Explore.... without Stepping on the TOES of the Franchise..... 

Which Puzzles me to WHY the TV Series will be SET on Earth between 2095-2100, it shows a Lack of Imagination and No Consideration for Canon.

But saying that.... Blomkamps Alien V would have brought back Ripley as a Sequel to ALIENS... where ALIEN 3 would NOT Exist......and even the Hill and Giler version of ALIEN V would have brought Ripley back... where ONE or MORE of the Movies would have been..... NIGHTMARES...

So it will be Interesting to see what the Fede Alvarez Idea is and if there is any Originality to it....... it does appear it would NOT be Connecting to Ripley tough which is Good News.

My concerns is i dont think there is a LOT of Miles with the ALIEN Gimmick.... you have to be Very Clever and Original otherwise you RUN the Risk of it getting STALE...  I FEAR that should the TV Series and Movie become a FLOP or Poor.... then its HOW can you Rescue the Franchise then?


MemberNeomorphNov-25-2022 4:54 AM

BD: I doesn't got to have the Xeno in it to be good. Focus on the story and human characters. They usually get the monsters and the look right, so I'm not worried about that. Hopefully we'll get some new monsters as a part of it.

As far as Ridley's involvement, that's where I'm worried that he will try to steer this into his android-verse. He already massed it up with the prequels and RBW. I hope that someone will tell him no, as far as affecting the story. Keep him with the art-department.

“Ridley Scott had intended the Prequels to be DIRECT CANON.…”

Fox and Scott messed it up, so I don't want them to be canon, but rather interesting failures. They can look back at them for interesting parts to have in future projects, but not be in the official alien time-line.

“ it looks like it does-not Directly Follow any Events of the Prequels or the Ripley Saga of Alien Movies.”

That's a good thing, there's time for something new. Just because they don't follow the prequels doesn't mean that they need to go back to what's 40 years old. Hopefully they'll add more things.

I wouldn't have liked Blompkamps thing or Giler and Hill’s stuff. They both ignored Alien 3, which I like. Maybe it would have been better than Alien 3, but I doubt it.

About the Alvarez-project, I hope that they take it as an opportunity to introduce new things. What they shouldn't do is to have lame human characters, an over-importance on androids, and keep it too familiar.

“My concerns is i dont think there is a LOT of Miles with the ALIEN Gimmick.... “

Have versions of it, but don't show them too much and let the focus be on other things. What would you like to see in the franchise to keep it alive? Do you mean the monster itself? The role it has?


MemberDeaconNov-25-2022 7:40 AM


In regards to the A.I Element i think that RS was looking to touch upon it in a Number of Ways, which would also INCLUDE the Consequences of Artificially Creating Life, which is NOT just limited to Synthetic/Robotic. It seems that Noah Hawley's show will involve the Creation of Augmented Humanoids so much more closer to Replicants, who then we shall see that ONE of these will have the CONSCIOUSNESS/SOUL of ONE of the Female Lead Characters.

But in Regards to the MOVIE... we just dont have any INFORMATION.... The ONLY thing we can Guarantee is it will have the XENOMORPH and i think it will be something SIMILAR or the SAME as we have seen in the Franchise.  And that it does-not Connect to the Prequels or Ripley....  which maybe means that the Events are NOT like Directly Connected.... so that the Prequels or other Movies would NOT go and Directly Connect to the NEW MOVIE....

This Does-Not mean that it would IGNORE the Prequels... or the Franchise, its going to be Interesting as to IF/HOW it would Connect to the TV Series as this seems a BIG CONFLICT.

Here is a WAY we can look at the Potential.

1) If the Movie will NOT have the Prequels (or TV show) as Canon, then we have the Avenue to ask the Following.

*Will the Movie Cover a Visit to LV-426 and the Derelict prior to ALIEN?

*What remains of the Derelict after ALIENS and prior to ALIEN Resurrection?

*Was the Derelict the ONLY such Ship with that Cargo, was there others and WHERE are they?

*Where did the Space Jockey Obtain the Xenomorph?

