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BREAKING: ALIEN TV series officially in development at FX on Hulu!
Scified2020-12-10 19:40:13
Written by Chris29,429 Reads14 Comments2020-12-10 19:40:13

It's official! After much speculation and many rumors having circulated, an official announcement has been made tonight and it is confirmed - a new ALIEN TV series is currently being developed for FX on Hulu!

The series is being helmed by Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley and will be set on Earth and in the near future... Based on the established Alien film series this suggests the series may act as a prequel stroyline to the Alien film chronology. Details beyond these facts are unknown but we expect plenty more information to arrive as we enter the new year!

This is extremely exciting news as it shows the Alien franchise is far from dormant at its now Disney home. Predator is also getting a new movie, with a potential new Alien film also on the way (unconfirmed).

As always, stick with us for breaking news and updates on all things Alien!

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MemberChestbursterDec-11-2020 2:49 AM

If it is something like the book Alien: Covenant - Origins, I'll say - cool!


MemberFacehuggerDec-11-2020 2:52 PM

"...set in the not too distant future" this doesn't bode well, I mean the first alien does take place in 2122 so not to distant but I feel like their need to emphasize it isn't a good sign


MemberFacehuggerDec-11-2020 2:53 PM

 and the "...on earth" part is even worse

NCC 1701

MemberOvomorphDec-11-2020 4:55 PM

Hey , with all  this crap going on the world , This is the best news in a while 


MemberDeaconDec-11-2020 5:23 PM

I gave a more in depth reply in the Forum Topic.

I think its Good News that Disney will allow FX to go and Explore something in the ALIEN Franchise..  Hopefully it will be a Success.

"If it is something like the book Alien: Covenant - Origins, I'll say - cool!"

Potentially then yes, within the Franchise in the Background there was more than just Eggs, Queens and Ripley and WHO was the Space Jockey/Origins Story.

Those are ALL very Important for sure...

But there is History prior to ALIEN, and Prometheus that could be Explored..  a LOT depends on HOW NEAR in the Future we are talking and that it WONT go and Contradict or Conflict the Franchise which may mean No Xenomorphs.

I think if they do something to cover the Agenda behind such Companies and what they Create, and any Hubris/Horror in doing so then it could UPLIFT the Reason the Company are so Interesting in the Xenomorph in the FUTURE ;)

If its about Robots, Synthetics, Replicants (or similar) then i think that maybe it wont appeal to some... i think you have to GIVE something Horrific.... 

Are the Engineers and David the ONLY ones to Play say Dr Moreau and Genetically Engineer a Horror Show?

Roger G

MemberFacehuggerDec-11-2020 11:06 PMGreat news! ALIEN's timeline is something gruesome, along ALIEN's timeline you cannot develop XENOs before Nostromo mission is launched, only from ALIENS (movie forwards). I would have loved to see Peter Weyland on the project could have been amazing, but if we stick to the Disney ad Then according ALIEN's timeline we are between 2179 to 2379 according to the statistics. This would lead us to see another Starship Troopers, and space marines fighting against Aliens through the streets of NY or LA on Earth. :)


MemberFacehuggerDec-12-2020 10:02 AM

this is so excited, hope we will get some little more details around Alien Day in 2021

Gabriel Salomon

MemberFacehuggerDec-15-2020 11:06 AM

This has me really interested and excited. I unfortunately haven't seen any of Noah Hawley's work, but I've heard great things about it.


MemberDeaconDec-16-2020 8:06 AM


I had same Concerns.... but then i had to THINK about how they could NOT give us that, or Conflict but still give us the Xenomorph in the 21st Century.

I gave it thought LAST NIGHT and came up with a Few Ideas to HOW they could PULL it off that i will Submit after in this TOPIC.


MemberChestbursterDec-26-2020 6:53 PM

This is interesting news for sure, but I’m a bit sceptical about the story being set on earth. On one hand it could be done really well with, (depending on the series’ intended direction of course) - smaller scale horror that takes place in a distant laboratory/factory/outpost far away from populated areas. 

On the other hand it could also mean that we’ll see aliens running around (even in broad daylight) in way to familiar and home-cozy places that are also perfect for advertising. Aliens appearing in a McDonald’s restaurant anyone? New Triple Cheese Habanero Burger™️ available now! 

Sorry, got a bit carried away there..

Anyway: dirty, dark, isolated, distant, twisted and/or otherworldly environments played a huge part in the horror factor of the Alien films. I hope we’ll get to see some creeping horror again. 


MemberDeaconDec-27-2020 4:25 AM

Certainly i think the Earth Setting and LIKELY to be say 2030-2050 would be that the BUDGET would not NEED to be so Big.

The Biggest Concern i always had was CONFLICT... but i think if we looked at AVP and say the Entire Temple Complex was Totally Destroyed so NOTHING can be Recovered then this AVP Movie would NOT go and Conflict with ALIEN too much, on the other Hand if AVP had the Xenomorphs make it to a Larger Down or City then YES you are going to Conflict with the ALIEN Franchise..

I know the AVP movies are NOT considered Canon, but the Point Remains Valid... in that IF the ALIEN TV Show is set on a Military/Scientific Research Outpost where it can be COVERED UP compared to the Xenomorphs making it to a Large Town or City.... then  it WOULD-NOT go and Conflict the Franchise too much.

I think the SETTING is a Mistake but i Understand its a way to do a TV Show and bring back the Xenomorph on a SMALLER BUDGET.

For Example a TV Show for 3-4 Hours or a 2-3 Hour Movie that is about Peter Weyland after the 2023 TED TALK and ENDS with the Prologue from Alien Covenant would NOT cost anything like say Prometheus or Alien Covenant had done.

You could get this done for like 25-35M

Back to the OT

I think the Route they are going is to Introduce the ALIEN for Cheaper... and IF the TV Show does well and Fans are into the Xenomorph and may want some other things then DISNEY can Gauge if a 2nd TV Show is Warranted and can RISK a Higher Budget.


MemberDeaconDec-27-2020 4:26 AM

"Larger Down"

LOL i mean Town....


MemberFacehuggerJun-03-2021 12:49 PM

Nice to see this forum is still alive after my second hibernation and seeing some known forum folks.


I guess everything is better than AC if they do it well in regards of intertwining arcs in the Alien Universe.

But  my assumption is they will focus on Weyland, AI and early deep space travel. Like reaching Mars and etablishing an outpost, Asteroid mining, etc. Basically 19th century gold rush but in space this time.

Not much about Engineers beyond what we saw in the prologue in Prometheus.


MemberDeaconJun-03-2021 4:08 PM

I am not sure if we will see the Engineers who knows?

To me the PLOT from Images i have seen and what we know so far  would maybe Indicate this TV series could be SET like 50-75 Years before ALIEN and on Earth where Humans would Discover a Crashed Engineer Ship at Sea.

I cant see WHY they DONT make it SET like after ALIEN 3 and say 2200-2300 i think IF its SET between 2040-2080 that could Contradict the WHOLE FRANCHISE.

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