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[Exclusive] New details on Alien: Covenant's 3 primary monsters! (Spoilers)
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With the Alien: Covenant trailer mere days away from releasing online, Fox have kept a lot of the film's secrets from leaking out. However, as with any production, some information is bound to leak and today, we have a little insight to some information concerning the new monsters in Alien: Covenant. Obviously, the following contains spoilers so if you would like to avoid said spoilers, you probably shouldn't continue on.

Before I get started, I should also note that the image used for this article (above) is not a reflection of the monsters in Alien: Covenant, but simply fan artwork inspired by Covenant.

There are 3 primary monsters

Alien: Covenant will feature 3 primary monsters. What I mean by this is there are three definitively different creatures introduced in the film. Though, one of them, the Neomorphs there seem to be a lot of, as opposed to the other two.

Not representation of the Neomorph - unused Prometheus concept

The Neomorphs

This is not new information - AvPGalaxy leaked their details a month or so ago, but to re-cap, these Aliens are spawned by hosts walking into and absorbing spores released by pods which have sprouted on the surface of the planet the Covenant crew land on. Apparently, one is seen entering the ear of one of the crew, which leads to a nasty birthing scene where the young Neomorph bursts from the crew member's back.

Appearance-wise, the Neomorphs are the most "unique", being white in color and sporting dorsal spikes and a shorter crest, like that of the Deacon from Prometheus. The Neomorphs take up most of the film and the other Aliens don't make an appearance until later in the film.

The Protomorph

The name is not official, just what we're calling it. This Protomorph is a pre-existing Alien and the one featured on the current teaser poster for the film (hinted at, not confirmed). This Protomorph is birthed after David manages to trick one of the Covenant crew (we won't say who) into going into David's experiment room, where he gets latched onto by a Facehugger. It is somewhat of a primordial version of the iconic Xenomorph. However, it's visibly different in appearance. Apparently, the Protomorph looks similar to a mix between the Runner Alien in Alien 3 and the Aliens in Alien: Resurrection. Strangely enough, a lot like this:


The Waltermorph?

Again, a name we made up to describe this beast - we have been told and confirmed by cross-referencing a recent plot leak (which we were asked to remove a few days ago) that (either) David or Walter, the two androids present in Covenant both played by Michael Fassbender will actually birth an Alien. The Android DNA is a concept we're not 100% sure about, we know it exists in the film and is broached, but we have absolutely no idea how it compares to organic DNA - and how an Alien could bind with it.

What happens (Speculation):

The Protomorph is the primary target and ends up "evolving" into the classic Xenomorph, however the means for its evolution was not described in detail to us. It was hinted however, that it is somehow merged with the Waltermorph in order to create the Xenomorph - whether this means the Protomorph attacks and impregnates the Waltermorph and in turn births the Xenormoph, we're unsure. The two could also somehow mate in some twisted way and produce the Xenomorph like how the Queen in Alien: Resurrection birthed the hybrid Newborn, although we're leaning more towards the former possibility.

Why would Aliens infect Androids in Alien: Covenant but NEVER again throughout the series?!

I'm sure you're wondering why an Alien could impregnate an artificial being, having only ever witness the beast able to impregnate organic life in every Alien film created. Synthetics seemed to be impervious to impregnation.

The (Possible) Answer:

By conjoining the DNA of the Waltermorph (purely synthetic abomination) with the DNA of the Protomorph (purely organic, not biomechanical at all) the blending of the two inhibit the Xenomorph's ability to impregnate a synthetic person. This theory can be expanded upon at length, but at the moment a lengthy explanation escapes me. But, the reasoning could be that by nature, the Xenomorph is part synthetic - biomechanical and robots can not reproduce. The organic nature and reproductive capability of the Xenomorph was essentially corrupted during its evolution and so, requires only organic hosts to continue its life cycle and produce more Xenos. This is the same reason a Facehugger can not impregnate another Xenomorph.

