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Katherine Waterston Cast as Lead in Alien: Covenant ! Minor Character Details Revealed.

Katherine Waterston Cast as Lead in Alien: Covenant ! Minor Character Details Revealed.

Scified2015-12-17 19:07:55
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Breaking news! Co-star of last year's movie Inherent ViceKatherine Waterston has been cast as the lead in Ridley Scott's highly anticipated Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant! Not only that, but her character's name has also been revealed as Daniels.

Early interviews with Scott about Covenant also revealed that the film will have some reference to Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley from Alien. Could Waterson's character be connected in some way? 

As more details on Alien: Covenant are released, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

Source: Deadline


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Written by ChrisPublished on 2015-12-17 19:07:55

The future of Alien

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7 Fan responses to Katherine Waterston Cast as Lead in Alien: Covenant ! Minor Character Details Revealed.


XenomorphMember1310 XPDec-19-2015 7:18 AM

Her bio says she's 5'11''.....Ripley/Sigourny is 6'0'.......Daniels might be Ripleys mother? Sister? or just a tall actress.



DeaconMember10358 XPDec-21-2015 4:25 PM

Yes there about the same height... about half a inch in it..... Ridley said there is a connection but he does not want to spoil it......   I really hope its not as clear cut as a direct relation and i hope its not a Mother because well it would throw the Timeline off and leave LOOP/PLOT HOLES GALORE!

Unless we talking Back to Future Time Travel.....

I still hope that covenant is set in the future.... thats my hunch and after Aliens, but with a name of Daniels she cant surely play Ripleys Daughter... or can she...?  Do we know if Ripleys Birth Name is Ripley? or her Married name?

Katherine Waterston is 35... Alien was set in the year 2122 with Ripleys being Born in 2092 which means if Covenant is set after Prometheus in 2094 then yes she could play the role as a Mother... either being in 30's after the events of Prometheus or older if its set after the events... she could pass for upto 45 years old and this set in the year 2104...  or even could be set around Prometheus but would Ripleys mother leave Ripley on such a mission aged just 2?

We dont know what the connection would be but as FOX and Ridley seem to have little Clue with the franchise than to just basically go back to the MONEY and make every movie about Ripley and the Xeno as a U-Turn then it would be safe to assume some Genetic Connection and the Height similarities are more than coinsidence...

Thus its likely that Ripley and Daniels are related as some kind of Mother/Daughter or vice versa... or Auntie and Niece or Vice Versa role.


XenomorphMember1310 XPDec-21-2015 5:05 PM

Alien:Covenant set in the future would be great! A brand new playing field. Start from scratch without having to fill backstory.....Find David who has been stranded for 50+ years("Time has no meaning to me") add some new monsters and create Alien II.


OvomorphMember4 XPDec-22-2015 9:11 AM
IKdgS6Et.gif dK81Wisx.gif
Paul Thomas Anderson (IV/DIR) on Stanley Kubrick:
We're all children of Kubrick (aka The Big Daddy), aren't we?
vH0uAzUN.gif 15czbOZ1.gif 

Bonus links:

Life's Good
Oscar Runner
She Went All Groovy On Us
All You Can Eat Noodle n' Sushi Fest



DeaconMember10358 XPDec-22-2015 2:13 PM

Yes MonsterZero

This is what i think we shall see, its what has to make sense and not leave any holes as such...

Ridleys Alien Prequel was intended to be about the Space Jockey more than anything else, while show us a connection between the Space Jockey and Xenos... they choosed to not show the Space Jockey Story but to expand upon and show us what Race the Space Jockeys, where and how this Race is connected to the Xenomorph, they added a whole background about these Engineers not only having something to do with the Xenomorph but also the creation of Mankind, and what else have they created...  This was chosen as the basis for Lindeloffs re-write where they fleshed this out and cut down on Xeno DNA.

I think this is the story Ridley wants to tell, and cant see him abandon this in favour of a Xeno Movie.... Prometheus 2 was set up to explore the Engineers and who created them and what role the Engineers and Mankind played within the whole Agenda.  I hope and dont think they are dropping this...

So that raises the Question....  are we going to be shown a Colony Ship the Covenant end up comming in after David and Shaw and we dont see David and Shaws journey but are taken to just finding the Covenant arrive and find a David, in a World that was supposed to be Paradise but is a scene of Disaster with a Evolving Creature that THEY (Engineers i presume or their Biology) has created...

Are we to assume that Davids Juggernaught takes a short time to reach Paradise and then the Covenant is incomming just behind it...... so are we to assume that when David gets to Paradise there is nothing, and no Answers for Shaw and we dont even see Shaw, and so David just sets down on Paradise and awaits for a Human Ship to come in?

I think thats pretty dull, and a missed opportunity.....

The seemingly Change of Direction and Plot for the next movie, since Paradise Lost and all Ridleys comments connecting the Engineers to the Fallen Angels from Paradise lost over the years, to now the new synopsis. Seems a bit odd.... Factor in that John Logan is brought in to re-work the Plot and Draft at a time just after Alien 5 has been put on Hold....   Then consider Alien 5's Plot seems to have been tweeked a bit compared to the earlier Concept Works.... so its now set 20 years odd after Aliens and thus 2100 give or take... and how in the same Interview Micheal Biehn mentions Alien Covenant is set thousands of years prior... (which it cant as far as David and Covenant ship).

