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Ancient Historical Sites People Consider being Built by Aliens

Ancient Historical Sites People Consider being Built by Aliens

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The precious Earth is home to many relics and historical sites from the bygone times, cultural monuments, and spectacular constructions undeniably defying technological advancements of those times and even the modern times. These sites are extraordinarily constructed with heavy and tall buildings, and complex structures and the most paradoxical component associated with these sites is people believe they were built by aliens. 

The modern-day lifestyle has evolved, people go visit historical places but ultimately land upon gaming platforms for entertaining themselves. The best part about modern-day technology is that these sites have become a source of influence as well as inspiration for various game developers, big names, established gambling operators have imbibed fun and relinquishing elements in their games, they offer NJ online casino bonus with gaming promotions, taking into consideration that extraterrestrial side of these amazingly crafted sites. 

Not only the gaming industry, but travel sectors across the world have also drawn various inspiration from these sites and have included them in their hefty loathing packages to create an aesthetic impact on travelers and residents. Ancient civilizations have many things in store, some of which are completely aesthetic in their representation. These sites are crafted with utmost mystery and alignment. Some of the excavating sites that have managed to be termed the most enigmatic and the largest constructions in the world are listed below. 

Nasca Lines

200 miles towards the Southeast of Lima, on a dry and high plateau, around 800 meters straight long white lines are carved to the depth of the Peruvian desert randomly. Adjacently, there are 300 geometrical shapes including 70 animal figures, a spider, a hummingbird, and a monkey. The longest line runs straight resembling an arrow, the huge shapes stretch about 1200 feet across where they are viewed best from the air. 

According to scientists, Nasca lines are approximately aged two millennia, their size, age, mysterious nature, and visibility make them one of the cited examples of alien’s designed handwork on the Earth. These shapes are easily visible from the surrounding foothills made up of rocks and sand. When studied in the early 1900s, the crafted designs were initially aligned with solstices or constellations but the recent work shows them to be ceremonial related to fertility. 

Egyptian Pyramids

The most popular Egyptian pyramids rise from the desert of Giza in Cairo. These monumental pyramids at Giza were built around 4500 years ago for burying queens and pharaohs. These tombs are built with millions of hewn stones weighted at least two tones. These natural monumental tombs are a challenge to be built in today’s equipped world. 

The astronomical configuration of these pyramids is aligned with the Orion’s belts’ stars. Alien theorists have always claimed these pyramids to be much better than the other developing pyramids coming up in centuries. But, it is not evident that these Egyptian monuments were designed by the aliens, these artifacts are constructed with thousands of human earthly hands. 


Sacsayhuamán is a fortress in the Peruvian Andes located outside the old Inca capital situated in Cusco. It is built from various stones stacked and chiseled all together in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. People consider this site to be a work of some of the ancient civilizations merging with a few interstellar friends. The walls which date back to 1000 years are constructed explicitly with rocks weighing more than 360 tons each, and they were carried long miles before placing them with laser-like precision. 

The exciting part is how such an ancient monument became an established culture of an engineer’s work, but the inept complexes are needless to be mentioned. Archaeologists have lately uncovered bits of the rope-liver system as a symbol of human strength. 


The neolithic monument, Stonehenge is made of a huge circular block of stones weighing approximately 50 tons and is situated in Salisbury, outside the English countryside. Stonehenge was claimed to be an alien landing arena carrying massive stones and ending up at distant miles from the quarry. Though the meaning of Stonehenge is unknown to all including the scientists, it definitely has got nothing to do with aliens. 

Instead, scientists exclaimed it is possible to construct such a building using technology 5000 years ago with the earliest structures built then. The beauty of the building shows that the builders kept an eye on the heavens while shaping the stones and aligning them as ellipses and solstices. 


Teotihuacán, the name means ‘City of Gods’, is one of the ancient cities in Mexico popular for its astronomical alignments and pyramidical temples. The site was built around 2000 years ago, the beauty of the place lies in its age, complexity, and size, and it can be seen as an extraordinary piece because of the explicit work of humans. 

Scientists demonstrated over centuries a blend of cultures including Zapotec, Maya, and Mixtec combinedly to build the city to accommodate more than 100,000 people at a go. Teotihuacán is considered a technologically developed site having an edge over murals, transportation systems, tools, agricultural practices, and evidence of advancing archaeological sites. The popular building of the site is none other than the Massive Pyramid of the Sun. One of the most curious alignments of linear construction is based on cylindrical circles. 


It is quite fun to envisage aliens visiting the Earth and creating beautiful sites like this, contradictory to this, humans have reached space and are on the threshold of expanding our living base there, it is not so unbelievable to consider aliens dropping down and crafting high buildings. However, the evidence doesn’t speak of any existence of aliens ever, it is just a supernatural explanation of a monumental human achievement. 

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