2) If we have the Prequels as Canon then it Opens up the Following as well as the above!

*What becomes of the remaining Xenomorph Eggs on Planet 4 after the Events of Alien Covenant?

*What becomes of those Face Huggers that David has on the Covenant Ship and WHAT would have Proceeded where he goes Next?

*What other Horrors are on LV-223?

*What other Worlds has the Pathogen been USED ON and what has become of these?

*What is the Basis of the Pathogen and its Origin.

I do think the Emphasis would be on the Xenomorph and NOT the other kinds of Horrors in regards to the Black Goo and Engineers.

My Money would be on either....

A) We will Explore another Place/World were there are other Xenomorphs either in a Time-Line before ALIEN or after ALIENS..... which will Conflict Alien Resurrection well Potentially.

B) We will go back to LV-426 either prior to ALIEN or after ALIENS...

C) The Events will Connect to HOW/WHERE we get the Xenomorph in the TV Series and will be SET like after the TV Series Time-Line.

Or Maybe...

D) Some kind of NEW and Unconnected Alternative Story/Plot or a Reboot of Sorts.


MemberDeaconNov-25-2022 7:55 AM

"What would you like to see in the franchise to keep it alive? Do you mean the monster itself? The role it has?"

Well it Depends on HOW and WHAT the Movie has for WHAT the Xenomorph is!

1) Some Engineered Organism by either David or the Engineers/Space Jockey or other Race.

2) Some Natural Organism that Exists in the Cosmos that the Engineers/Space Jockey had attempted to Re-Engineer and then David too.

3) Something that has a Viral Origin or where the Pathogen is shown to have come from and that its USE will always eventually lead to the Xenomorph.

From what we have seen so FAR in ALL the Movies which Includes the AVP ones, then i have to agree with Ridley Scotts Comment.... "there is only so much Chest Bursting and Snarling you can do"

We have a Organism that Procreates via the Stages we have seen and then it KILLS, which could be to PROCREATE its Species.....

But its then WHAT?  Do we Evolve it or Explore it to be able to Communicate? to Build Better Worlds and its own Bio-Ships? If this is done RIGHT then maybe it could work.... if its done Wrong we could have a Rubbish Merger of the BORG and the BUGS from Starship Troopers.

So i think that Ridley Scott was Correct in that you can ONLY do so much with the Xenomorph where you then have to look at WHO had Created them and WHY or for WHAT other kind of Purpose can you gain from them apart from having Deadly Killing Machines!

I think the Xenomorph has more of a Risk of being Over-saturated and Exposed.  And so while you can USE them, the Focus has to go towards WHO had Created them and WHY or WHY would someone want to Obtain them beyond using the Eggs to KILL OFF say a Target.

In HINDSIGHT the Prequels had Big Ideas that were too BOLD for the Fans and would have Lessened the Role of the Xenomorph.  The Xenomorph and LV-426 Origins including the Space Jockey should have remained a MYSTERY.

We should have gone to another World were there are Eggs... maybe this is WHAT the Movie would do... but again the Xenomorph can only be USED so much in the Capacity we have seen before it will get STALE... in my Opinion that is.


MemberPraetorianNov-26-2022 11:26 PM


I'm still trying to wrap my brain around an ALIEN movie that lacks Androids and Xenomorphs. You know two aspects that make an ALIEN movie an ALIEN movie!

What could possibly replace the xenomorphs? The Neomorph and Deacon are more or less xenomorph relatives and thus follows all of the xenomorph tropes being eyeless parasitoids with an additional set of jaws. So the Prequel creatures are technically NOT new monsters but simply a variation of a classic beast.

Its no different from the Godzilla movies where Godzilla is basically the same monster with a new paint job. So tell me who could possible replace the xenomorphs?


