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Unseen Alien 5 concept art reveals new clues to its secretive plot!
Scified2021-06-01 06:29:02
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A few pieces of previously unseen concept art for Neill Blompkamp's Alien 5 movie has been discovered and reveal new clues to the film's secretive plot!

Created by concept artist Geoffrey Thoorens, whose work we've highlighted years ago, the following pieces of Alien 5 concept art slipped below everyone's radar for the last few years! What's interesting is the filenames for each image give us some clues as to the characters which would have been involved in Neill Blompkamp's Aliens sequel, check it all out below!

Science V2

This image we can assume involved Ripley traversing through a submerged science wing of the Weyland-Yutani outpost:

Alien 5 Mercs

Titled Alien 5 Mercs, this one is fairly self explanatory - Mercenaries, likely not linked to Weyland-Yutani but instead sent from another organization. Possibly to shut the Weyland-Yutani operation down and destroy any Engineer / Xenomorph evidence. Or steal it for a competing corporation.


This one we assume is the name of one of the characters, Killson. However the next image after this one makes us think this is not a name of the character, but instead a reference to a scene which would have been in Alien 5 titled "Kill Son" - perhaps a reference to Kane's Son from Ridley Scott's original? If so, this would be the setup for an Android vs. Xenomorph hunt.

New Android - Jax

The reason we believe the above image is in reference to a scene and not a character is because this following image titled Jax references the name of the film's would-be new Android unit. His name would have been Jax and we can see Ripley inspecting the Android in the following art. We know Ripley had an aversion to Androids in the beginning but eventually warmed up to Bishop in Aliens. Her demeanor in this artwork suggest she is cautiously curious about this new Android model...

There are many unknowns regarding the official plot for Blompkamp's Alien 5 still and hopefully we get to learn more about the shelved project soon. But in the meantime, these pieces of artwork will help paint us a vague picture of what would have become of the fifth Alien movie.

What do you think? Sound off below and let us know!

Source (Thanks to AvPGalaxy for the heads up!)

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-06-01 06:29:02

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2 Fan responses to Unseen Alien 5 concept art reveals new clues to its secretive plot!


XenomorphMember1330 XPJun-01-2021 9:18 AM

If this is the art they showed Fox/Disney? Then I can see why the passed on it.

Doesn't inspire much.

Still want to know more about Alien 5....but....A basic plot outline or a summary would be better than any art.


DeaconMember10416 XPJun-01-2021 7:52 PM

Its Difficult to draw any Conclusions really, its interesting to see some more Discovered Concepts.

What we know about ALIEN V is that it was to be set 20 Years or so after ALIENS and would essentially be that ALIEN 3 and ALIEN R had NEVER Happened.

It looks like another Asian Company has recovered the Derelict in some Facility/Outpost. It seemed that this Company had attempted to Engineer the Xenomorphs but they also had a ALIENS QUEEN.

Ripley and Hicks would return and Witness the Experiments and some Horrors as a Xenomorph Outbreak had Occurred and Ripley and Hicks are going to TRY and PUT a STOP to it all.

These NEW Concepts seem to indicate that the Outpost does suffer a OUTBREAK as we see Xenomorph Resign all over the Place and what is either a LAKE or a FLOOD.

We have a New Android but is this GUY one of the Good Guys?  He seems to ATTACK either a Military Personnel to the Company who has OBTAINED the Xenomorph on one of the other MERC TEAMS

This MERC TEAM actual Alliance and Agenda is HARD to work out from this Concept Art.

The Idea also seemed to indicate we would see a Adult Newt at some point.

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