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Marvel announce title for new Alien comic where Xenomorphs hold the key to Humanity's future!
Scified2022-05-28 06:59:37
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Marvel have officially announced the title for their new upcoming Alien comic we previously reported on last week! Titled Alien: Icarus, the new comic synopsis is posted below, mentioning that the Xenomorph somehow holds the key to Humanity's future. The series touts new revelations and insights into the Alien mythos.  Check it out:

The series kicks off a chapter called ALIEN: ICARUS, which heightens the action in a similar way to how James Cameron’s 1986 Aliens did after the original film,” he continued. “In ALIEN: ICARUS, readers will meet the legendary Synthetic Special Operations Team, led by one of my favorite original Alien characters so far: an unstoppable synthetic named Freyja.”


“When disaster strikes a crucial United Systems planet, the entire human population of the system relies on Steel Team finding the long-deserted Weyland-Yutani Research and Development outpost on Tobler-9, one of the most hostile environments in the known universe. Steel Team’s the most bad-ass strike team in military history, and they’ve never met an organic life form that offered them the slightest threat…but they don’t know what’s waiting for them on Tobler-9,” he explained.

Alien: Icraus (ALIEN #1) arrives on comicbook shelves and online retailers August 10th!

For digital comics, all purchases in the Marvel Comics app can be read on iPhone®, iPad® and select Android™ devices! Our smart-paneling feature provides an intuitive reader experience, ideal for all types of mobile device and tablet users! Download the app on iOS and Android now!



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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-05-28 06:59:37

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MemberPraetorianMay-28-2022 5:44 PM

an all synthetic marine squad... talk about no horror nor tension.


AdminPraetorianJun-01-2022 11:48 PM

Sounds a bit like the first Alien comic from '87, with Hicks and Newt. They had an all synth marine squad in that as well. Newt and Hick's names were changed to Wilks and Billie after Alien 3 came out...


MemberPraetorianJun-02-2022 4:31 AM

Yeah but not all the marines were synthetics though, Hicks and some of the ground forces marines were human IIRC since the xenomorphs took some of them back to the nest.


MemberNeomorphJun-13-2022 12:04 PM

Will there be humans that play an important role in it or will it just be synthetics? If it will just be synths versus aliens then no tanks.


MemberOvomorphJul-25-2022 2:43 AM
this is so epic .... but so secondary. I hope they manage to film it well.


MemberPraetorianJul-27-2022 4:56 AM

Here's a recommendation, read the original ALIEN/ALIENS Dark Horse Comics. You'll thank me later

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