MemberPraetorianNov-26-2022 11:50 PM


What about in-between ALIEN and ALIENS? I mean it could be a self contain stand-alone movie or possibly a trilogy. Why didn't the company try their luck on LV-426 when Ripley was asleep for 57 years


MemberNeomorphNov-27-2022 7:10 AM


Well, reduce the role of the androids (not get rid of them totally). As far as the Xenos are concerned, try to add things to their family-tree. They don't need to be Xenos, but maybe (and hopefully) far related relatives. Let's take birds, there are different kinds of birds (you can take dogs as an example too) so why can't the same be used for the Xeno-family? I would rather see something new, or a new variation of something, than the same thing over and over again.


MemberNeomorphNov-27-2022 7:19 AM

BD: OK, so artificially created humans, seems a bit too much like RBW for me. Maybe it just ignites my dislike of that series if they will try something similar, and therefore throw crap on the alien-franchise. Perhaps if they'll get enough of the characters right and keep the alien-ness of it, that might work but I’m afraid that it’ll be too much like Blade Runner. Honestly I'm more worried than excited, especially with Scott in it.

I don't think that a spin-off series would be bad because it gives you more free space so to speak, and not be tied to what came before. Try new things and see how it goes. My interest is bigger towards that, than if they would announce a third prequel.

You mention in 1) a number of questions. I’m not sure if those need to be answered, not that they are dumb questions, but because there need to be some mystery in the franchise. Without some mystery, the fun is gone. One of the fun things is to imagine what could have been. A lot of the times your own answers are better than what the movie gives (prequels is an example). Maybe some of them can be answered, but then you got to come up with new mysteries that are smart, interesting, and that make sense. The pathogen is a fascinating thing that was introduced, but I think that they should leave it alone, no answers given. Sometimes I wonder about its origins, how it works, what it could create and so on, but I really don’t need that to be answered because it gives you less to think about

“D) Some kind of NEW and Unconnected Alternative Story/Plot or a Reboot of Sorts.”

Of all the alternatives, this seems the most interesting to me. If you try to come up with new things, you expand the franchise and keep it alive. Try to avoid the same old, been there done that sort of.

“1) Some Engineered Organism by either David or the Engineers/Space Jockey or other Race.
2) Some Natural Organism that Exists in the Cosmos that the Engineers/Space Jockey had attempted to Re-Engineer and then David too.
3) Something that has a Viral Origin or where the Pathogen is shown to have come from and that its USE will always eventually lead to the Xenomorph.”

The only alternative that I dislike of those is that it's something that David has got to do with. It makes it too close to human activity. Don't let humans directly or indirectly be responsible for the Xeno. Alien Covenant sort of did this, and that was one of the most disappointing things in the franchise to me.

Scott was alright for saying that you got to come in with new things, unfortunately he decided to replace the monsters with android-babbling which was very disappointing.

“the Prequels had Big Ideas that were too BOLD for the Fans”

I don't think that the ideas is what the fans were against, for me at least. When you say that it, reads to me that the audience weren't smart enough. Just because you like a movie doesn't make you a professor. Obviously, I'm not aiming this at you personally, but it annoys me if someone would have that attitude just because they like a movie. My dislike was that there were too few characters to care for, and that it became about the androids.


MemberPraetorianNov-27-2022 12:21 PM

With all due respect, the dog analogy kind of contradicts your statement for a new beast because the xenomorphs operate on the different dog breed analogy. Hear me out.

With xenomorphs, you various different breeds like dogs and cats. Larval stages aside: You got Drones, Runners, Warriors, Crushers, Spitters, Preatorians, Queens, Empress, Queen-mother, Ravagers, Prowlers, Bursters (Not to be confused with chestbursters), Flying Queens, Flying warriors, Dragons, Carriers, Boilers, Palatine, Snake-Aliens, Boar-Aliens, Bull-Aliens, Scorpion-Aliens, Mantis-Aliens, clawed xenomorphs, Ultramorph/Jockey-Aliens, etc.

The xenomorph relatives are less like different species of bird and more like different species of ant. To me the xenomorph, neomorph, and the deacons have more similarities than differences much like ants. The xenomorph is like the common variety ant like the Black Garden Ant, the neomorph are more like Pharaoh Ants, and the Deacons are like Trap-Jaw Ants


MemberDeaconNov-28-2022 7:13 AM

"What about in-between ALIEN and ALIENS?"

