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Alien TV series concept art leaks online!
Scified2022-09-03 09:05:38
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Filming on the Alien TV series for FX begins next year and it may be a while before we get a look at any official material from the show. However, thanks to the folks over at AvPGalaxy, we have our first look at some concept art from the series which they recently leaked online! According to them the following art depicts scenes which take place early on in the show and allude to significant plot elements. Check them out:

Alien TV series

Alien FX Series

Alien TV series Xenomorph

The concept art shows a Weyland-Yutani spaceship, the USCSS Maginot, crashed right in the middle of a city, cutting into the underground levels. The city is controlled by the Prodigy Corporation, a rival to Weyland-Yutani. The next piece depicts two soldiers within an industrial looking room. They’re approaching Xenomorph eggs in containers hiding within a cover of mist. Finally, we can see an adult Xenomorph snatching someone in a vertical shaft.

Thanks to AvPGalaxy for the leak!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-09-03 09:05:38


MemberChestbursterSep-03-2022 2:18 PM

Very interesting. Judging by that concept art summary, my guess is that the W-Y ship carried eggs, facehuggers or fully grown xenos in captivity which we all know is a recipe for disaster. Most or every crew member onboard dies including the pilots and so the ship, failing to respond to repeated “space traffic control” warnings- crashes into the ground, releasing the xenos and/or leaving the eggs to be discovered by soldiers later on thus releasing more xenos into the civilization.

Has it been revealed what part this Prodigy Corp plays into this? What’s their agenda? Rivals at terraforming? “Building even better worlds”
Perhaps attempting to control the xenos like the W-Y corp for use as bio-weapons?


MemberPraetorianSep-03-2022 2:50 PM

I have a bad feeling about this TV series, I fear were in for another AVP 04 or Alien Resurrection


MemberNeomorphSep-04-2022 7:04 AM

I'm interested in the corporate side of it, hopefully there will be somewhere where I can watch it.


MemberPraetorianSep-05-2022 7:04 AM

I hope they don't focus too heavily on the human side of things, I still want my xenomorphs to be an ever present threat and not side lined by a human-like villain.


MemberPraetorianSep-05-2022 7:07 AM

 Ash, Burke, and Michael Bishop worked because they were just a brief obstacle rather than the threat itself. The threat should be the xenomorphs, nothing else.


MemberFacehuggerSep-06-2022 9:58 AM

Glad to know this project is keeping us update with news. It's been 5 years since last Alien movie so hope this tv show will make the Alien saga alive again. 


MemberNeomorphSep-07-2022 9:20 AM


“The threat should be the xenomorphs, nothing else.”

You can have more than that, expand it. Star Wars can, Star Trek has different things, and so on. Star Wars fans seem OK with new things, at least many of them. Why not try new things in the alien-verse? Having the Xeno every-time makes it old.

The company was a threat because they sent them into that situation (Alien), Burke was a company guy in Aliens and you saw how much he cared (or didn't) about humans in that movie. Ripley's speech in alien 3 fits perfectly into that. My point is that the threat of the company was there from day one. The monsters just try to survive against the humans that try to use them. Alien movies seem to be more about human greed than anything, at least the first three.

I think that you can have both the company and the monsters as enemies, you just got to have good writing with human characters and the monsters. About enemies, the Engineer works in Prometheus, and that was new. They could expand on them in some way, so the Xenos don't need to be there always. We already see what happens when it gets over-used like in the AVP's and Resurrection.


MemberPraetorianSep-07-2022 6:57 PM

Then its not ALIEN, it would be like watching a Godzilla movie without Godzilla


MemberPraetorianSep-07-2022 7:00 PM

Part of the backlash against the recent Jurassic World Dominion was a lack of threatening dinosaur presence since genetically modified bugs took center stage and the Giganotosaurus was just there for a few scenes but not enough to have a proper build up to make the Giganotosaurus iconic in the way the first movie made the raptors Iconic or the third movie made the Spinosaurus iconic.


MemberPraetorianSep-07-2022 7:09 PM

I think execution was the problem with AVP and Resurrection, not that they were overused they weren't creative with the xenomorphs like the first three movies were.

The only thing Resurrection added was the Hybrid and the Cloned Xenomorphs but still the cloned xenomorphs used the usually familiar caste of xenomorphs, Ovomorphs, facehuggers, chestbursters, Drones/Warriors and a Queen.

AVP added no new xenomorph type and technically the Predalien existed in the expanded universe a good decade before the AVP movie.

Contrast with the original Alien which introduced the Ovomorph, facehugger, chestburster and Drone cast for the first time in 1979 and then in 2003 reintroduced the egg morphing ability.

Aliens introduced the Warrior variants to the Drone caste and the Xenomorph Queen to the big screen back in 1986.

Alien 3 introduced the xenomorph's DNA reflex back in 1993 with the introduction of the Runner.

When we add in the Alien prequels, Prometheus expanded upon the xenomorph's creators and gave us the protomorph (Deacon)

Alien Covenant gave us the Neomorphs and the Praetomorph (David's xenomorphs)


MemberPraetorianSep-07-2022 7:20 PM

Okay one more multiposting, not trying to get on anyone's case just want to convey my thoughts on it all.