The irony behind that explanation being that the Engineers, who seemed to be blended with biomechanical "suits" in Prometheus (but white and free of biomechanics at the start - similarly to the Neomorphs) could have met the same fate after attempting to blend their DNA with that of synthetic creations; they lost their own ability to reproduce, which led to their eventual extinction. The installations on LV-223 could be a place where the Engineers were trying to "reverse-engineer" their own creation and undo themselves from their self-induced biomechanical prisons - almost like freeing themselves from sin.

The reasoning and piecing together is purely speculation as a disclaimer, but the details concerning the three monsters seem to 99% accurate, having cross referenced with a few different trusted sources.

Of course, the intention of this article is not to ruin the experience for those seeing Alien: Covenant in theaters this May, but for those of us who don't mind spoilers and who enjoy dissecting and discussing every single shred of information concerning this franchise. So, for those of us who don't mind being spoiled a bit, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and if you like the post, feel free to give it an up-vote!

A special thanks to forum regular Big Dave for joining me on this post and for playing a vital role in obtaining a lot of the information presented.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-12-18 19:49:32


MemberNeomorphDec-18-2016 7:52 PM


Interesting! Upvoted!


MemberChestbursterDec-18-2016 8:38 PM

So that's the AC trailer huh? Super disappointed.....first Prometheus now this.




A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerDec-18-2016 8:55 PM

Man, I'm not sure why but I've been fascinated with the look and description of the Neomorphs ever since those photos came out. I don't know why, but the movement of the white creatures in Prometheus seem much more "eerie" than the black Xenos, and I hope that carries over. Can't wait to see the #Belugamorphs in action! 


The trailer or at least teaser for the trailer can't be more than 3 days away! 


MemberChestbursterDec-18-2016 9:09 PM

Let me share the extended ending of Prometheus where Shaw goes super saiyan on the deacon! for the topic, very interesting! Seems like huge fanservice for xeno fans like myself.

The backburster scene will probably be very nasty, I feel like Ridley yet again tries to top his own gory highlights from Alien and Prometheus. 

The protomorph must truly be a force of nature if it managed to kill several Engineers so I'm definitely looking forward to how that came about.

The spore thing sounds disgusting, reminds me of H.R Giger's imagining of parasites that crawled underneath your skin (commentary from making of Alien)

Fabio Mon Archa

MemberOvomorphDec-19-2016 3:00 AM

Hi guys. So excited for all those new "morphs" in Alien:Covenant and much more looking for the story connection to original Alien from 79. However as a big fan of Alien and also Prometheus, I have a couple of questions may you may help me with: 1) Prometheus - we could see holographich projection of engineers running through the halls - but what they were afraid of? What happened? - 2) We could spot an "alien" sculpture on the wall, but how is it possible if first form of "morph" was born from the engineer at the end of the Prometheus? Did I missed something?Výsledek obrázku pro prometheus alien on the wall

Aaaand number 3) I thought all this party ( beginning of xenomorph long way creation) started when Prometheus crew opened the first hall (chamber with black liquid cans), they started leaking and a few earthworms gone into it. But where do they (earthworms) came from?


So sorry if my questions are stupid, I just want to round off all the information. THX guys...


Shasta cyclone

MemberFacehuggerDec-19-2016 3:47 AM

if indeed there are spores that create the neomorphs that would/could explain the chestbusted spacejockey...but then there are the eggs??

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerDec-19-2016 5:15 AM

The troll videos are A+ guys XD

David 7

MemberFacehuggerDec-19-2016 6:27 AM

Good stuff. Seeing this played out on Screen and with the trailer possibly 2 days away, we will finally get a glimpse. 

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerDec-19-2016 6:56 AM

Wait so Ridley Scott said we would be getting the classic Xeno on screen toward the end. Does that mean we are gettinng actually 4 monsters? Assuming the classic Xeno and the Waltermorph are two different beasts? 