Yeah thats a OPTION.... I have spoken about this before Years ago on here ;)

The Basis of that Discussion was the Entrance the Jordans had Entered, it was a Hole in the HULL of the Derelict that seemed to me a LIKELY kind of Explosion.  From the overall way that the Damage had looked and so this did LEAD to us to Speculate if someone had been back between ALIEN and ALIENS.

Regarding the ASPECTS that make ALIEN what it is... i know you have said on a Number of Occasions that NO XENOMOPRH is like having Godzilla Movies without GODZILLA.... i can see your Point as YES for MANY of the Fans the Xenomorph is Synonymous with the Franchise.

With ALIEN it was about the ALIEN... with ALIENS we had more than ONE of them, but this is when they was Called the Xenomorph... ALIEN 3 was about the ALIEN again and Alien Resurrection... they Resurrected them... plus Ripley who is the other thing that was Synonymous with ALIEN.

To me you DONT  have to have Ripley for a ALIEN MOVIE.... but i agree a ALIEN MOVIE that has NO XENOMORPH for most Fans would just NOT be a ALIEN MOVIE.

Prometheus was a Connecting Movie that would be Loosely Connected but it was NOT intended to be a Direct Connection to the First Movie, it had NO ALIEN as per Xenomorph.... but Hence the TITLE not being ALIEN... Originally the Prequel had a ALIEN Prefix with Alien Engineers and this did have the Xenomorph in it.  And Alien Covenant likewise had the Xenomorph and so YES if you do a Movie without the Xenomorph then its going to have some Fans Question as to WHY if there are NO Xenomorphs.

But i guess as LONG as you offer something that has a Connection/Root to the Xenomorphs or a Variation of them as LONG as its NOT like too FAR removed from the Original Forms we saw in the First 4 Movies then i think we can still call it a ALIEN MOVIE.  The thing is that Prometheus had done this but in a Subtle Manner where the Clues/Connection was too Vague and NOT like Spoon Fed and the Monsters were NOT that Aesthetically close, compared to say the Neomorph.

With Regards to Thoughts_Dreams comments about Birds... its kind of a Valid Point... with yours regarding the Variants of MANY these are Comic/Video Game versions for the Most Part.  some of which i think make NO SENSE to a Degree... because we seem to LOOK BEYOND the Basics.

(1) If the Xenomorph in its PURE FORM is those Eggs, then the Face Huggers will Infect a Host and we get our Xenomorph.... the HOST will Determine what the Xenomorph may look like as the Parasite uses some of the HOSTS DNA to HELP it be suited to its Environment. The Limitation here is the Parasite is Limited to WHAT it can Infect.... so anything Smaller than say a Guinea Pig i would Assume would Yield NO Results.  And it would seem Unlikely that a Infected Guinea Pig will Produce a Xenomorph-Form thats Larger than a Dog.

(2) If we look at the Pathogen or Spore method... or indeed the somewhat New Canon that the Face Hugger simply Injects Spores not a Embryo... then Infecting something Smaller could Potentially Occur... but again if this Infected a Insect or Spider then its a Question of HOW LARGE would this Grow?

HOWEVER.... if we look at the Parasite as something that Evolves to its Environment or to IMPROVE itself.... then Evolving/Developing some Traits to AID its ability to Procreate and Survive cant be RULED OUT.  And so to Develop say WINGS or to Develop like a Mantis Forelegs (Raptorial Legs) is something that cant be Ruled out....

As FAR as them having Naturally Different Species... i dont think we can PUT them in the Class like a Dog or a Bird or a ANT but something more Varied and Broader... and so like how a Ant and Wasp are from the Hymenoptera Order then i think YES maybe we could Explore the Xenomorph like this.

