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New Alien: Covenant photo teases more Alien-induced bloodshed
Scified2017-01-12 16:34:29
Written by Chris22,040 Reads20 Comments2017-01-12 16:34:29

A new Alien: Covenant photo has been shared to Twitter recently by one of Covenant's actors, Uli Latukefu. We still don't know who Uli plays in Covenant, but judging by the following image, we can assume his character does not have a very happy ending. Of course, the blood on the jacket may not be his own and could merely be splatter from the death of another character. For that reason, I've left out a spoiler warning for this post, because we simply do not know who's blood it is. One thing is for certain, there will be plenty of bloodshed and plenty of gruesome Alien births in Alien: Covenant...

Source: Twitter. Thanks to AvPGalaxy for the tip!

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MemberNeomorphJan-12-2017 4:45 PM

I wonder how much of a role the Yutani Corporation will play in the events of ALIEN: COVENANT.


MemberFacehuggerJan-12-2017 5:31 PM


Please though, let's not have a debate about who's arm is inside that jacket!!!!!!


MemberDeaconJan-12-2017 5:56 PM

Nice find....

Yes he is a member of the Drop Ship Party as seen in the Trailer, he has a beard and here he is in this image i done for ya.

As for his fate.... no Spoilers.. but i have worked out a timeline of events, and well he is around just before and after the Drop Ship Blows up.

David 7

MemberFacehuggerJan-12-2017 6:04 PM

It's a good metaphor for Weyland Yutani...they will always have blood on their hands. 


MemberChestbursterJan-13-2017 3:53 AM

Good parable David007 

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerJan-13-2017 4:47 AM

BigDave, can you be a bro and send me that timeline of events? 


Neomorph, I just cannot get over how wicked your profile pic is XD! Wouldn't it be awkward if they didn't end up looking like that at all? Anyway, still waiting for a poster like the one we got but with a Neomorph head instead 


MemberChestbursterJan-13-2017 5:39 AM

@A L I E N 4 2 6

I know :D I'm not concerned whether it appears in the film or not as it's probably one of many production props or masks for AC, another being my previous profile pic with the"damaged" version with visible teeth. They could be prototypes, or the real deal. 

Shasta cyclone

MemberFacehuggerJan-13-2017 5:45 AM

weyland corporation bought yutani corperation so I think its just a name recognition

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphJan-13-2017 5:56 AM

@Neomorph Thats something that I edited from the original leaked photo of the Neomorph head that has teeth.I removed the teeth because I felt it looked like a zombie,removed megaphone icons and removed the background.

I uploaded it on my deviantart.The current one you have now is the updated version of my first edit that I didn't submit on my deviantart for some unknown reasons,but I did show it HERE.

Still,I love seeing people using/discussing about my edits.It makes me happy.


MemberChestbursterJan-13-2017 8:17 AM

@Dark Nebula

Awesome! I'd did say "probably" and "could be prototypes" as I didn't know.

I hope it's OK if I use it because both me and A L I E N 4 2 6 find it cool as f*** and I'll gladly refer to this being your work if more people mention it.

It does look better and more pure than the original dawn of the dead neo imo, and a given picture to my username without a doubt.


MemberXenomorphJan-13-2017 8:38 AM

Maybe they found a strawberry plant on the new world and accidentally spilled some of it's crushed juice on their hat??

I'm not convinced it's blood.






MemberChestbursterJan-13-2017 8:42 AM

It could be ketchup from McDonalds as turbulence struck the ship during atmospheric entry and the guy or girl was eating while it happened. 

elder pred

MemberOvomorphJan-13-2017 8:48 AM

Another typically  british sarcastic pic aimed at  everyone  that critised Prometheus  to quote slayer it. Will rain blood


MemberFacehuggerJan-13-2017 12:05 PM

Yeah, that patch is totally an Ark of the Covenant reference. That's how the Angel figures on top were supposed to be positioned. 


MemberOvomorphJan-13-2017 2:46 PM

This is not actually blood from the movie but is actually Danny McBride's jump suit after eating a jelly donut while piloting the ship.


MemberOvomorphJan-13-2017 7:49 PM

I am as excited as the next guy to see this movie,  but I feel like they are putting to much emphasis on letting everyone know it's going to be rated R.  From this photo to the trailer,  blood, blood, blood. Please just have a solid story, and the blood will come,  lol. 

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerJan-13-2017 8:21 PM

I agree with Neomorph. I think it looks so cool!! If I had any photoshop skills, I'd photoshop THAT head in place of the Protomorph on the poster! 


MemberOvomorphJan-14-2017 6:36 AM

at the left edge of the picture likes like there is some damage in the area between the shoulder and neck, yeah cant say that ended well.


MemberPraetorianJan-15-2017 6:40 PM

I'm wearing a rain coat when i go to theaters to see this! ;)


MemberDeaconJan-15-2017 7:12 PM

@A L I E N 4 2 6

Been busy but i will edit my Trailer Analysis Topic and use it to discus things so as to not spoil things.....  you may think whats the harm because its in the trailer.

But in 2012 when some of us Analyzed the Prometheus Trailers in detail we cane across Spoilers... as one of the latter ones... had a brief shot of the Engineer looking up at the rising Pilot Chair and those with keen eye... could spot for a split second on the floor was a Blonde Head.... Which potentially then let us know that someones head comes off and following from Alien it could had been Davids.... which latter proved to be correct.

I have figured out a rough timeline, as far as Trailer goes.. my thread details it a bit...

But i will roughly cover the one element relating to Uli Latukefu

I wont go into detail here.. in case of spoilers...

But looking at the cast, the likely who dies here and there.... this shot and the close up that happens after (shows us TWO Persons)

Person 1 has only really One Option if you study the trailer, and fits in with who is on the Drop Ship in relation as far as adding to the Character in this shots dread and horror.

Person 2 can only fit 3 cast members... but study of the trailer prior the back back rules one out.. and maybe the other.. unless this person can run with such weight..... so one left option is maybe Uli Latukefu

But my Analysis is based on Ridley Scott making no mistakes as far as Wardrobe Malfunctions and this Drop Ship is the same one as the landing sequence where we see 7 people coming out.

I dont think its a spoiler to mention Person 2 is likely to be... but Person One does open up a whole dimension to the time line of events...

But i would rather discus it on my thread or the 4chan leaks one, so as no potential spoilers... as when i have more time i will cover the trailer in even more depth as it uncovers a lot of clues... that people would miss...

Spoiler ish Example.... its unlikely the Dog Tag is Shaws.. i would bet with 95% Certainty its not a Prometheus crew Dog Tag.

But again i plan to discus this in the other Tread, as when i cover it in detail it potentially links to a few other shots.. that gives us a spoilery time line..

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