MemberOvomorphDec-19-2016 7:26 AM

I love this site and all that you guys do here with dissecting every shred of information and detail about the ALIEN franchise, Its a lot of fun, but I sure hope ALIEN Covenant is well done and turns out to be a good movie, because I am starting to think and feel that all of us trying to figure out this whole ALIEN thing is becoming a bit silly.

We even had Predator Vs Alien which I think was a bad idea.. Now, I am sure they will make a concrete movie that actually answers a lot of these questions you and I have. I understand that Space is HUGE and Mysterious but come on now, we been at it since 1979 and its gone all over the place. Let's get a good movie and answer some of these questions..

I remember when H.R. Giger book came out, it was some of the best art my buddies and I had ever seen, some of us even got Tattoos from it, now lets do it some justice on the big screen please..

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerDec-19-2016 8:48 AM

So according to someone who commented on my thread, the trailer is on a new playlist that some cinemas have received and that playlist unlocks on Christmas Day. So we will most likely get the trailer Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday


MemberNeomorphDec-19-2016 1:50 PM

I wonder how the monster will look that are the result of the spores? Hopefully they will get the scene where the monster bursts from the back right.


The unused Prometheus concept looks better than what we saw in the movie (minus the Deacon).


I like the look of the Protomorph, it seems a lot darker in color compared to the other monsters. I don’t like that they will David like a Ash because I hope that he will be more grey than just dark. We will see how this turns out.


MemberDeaconDec-19-2016 4:13 PM

Well its a case of what leaks and sources to look at and if we can take any with more than a Pinch of Salt... Right now the only official information can lead us to some conclusions which i covered in my Alien Covenant: The Xenomorph thread.

Were looking into all the official clues we can confirm...

*At least Two Monsters, One will be close to the Xenomorph, the other maybe something else but related and with Fox requesting images to be taken down maybe the other is in those leaked Photos  somewhere.

*There will be Eggs, Face Huger, Chest Buster and Big Chap, confirmed by Ridley and Poster, and those leaked Workshop Photos do show us Eggs, Face Huger and indeed something on the wall (concept) that could be similar to the Poster.

*There will be multiple Chest Buster related events, and some or one that even Top the Original. Thats the aim...

*There will be multiple Aliens, and some will get onto a ship and chase members of the crew which we can maybe assume is during the Harrowing escape.

Next we can maybe kind of use these to speculate but they can be no longer considered to be 100% clues....

*David and Shaw was meant to find beings who are not benevolent and Shaw would want answers.... but now we arrive 10 years latter after Prometheus with no signs of Shaw, or Engineers etc and only David in the Synopsis.  We have to wander what happened to Shaw and what did David and Shaw find when they arrived.... looks like we are arriving at the Aftermath instead...  Shaw will only play smaller role as Rappace will appear in the movie.

*But David would be bringing Hell with him and what happens if the Black Goo infects GOD or a MACHINE...

So these Ridley Scott comments from quite some time ago, could be a tease at what was planned but we cant be sure if these are connected now as the Movie had been re-wrote a few times by John Logan.

So now we come to the more Covenant Clues in Synopsis and how Ridley expanded on it and clues.

*Anyone who saw Prometheus would know David was a Synthetic and so maybe we have to wander why he is listed as Synthetic in the Synopsis..

*Ridley expanded on that Fassbender would return as David and a Doppelganger now surely as they have confirmed we have TWO Robots.. one being Walter who is more Advanced, why would they use the term Doppelganger and not just Two Robots... and this may then explain why the Synopsis is maybe telling us David is a Synthetic....  Which could imply maybe the other Fassbender Character Walter is not as Synthetic or certainly quite different but again i could be reading into it too much.

*Walter is aware of David 8 models and is concerned about how long he has not been upgraded,  David is playing a cunning and creepy Character, Walter is more of a Straight up Robot... so there is bound to be some element of distrust and its a case of does Walter try and find out more about David, or warn the Crew to be careful of the older models especially one with no maintenance for so long..  Surely a Walter would be a Thorn to any plans David has.