Regarding the Comparison of a Xenomorph vs Neomorph as in Comparing Variants of Ants i am not sure that Quite Works like this, as the Neomorph came from the Pathogen.... which Evolves things a bit Different but there is a CONNECTION.... just maybe something we cant Compare to a Natural Evolution like with Insects...  but as Potentially all these ALIENS are Connected to the Pathogen, combined with a Natural Fast Evolution then there are MANY Possibilities regarding Organisms that have a Common Ancestor of which the Pathogen is a PART of.


MemberDeaconNov-28-2022 7:48 AM

"When you say that it, reads to me that the audience weren't smart enough"

It could come across as that so maybe its the WRONG choice of Words by me.

What i mean is that ALIEN and the Franchise had a more SIMPLE BASE, the Monster was SIMPLE to a Degree, its Story was a Mystery... The Prequels had began to give Clues but these were NOT like Simple.... trying to Figure Out what the Connection was is something thats not Simple and requires too much Debate which maybe for some Fans is just STRAYING AWAY from the Simplicity of the Xenomorph as seen in ALIEN/ALIENS.

Trying to Over-complicate the Origins maybe is something that will DRIVE AWAY from using the Xenomorph in its more Simple Form that Worked.

When i talk about the BIG and BOLD Plot i am talking about the Creation Arc, the Mutiple Layers of this and Reasons for doing this (Sub-Create) and the Hubris in doing this Especially if you Creates something Dangerous that is HARD to Control or Contain.. but more so something that can become SENTIENT.

I was talking about HOW some of these IDEAS would have gone on to Cover things that are NOT like Connected to a Egg, Face Hugger to Monster that KILLS... but to look at Reasons behind NOT just it, but more so Broader Creation something that would have Covered more about Creator/Creation and the MANY WAYS this could be Explored and NOT about the Xenomorph or Similar.

These Ideas where BIGGER and more BOLDER than the Concept that Revolves around our ALIEN in ALIEN and ALIENS when we look at the Life Cycle and its Consequences. With Ridley Scott he Felt we had seen ENOUGH of the Beast and ONCE you had shown HOW/WHEN it was Created its WHATS THEN?

He Felt that asking the WHO and WHY as in the Creation of the Xenomorph was more Important than the Xenomorph, and that ONCE you Answer this its then WHAT DROVE them to this... and WHAT ELSE have they or Could they Create and on Multiple Layers... which would STEER AWAY from the ALIEN from the Franchise.

A Bold Way to Expand the Franchise to Explore Aspects that are AWAY from our Chest Bursting Fiend.... a Bold Plot that a SINGLE 2 HOUR MOVIE is NOT enough to Cover.... 

But these Ideas would have taken us to something that would be a SPIN OFF that is NOT going to Center Around the Xenomorph and become something of a Distraction and so something a LOT of the FANS would maybe NOT be interested as it STEERS away from the CORE ASPECT of the Xenomorph.... so its a Case of the Direction and Outcome may have been something that would NOT be the Majority of Fans like CUP OF TEA.... rather than being too Complex for the Fans as in they are STUPID...

So im not trying to say the Fans are NOT like Clever enough, i am saying that the Ideas of RS and the Prequels would Deter from the CORE of the ACTION of the Franchise that MOST of the Fanbase seem to Prefer.

Thats not to say there is just ONE KIND of Fan, with Each Movie there was a New Breed of Fan or they gave Older Fans something they either LIKED or Disliked.... sometimes this Changes a Little with Generation..... but even before those who were Born after the MID-90S then in General the TAKE by ALIENS is what is the more Preferred Incarnation of ALIEN MOVIE.

And so the Direction that RS may have gone would LIKELY had been something that this Majority may NOT have enjoyed, Especially if as it Expanded the ROLE of the Xenomorph became LESS than a Footnote....

But to be Fair to him his Intentions was to give us a NEW FRANCHISE thats in the Same Universe that would EXPLORE who the Space Jockey was (And Creation and Quest for Immortality) and STEER away from the Xenomorph he was NOT trying to CHANGE the ALIEN CORE as in Xenomorph, he had intended to leave this to Mystery of Sorts.

Unfortunately Prometheus just was NOT enough of a Connection to ALIEN for some and for WHAT the Studio then Felt they should have gave more about the Xenomorph... but YES the Movie had its other Failings even if we LOOK at it as a Stand Alone.

