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Alien TV series for FX officially begins filming this year!

Alien TV series for FX officially begins filming this year!

Scified2023-01-12 17:26:14
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Noah Hawley's upcoming Alien TV series which is being developed for Hulu and FX will officially enter pre-production this year! Deadline reports the series is gearing up to start filming later this year:

“Noah is currently in production on the fifth season of Fargo but he’s in active preproduction on Alien, he’s written scripts,” said FX Boss John Landgraf providing an update at TCA on the long-in-the-works series.

“I think he’s meeting with his production designer in Austin this weekend, gearing up for production this year after he completes the fifth season of Fargo.”

Hawley's Alien TV series will take place before the Ellen Ripley storyline and established film quadrilogy. The setting for the show will also be set on Earth in the "near future" (roughly 70 years from now) rather than on board a spaceship or station. The series will also tackle Transhuman concepts and the blending of Human consciousness with Synthetic / robotic bodies. Of course, the show will include a variety of Aliens as well. Character details for the show were discovered online last year.

Concept artwork for the show leaked last year, which you can see here

As filming kicks off later this year, check back here for more updates!


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Written by ChrisPublished on 2023-01-12 17:26:14

The future of Alien

The Alien franchise is taking a dramatic turn at 20th Century Studios, now owned by Disney. Currently there are two major Alien projects in development - a new Alien TV series by Noah Hawley and a new, stand-alone Alien movie being directed by Fede Alvarez. Both of which will be taking the franchise in a new direction - moving away from the Alien prequel direction Ridley Scott set out to pursue back in 2012.

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12 Fan responses to Alien TV series for FX officially begins filming this year!


NeomorphMember1681 XPJan-13-2023 9:03 AM

Keep the monster in the shadows, that leaves things up to the imagination. I didn't like the daylight-alien. Not very interested in the synthetic part of it, thanks to Alien Covenant... but they can make it interesting.


PraetorianMember4185 XPFeb-13-2023 2:11 AM

I have a bad feeling that the focus of this TV series will shift the focus from the xenomorphs being the antagonist to being mostly human antagonists (more than likely a cookie cutter rich hypermasculine white male villain) with bare minimum of xenomorphs appearing on screen


PraetorianMember4185 XPFeb-22-2023 9:17 AM

what's there to the imagination with the xenomorph? We already know what its body looks like by now


PraetorianMember4185 XPFeb-22-2023 9:54 AM

Also another thing why is everyone on the alien covenant bandwagon? It's not like its the first alien movie to show the xenomorph's entire body or did everyone forget Alien 3, Resurrection, and AVP?


PraetorianMember4185 XPFeb-22-2023 11:52 PM

crap your a bot!


NeomorphMember1681 XPMar-09-2023 3:50 AM

Xenotaris: It can have both, the movies have already had that. Burke working or WY, and some of them in Alien 3.


PraetorianMember4185 XPMar-09-2023 7:16 AM

can you improve on your english a little because I did not understand what you just said? How are Burke and Weyland-Yutani xenomorphs?


NeomorphMember1681 XPMar-09-2023 9:08 AM

Xenotaris: You said something about replacing the monsters with human antagonists. You can have both, in the form of A) Xeno-ish monsters and B) Human antagonists, corporate types, since they have been an important part in the franchise since day one.


PraetorianMember4185 XPMar-09-2023 10:23 AM

Well I know human villians are important part of the franchise but the BIG V is supposed to be the xenomorphs because they are the larger threat since humanity doesn't know well enough to leave these guys alone


OvomorphMember11 XPMar-15-2023 5:49 PM

Fingers crossed. 


DeaconMember10416 XPMar-28-2023 7:31 AM

I have said this a Number of times before and its just my Opinion, i think your LIMITED to what can be done with the Xenomorph on its own...  The Xenomorph has a Unique Life-Cycle, and Aesthetically its kind of Unique. But alone and if its OUT in the OPEN then it is NOT that Scary.... It sadly becomes like a Zombie Flick to a degree (they are Worse than a Zombie) but we have seen Xenomorphs over and over like Zombie Flicks.... and so they will LOOSE their Effect the more you SHOW them.... unless you UPLIFT or Evolve them....

And so i have to Agree with Thoughts_Dreams on this one.... something else that they OFTEN talk about is Characters... this is KEY!  The Advantage of a TV Series is you can Develop Characters more Efficiently than you can within the Restraints of a 2 Hour Movie.

With a TV Series you cant go and Reveal your Hand too Early and so IF you throw the Xenomorphs into the MIX from like 2 Hours into the TV Series or God Forbid Less, then are they going to keep us Interested by the End of a 8-12EP TV Show?

If you have Hordes of Xenomorphs from say EP 2-3 then they are to Feature in Most of the Episodes its then HOW to you keep a Majority of people Interested if the Story is just going to be about Xenos and them Killing Folk!

The Walking Dead was a Success due to other Factors and Threats and GOOD CHARACTERS..... without them and ONLY to deal with the Zombie Threat then it would just be Repetitive and Boring after a while.  And so Primarily i doubt the Xenomorph alone would Survive the Test of Time of a TV Series if its Over-saturated.


PraetorianMember4185 XPMar-28-2023 11:40 AM

human villians are okay as long its the xenomorph thats the main antagonist as in being the more direct antagonist

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