The above are all officially leaked comments that i have re-worded so its not word for word but they are what cast members and Ridley have said...

Ridley told us they would start to show us how the Xeno was made, and that it felt like a Weapon and Bio-Mechanical and this movie would start to show us how/why....

So indeed it does set us on a path to maybe David or Walter's Synthetic Attributes playing a role in the Xenomorph (or a re-creation)   But this is not to suggest this is the case... it seems the Pretty Obvious Conclusion...  But none the less it could be set up that way so we come to such a conclusion and actually its not the case at all...

The same could be with maybe assuming that Daniels and her Partner are going to be Ripleys Parents.... it could be completely not the case.

So the information here in this post is what i was covering in the Xenomorph thread of mine...

As far as expanding on this by using leaked, so called Screenings or other things goes there is no 100% Guarantee to say any are 100% correct.... but i guess Fox Take Down Requests could maybe make some leaks legit?

But again we cant 100% say.


MemberDeaconDec-19-2016 4:23 PM

As far as speculation goes....

The Source gave information on what P2 was and not AC, but in a nutshell they seem to be hinting at TWO Monsters, one maybe Pr-existing as they claim the Xeno Origins are Ancient.

But David has the Tools and Knowledge to Re-create it..

One Monster would have been created by a Event that David plays a Role in..... which maybe means the other predates it? But the Source is vague and never 100% said this.. so the ONE is a event that David plays a hand in, does not 100% mean the other is a pre-event it could be a evolutionary one to Davids experiments.

They claimed Shaw's role was small, but a big part and she gets some of her answers that reveals a horrific truth behind the whole Agenda of Creation and the Bio-Weapons Lab.  Shaw Technically does not die....

But these which since March 2015 i have covered on here, are supposed to be be based off what Green/Paglen draft as of October 2014 was about and so i wont go back into detail as well IF and i say IF  there is any truth to them, they are maybe as non-relevant as Spaights draft is to the Prometheus Movie.


Just prior to weekend about 14th they claimed to have a bit information on AC but only as far as the look of the Monsters, which would feature TWO MAIN Monsters but other things...

Two Monsters we get now, One is a re-use of the unused concepts from Prometheus as far as Watts Chest Buster (Spaights draft) and alternative Deacon concepts...

The other is more close to the Classic Xenomorph, but is more like the Alien 3 meets Alien R designs and not as Bio-Mechanical and now they have better Technology  they are now going for the anatomy to be more following the Queen and Alien R Xenomorph design... for this New Xenomorph. that we see in the Poster

Which they said is very close to the Xenomorphs that are on the Sideshow Alien King Maquette.

They give no indication at all of how these come to be however.




MemberDeaconDec-19-2016 4:37 PM

So as far as the Spore Route.... and the Waltermorph again its speculative and we cant Garuntee how close any of these are.

As mentioned in other post, and many  before .... prior to Prometheus when trailers hit (apart from some of the Spoilery latter ones) i was lead to a theory that David upgrades himself to be more than Synthetic and playing out the Pinocchio Role.

Then getting Face Huged by Shaws C-Section Squid Baby... to give us the Proto-Xeno... as much as i never liked this as i felt the Derelict was there for a long time, this seemed the case with the trailers.... Latter ones (showed Davids headless body near the Engineer) put that theory to bed.

No soon as the Synopsis for AC came out and David Synthetic part, made me wonder if there would be another not so Synthetic or David evolves himself in the movie... and also then Ridley Scott suggesting Fassbender plays a Doppelganger.... this made me wander and i posted it on here, could the Doppelganger be more than a Robot... i thought and posted some possibilities that this lead me to which included.

1) A Person David was created in the likeness of and so a Scientist who helped Weyland... who had then set out on long Voyage to find a Earth like world....  THIS WAS PUT TO BED no soon as the Covenant Badge was revealed... meant it had to be a post Prometheus 2094 mission.