And so going back to the TOPIC of a NEW MOVIE... i think its back to the CORE, but then i think its a case of HOW MUCH can you do about the Xenomorph?  But there will always be the Fan Base that are more into the Comics, Video Games, ALIENS and the Action... and this kind of Action and Sticking to the CORE is what Draws the MARVEL Fanbase....

I think RS ideas for Prometheus should have been to GIVE us something thats NOT set in the ALIEN Universe.....  

*Different Company Name and Owner.

*Engineers who do-not have as much of that Space Jockey/Derelict Aesthetic.

*ALIEN World Location FAR away and not LV* Prefix.

Maybe this could then had been its OWN kind of Stand Alone Franchise... but it still had Flaws... but it has HUGE SCOPE and Potential.... Dragged Down by the Shackles to ALIEN.

PS... thats not me saying i Dislike the ALIEN Franchise... ALIEN is a Great Film, and ALIENS is a Good Film.. the Rest are SO SO..   with Prometheus it was a Great Idea... the Execution a bit off and too SHORT... but Main Failings was Character Depth.  But Alien R, AVP, AVPR and well most the Predator Franchise has the same Problem....  the First Movie and PREY being the Exception.


MemberPraetorianNov-29-2022 10:06 PM

Well the majority of the comics were written by Dark Horse Comics, a better comic book company than uninspired Marvel Comics


MemberDeaconNov-30-2022 8:14 AM

I think something to take into Consideration with COMICS... is they are released more Frequent and in Greater number than the Movies. And with the Comics instead of Churning out the SAME kind of Xenomorph they do Time to Time try and Change it a BIT so that those who Read them are NOT going to be Dealing with the same THING each time.  So you then get sometimes things that are for the WOW or COOL Factor.....

I think you can Experiment and get away with such Changes with Comics, and the Comics can kind of be their OWN like Alternative Stories that the Events do-not always have a Direct Connection or Effect on each other.  Something you DONT really get to DO with the Movies.

Some Fans would Welcome certain Variants of Xenomorph, for me i try to think about how Plausible such Changes are than to MERELY throw them out for the COOL FACTOR....   There was some Concepts for some ALIEN V Projects that seemed OK and some were just a BIT ODD.... unless the Explanation for then are Mutations.... and well if this Red Harvest Concept was to deal with going back to the Derelict after the Destruction of Hadleys Hope and the Eggs had became Contaminated with Radiation then YEAH i guess the Mutations would make Sense. As with Alien Resurrection we saw the Various Mutated Ripleys and i think as these were Attempts at trying to Separate Xeno DNA and Human then some Mutations would occur.

I think some Different Xenomorphs depending on WHAT they are Merged with so if the Company has DNA of the Xenomorph and are Attempting to Cross-Hybrid with other Species then i think YEAH we could get Variants like that.

We can ASSUME that the Xenomorph will Change its Form depending on the HOST we have NOT explored this in Depth in the Movie Franchise.... only with the Runner from Alien 3 and so we can Assume that a Xeno-Embryo/Spores that Infect a Shark would Produce something that is Aquatic and Xeno-like... or a Horse we would get something like the Runner but maybe Larger? (but the Alternative Origin of the Runner was a Larger Cattle).

I just think you have to be Careful of doing things too much COMIC BOOK just for a COOL FACTOR... in Terms of ON-SCREEN.

With a Movie its a Case of WHAT do we do that we have NOT really done before?

We have NOT gone to a Xeno-Homeworld or a World that has been OVERRUN with them where we would see Hundreds of them...but this is where you have to be Careful.... it would be STUPID to show Humans going down to a World full of Thousands of Eggs if they KNEW what was in you would have to have the Explorers not have any Idea of what is DOWN their Until its Too-Late so things would have to be LESS OBVIOUS... as FAR as seeing Xenomorphs and Strange things before a Exploration Mission has Explored the World and become Stranded.