And it makes sense that the series of events are follows next...


DeaconMember10358 XPDec-22-2015 2:43 PM

January 1st 2094 David and Shaw leave LV-223 in a commandeered Engineer Jugernaught, the destination is the Homeworld where these Engineers came from.. which we would call Paradise... Shaw wants to go there, she wants her Answers... why was we created, why did they then want us destroyed... And if the Gods they had hopped to find are merely Mortal, then who created them?

I am pretty sure David would be interested in finding out a bit more himself, he has his own Agenda and knowing the Engineers where Mortal and maybe knowing more about them than he lets on, he would be interested to meet the Engineers Makers, and to find out more about the Technology of these so called Creators.

It would appear David does find Paradise or at least some place related to the Engineers, but for him to simply find a Baron Place with only a Evolving Organism, and then he awaits the Covenant... i think its going to be too Coinsidental that this ship comes across Paradise by following David and Shaw.... and we have to remember its a Colony Ship that was expecting to find Paradise... well what they find is described as being far from this and surely they would known about this if they surveyed the World..... or indeed if they followed Clues from David and Shaws mission, they would know what could be in store...

But i think the synopsis lends to the crew of the Covenant being suprised and not expecting what they find..

I think some point after 2094 where David arrives on Paradise... and maybe at this time the place is maybe more like a Paradise as far as a World that any long range scans would determine as a World that can support Life without having to Terra-form.

some Event happens... and the Aftermath is what the Colony ship the Covenant encounter....

I assume Paradise is far far away and would require either or both a Ship that is fast and a Ship that would have life support for a Long Journey..... when Mankind detects the Potential for a World that could be close to a Earth like Paradise the Ship the Covenant sets off on a Long journey that could take many years 10+ for sure, maybe as much as 25+ years.

They arrive at this Paradise and the time that has past by as far as journey time, a lot has happend to this once Potential Paradise, at the hands of David.... so that when there ship arrives in the system and the crew are awoken from Cryo-Sleep, they dont see the Paradise they expected...

They go to survey the World and maybe detect something that interests them.. maybe they detect David, or something that leads to a Mission to land some of the crew on the surface.... where they find David...  and unknown to this crew... David is harbinging a secret..... He is not ALONE...  There is something that was Evolving  that David then unleashes upon the Crew... or tricks the Crew to being attacked by this Organism.

I think the aftermath of Covenant could lead us to somehow either by David taking a Engineer Ship to Earth, or by a transmission to the Company about the discovery of Paradise and Engineer Tech... that at the time of this aftermath after the Covenant, the Company had thought it had lost... LV-223, and LV-426.

I think this is where they will show us how the company get hold of Engineer Tech and the Bio-Weapon after the events of Aliens and this is where Alien 5 will take over.... where a 20 years plus Older Ripley finds out the company has somehow got hold of the Engineers Tech and Xenomorph again and she is out to put a stop to it again...

This would explain why Ripley has not been a part of the Alien universe for 20 years after Aliens... as surely if there was any remaining Xenomorph Biology after the destruction of Hadleys Hope, then she would have set out earlier to destroy it......    we also have to wonder about LV-223 which also must bare no fruit by the time of Aliens and the creation of the Hadleys Hope Colony in the year 2150's.

These events will link i think........  but i feel we could get cut scenes and flash backs that show us some clues to the time of events from 2094 and when David arrives on Paradise and what transpired next.... but i think this is a Plot that would be explored in more detail within the next movie... which could be Alien: Paradise Lost.. where Ridley can go into detail more on the Engineers and what answers Shaw gets and what becomes of her...

I think we also could get some flash backs set back thousands of years.. either like the Sacrifical Scene.. or if not then more Hologram Ghost Engineer Scenes... which could maybe give some clues to what Paradise was like thousands of years ago and at a time when the Xeno Biology or Biology and event that gave rise to the Xenomorph had taken place....  I think a future movie would go deeper into this and show us what went down on LV-223 thousands of years ago and the Space Jockey.

Thats what i think is happening...

They are going a route set after the set of events after David and Shaw get to Paradise, as a way to show us Xeno Origins and also lead to a way to explain after Aliens and Hadleys Hopes destruction, how the company in Alien 5 gets hold of the Engineers Ship and Xeno DNA..

This is so Alien 5 can then explore Xeno DNA and modifications of it and Engineers Tech without having it Spoil what Ridley wanted to show.... as he seemed to want to make 3 movies.. Prometheus first that eventually would give us the Xeno Clues and Space Jockey... but these answers being shown by the time of a 3rd movie... would mean Alien 5 would have to either come out after another 2 Prometheus movies... or it would have to not have the freedom to touch upon some areas... without spoiling future Prometheus movies...

But by doing it the way i think they are now... they can cover all those potential Problems...  they can use the next movie to answer more stuff regarding the Xeno... but leave clues that the fans would have to wait for the 3rd movie (2nd Alien Prequel) to get more answers... they basically ride on the anticipation of Alien 5, give clues that would make fans want to check out Alien 5 and the next Alien Prequel movie... and then allow Alien 5 to cash in on the Alien Franchise..

its what makes sense... and what i feel is going down..


PraetorianMember2267 XPAug-05-2016 8:44 AM

 She looks so much like her father

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