2) A relative to such a Scientist, say Grandson of who helped Weyland designs David. 

3) Instead of Human as above, maybe a Replicant?

4) Or and the most likely a Synthetic Construct like Elden from Fire and Stone.

And so no soon as we Months latter learn about Walter, again the Synthetic Construct seems logical.....   and so maybe using this as the means the Xenomorph because Bio-Mechanical could be the Logical Way to go..

But maybe thats the obvious route... and a Red Herring and this would have to be the case if the 1979 Xenomorph had been on LV-426 for a long time prior to Prometheus.

And so its a case of while its Logical as a way to explain the Xeno in context of a event post Prometheus and prior to Alien...  who is to say that they are not still going to show us or hint that the Derelict is a Event from a LONG TIME AGO..


MemberDeaconDec-19-2016 4:47 PM

Onto the Spores...

Yes some parts of that could work.... having Paradise infected so that something then Evolves on the World from a Previous Disastrous Events... be that Thousands of years ago... or post David's Arrival.

But Ridley Scott mentioned the purpose for AC is to show us why the Xeno was, and that THEY made it (Engineers) or at least their Bio-Weapon Black Goo.

And we would see a Evolving Creature.... again, this does not sound like Spores... or something that evolves from Spores...  the Evolving Creature that is on Paradise Prior to the Covenant crew arriving is a hint at something thats been there either prior to David or after....  but we cant rule out Spores.

Some evidence that backs this up is the Tree Set Photos, as those Tree Stumps have markers on them and the floor which is usually a sign to add some CGI work to the shot.... and so this could fit with Spores.

But the big mystery to that is the Eggs, we have seen that Cave with Eggs and One opened.... are we to assume these Eggs are created after the Covenant Crew arrive... or are they something lying in wait... thats been there for Thousands of years or up to 10 (if David created them or lead to them via experiments).

I also dont buy the whole Spore infects a Host that leads to a Organism, its not quite well explained... as if someone inhales Spores then why dont they have more than One Organism growing inside?

But thats not to say this cant be the case....

So its a case of time will tell.... as far as what we could see..

Spore Monsters, Walter being Chest Busted or Evolved...

There could be nothing to these... only once we get more information for our own eyes... LIKE TRAILERS.. can we start to conclude a bit or rule out such events.

But for sure there would be Egg, Face Huger and eventually the Big Chap.... and we need to remember..... Eggs and Face Huggers do-not have the 1979 Bio-Mechanics... they look more Organic than the Final Product.  And each movie, the Bio-Mechanical Aesthetic was toned down and down.


Forgot to mention.... a event that would contaminate the World to create the Spores, also looks a bit odd as far as Aesthetics of Xeno DNA relating to the Black Goo, unless its something else that causes the Spores.

As well Fire and Stone showed us what a World that was Baron turns into with the Black Goo..... Plant Life that has a Xeno-ish DNA to it....

And so should we assume Black Goo if it infects some Plant Life (create Spores) why would those Trees not look more Alien... and some other shots of the Landscape does not have that INFECTED by HR Gigers Bio-Mechanical Aesthetics (basically like Xeno Hives and Plants in Fire and Stone Comics).

 But again these points do not have to rule out the Spore leak.


MemberOvomorphDec-19-2016 5:43 PM

I don't understand. How can it be that the Xenomorphs are just now being invented when the Engineer ship in Alien is hundreds, if not thousands of years old?