We have NOT seen the Xenomorphs on Earth which i think in doing so could be RISKY.... Unless its on a Research Outpost on some Island or Very Remote Location... but the TV Show seems to be bringing them into a City Type Environment and so i think thats a BIG RISK..... apart from some Fans who may LOVE such a Idea of Xenomorphs running Rampant around Cities... which would be NOT so BAD if it was NOT to be SET like 25 Years before ALIEN.

With Comics and Video Games and Novels you have more Freedom to take Risks and be Adventurous without as much Consequences if the Product becomes something that is NOT too GOOD.... with the TV Series and more so MOVIES then it becomes something more Risky.

Maybe sticking to the BASICS/CORE is more Less Risky...... but its  a case of can we Basically see another Aliens/Alien R type Movie over and over.. (not saying Aliens is Bad... Aliens was HOW to do a Good Action... but to PULL IT OFF say over and over is a BIG ASK).

The Xenomorph is a NASTY and Deadly Killing Machine... but its something maybe just as if NOT more so Limited than a Terminator which is another Deadly Killing Machine.... its can you have 3 Movies about the Xeno or 3 TV Seasons about them as in SHOWN in the way we have seen so FAR...

Which would be Similar to say if Scientist had Created a 8ft Wasp, Bee or Ant etc. By that their AIM is to Procreate and Survive and with the Xenomorph they require a HOST to do so and so this does make them more Interesting and Horrific than Giant Ants.... but there would be ONLY so much Egg Laying, Face Hugging, Chest Bursting.... Host Collecting and Killing that you can keep showing (in my Opinion anyway).

Ridley Scott had taken a U-Turn of Sorts on the Xenomorph from that it was COOKED... the Last Thing he had to say about them is you can go a FEW more Rounds with them.... but you have to EVOLVE them and look at ALTERNATIVE ways of Procreation.

Natural Evolution? Or a Engineered/Interfered One?

I think we should be looking at WHAT is there to GAIN from the Xenomorph?

Why NOT go and USE like Synthetics... or Create like Terminator Robots for Military Purposes?  In case they REBEL?

The Xenomorphs are HARD to Control.... they become a Invasive Pest if they are NOT kept in Check and HOW can you do this?   Maybe by Implanting some Device that can Control them or has a KILL SWITCH? It seems some of Blomkamps Alien V ideas had this.

For me though the Xenomorph has NOT a lot of USE for Military Application.... not VS the Risk.... so we have to look at WHAT ELSE is to be Gained!

And to me then RIPLEY 8 has to be the Biggest Benefit and END GAME.



MemberPraetorianNov-30-2022 12:08 PM

This is why I like the Dark Horse Alien Comics

The xenomorphs being on earth was set after ALIENS, Earth War trilogy (Outbreak, Nightmare Asylum, and Female War) was set in 2192-2195 range. They also tempted to weaponize the xenomorphs through conditioning the queen but it failed spectacularly in Nightmare Asylum.

Later on the Corporations (Weyland-Yutani included) experimented with hybridization roughly around the same time they were making xenomorph-synthetics 

The Dark Horse Comics were all part of the same continuity until Fire and Stone reboot then later Marvel Alien comics;


MemberChestbursterDec-01-2022 10:40 AM

“Please get the human characters right, and no focus on androids. As long as they do this, I guess that it’ll be alright”.

I couldn’t agree more. With Prometheus and Alien Covenant the focus wasn’t on the engineers (or convincing human behaviour) but on feelings, identity and existential questions set in space (the latest trend in sci-fi-cry movies) even from an android’s perspective who just turned out to be yet another good ‘ol cliche evil scientist type in the end anyway. 

Do the characters right. Establish who they are, their background and their professional role. How would they act realistically in different scenarios? Don’t give them stupid dialogue and if something is introduced as an important, perhaps even central plot element (engineers) follow it through and wrap it up smoothly instead of abandoning it, or don’t introduce it at all in the first place. Try to tell a coherent story, keep the audience guessing at times but don’t let the latter replace the storytelling completely to the point where almost nothing makes any sense. 

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