MemberOvomorphDec-19-2016 5:48 PM

 Fabio Mon Archa, I meant to respond this morning to your post, however, work interrupted my Alien: Covenant obsession! haha. I always yield to BigDave on everything concerning this movie, however, I like to share my thoughts and things I've read. I apologize to those who've read these ideas from me and I'll also state that others have respectfully disagreed. 1-The Engineers in the hologram are being chased by an unseen killer Alien. I assume this was created by an experiment gone wild. 2-The mural depicts the life-cycle of the Alien. The Engineers lived for hundreds of thousands of years and lost the ability to reproduce. During an exploration of a planet, one of the Engineers was impregnated by an Alien insect. The ensuing miracle birth (Think Jesus Christ) is shown on the mural in the form of the Alien (And note the Alien's arms outstretched like Jesus on the cross) and also pictured are the Engineers experimenting with additional births by sacrificing other Engineers. The large humanoid head in the "Temple" room is the first Engineer who died while giving birth. The Engineers used the Alien insect blood to try to create life around the galaxy, as depicted in the opening scene of Prometheus. Eventually, the Engineers had to engineer the blood and that's where the experiment became a nightmare. 3-The worms, one of which that became the Hammerpede, was already on the planet. In fact, in a deleted scene, the Prometheus crew placed one of the benign worms in a container and commented that it was humanity's first experience with Alien life.


MemberOvomorphDec-19-2016 5:56 PM

dmx1138, the Aliens might be hundreds of thousands of years old and began as, what I think, were benign insects on a planet. You might recall on the mural in the Temple room in "Prometheus" that there's a scene of an Engineer with what appears to be a pet alien, subservient and almost dog-like. I choose to believe that the Engineers and the Aliens were benign. Somewhere in time, the Engineers became corrupted with their God-like power of creation. Maybe it was just one Engineer, maybe their version of Prometheus. That Engineer stole the gift of life, the Black Goo, gave it to someone else, maybe another species, and the Black Goo became a bio-weapon that produced the killer Aliens that we've known in all of the films. My guess is that David began experimenting with the Black Goo to create other forms of the Alien.


MemberOvomorphDec-19-2016 5:59 PM

By the way, I think BigDave is actually Ridley Scott! haha


AdminEngineerDec-19-2016 6:13 PM

The Alien in ALIEN is definitely not a pre-existing monster. It is the result of genetic tampering by a very maniacal amd sinister Android.

I'm convinced David represents Satan in this story. Offering the forbidden fruit of knowledge to the Covenant crew.


MemberDeaconDec-19-2016 6:24 PM


Indeed and Ridley Scott even said that all along, and he even went further with the release of Prometheus... and after and giving us a date of between 1800-2200 years ago for the Derelict/Space Jockey.

But with nothing on-screen to confirm the timeline of that event, apart from Prometheus clues... and maybe no coincidence of LV-223/426 locations and 2000 year ago outbreak and Chest Busted Cryo-sleep Engineers.

I think the event is Ancient, but they can completely change it now... i think once AC is out it would paint  a picture of where they could take us as far as Derelict Timeline..


MemberDeaconDec-19-2016 6:32 PM


That would be telling? Or is the Source Ridley Scott lol... joke.. they are only similar in how cryptic they are...

And indeed some good replies and yes those things have been discussed before... such as how come they could worship the Mural due to it allowing them to be able to Birth Life instead of Seeding with the Sacrificial Goo.

Who knows where they are taking us now though...


Synthetics ==> Xeno has been pet theory of mine since prior to Prometheus not one i agree with however.... as i liked the whole Ancient Derelict theory that as far as 2014 Ridley Scott still stuck by.

However.... that quote from few years back Where Ridley said they are off to the Engineers Homeworld and meet some beings who are not God, and not Benevolent and then "David bringing Hell with him"  and what happens if the Goo infects "GOD or a Machine"

And how Ridley said they did not want to meet God in the first movie...

Gets me thinking.... how do we know the Hierarchy above the Engineers are not Machines or Bio-Mechanical beings?

The Source did say the Engineers was to the Hierarchy as David is to Mankind, and David found out the Agenda that then led him to see his role in a different light.

Then the Source said that P2 was some what Matrix connected..

Looking at Wayne Haag's tease about they stole the Technology or found it...

Could we be reading too much into Synthetics ==> David.

And what if the higher order of creation are Machines? who knows.





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