I forgot to mention AVPR like AVP didn't expand on the xenomorph instead just reused from the expanded universe as I mentioned the Predalien before, the sequel gave us a Predalien Praetorian. So basically it combined two expanded universe castes together but it did add that praetorians can inject xenomorph larvae directly into a host.

So I don't think its that the xenomorphs are overused, I think its more that the xenomorphs haven't quite evolved beyond establishing hives. If they were zerg, the xenomorph hives seen on Lv-426, Auriga, and Antarctica would have been a starter Hatchery Level Hive cluster. I think they should introduce more stronger variants of xenomorphs


MemberNeomorphSep-13-2022 10:45 AM


“Then its not ALIEN, it would be like watching a Godzilla movie without Godzilla”

I understand that kind of thinking, but I disagree. You can have things that are in the same family, so to speak, but I see why some think that the Xeno needs to be there. Eventually it depends on what you want to have there for you to consider it alien.

Alien means unknown, so to have the same thing in it, so it becomes familiar, seems to go against that. Too much use of the alien (Xeno) makes it repetitive and less alien, so to speak. Unfortunately, Alien Covenant misused the Xenomorph so it became another low point for it. Maybe you could have it in a cameo at best, but used with more respect than in Covenant.

AR and AVP, I think that they were overused and not used well there. My biggest problem with the AVP's and AR isn't how they did the monsters, but other things too. The human characters were weak, and the tone were too light-hearted, those are my main problems with them. About AVPR, no matter if the monsters would've been better, the movie would still be a turd. AVPR doesn't even have a story that is stitched together, it has random scenes that don't even connect and characters that are just there to be killed but you don't get to know them so to me at least when they die I just don't give a.

Alien 3 was 1992, not 1993. (Nerd comment, LOL)

“I think they should introduce more stronger variants of xenomorphs”

Would that be different enough, though? I can see that point, but I would prefer new things. It's like how much more variations can you do on the same thing before it gets old? The prequels are so and so, but at least they tried new monsters, which I consider in their favor.

I would like to see a movie or a TV-show where they balance the monsters and the Engineers if we are about to talk antagonists. More Engineers please even though some might disagree, more of the same old gets stale fast.


MemberPraetorianSep-13-2022 12:01 PM

Crap, i can't believe i typed 1993 instead of 1992

Well the xenomorph is the star of the alien franchise and everyone thinks of the xenomorphs when mentioned the ALIEN movies and ALIEN was the xenomorphs name before the word xenomorph became popular, again its like Godzilla with no Godzilla or a Predator movie with no Yautja/Predator


MemberPraetorianSep-13-2022 4:48 PM

 Crap forgot again that I can't edit.

I mean the neomorphs are basically prototype xenomorphs same with the deacon from prometheus. They are both parasitic that have parallels to the xenomorph proper. They botch hatch from an egg-like structure, they both have a infector form, they both violently are birthed by bursting out of its host and they both have elongated heads and long limbs.

If you have it heavily focused on super humans, it maybe alien as in the unknown or whatever but its no longer ALIEN, its now a generic sci-fi tv series.


MemberPraetorianSep-13-2022 5:00 PM

sorry one more post

"Would that be different enough, though? I can see that point, but I would prefer new things"

Well they would be xenomorphs of corase but more specialized breeds or even evolved from an earlier caste. Maybe we might have flying xenomorphs that could eventually evolve into a xenomorph starship-caste, kind of evolve the xenomorphs into being like the tyrannids or zerg. I know that might sound video gamey but its an avenue the alien series could take


MemberDeaconSep-30-2022 7:49 AM

I think that you can EXPAND beyond the Xenomorph, this is something that RS had Envisioned... but there was a LOT of Dislike from those who like the Xenomorph and so i think the Xenomorph is the PULLING force to Sell the Franchise but its also its BANE... it will take a Good Juggling Act to TRY and Satisfy everyone and i cant see this working...

I think its a Pickle as to HOW do you Evolve the Xenomorph, its Story... without either giving us a Star Ship Troopers or a Space Jason Voorhees because all we Basically have is a Parasitic Killing Machine that was either Naturally Occurring or Engineered.


MemberDeaconSep-30-2022 7:58 AM

Looking at these IMAGES... if they are Official.

It would seem to Imply that we are getting a PLOT that is Prior to Alien Covenant but after Prometheus.... it would Indicate that a W-Y Ship has gone to some place and Obtained a Xenomorph Specimen.... and during its Entry into Earths Atmosphere it has had a Outbreak that Results in a Crash.

This Crash likely being within the Prodigy Corps Backyard and so they CLAIM the Finders Keepers and begin to Experiment on the Xenomorphs.

The First leaks we had for the TV Series in the Promotional Posters etc was showing us a Face Hugger that was on the Walls of a Partially Submerged Cavern or Ships interior that had the Engineers Aesthetic.

Leading me to Speculate that either a Human Company would Discover a Crashed Engineer Ship or Sunken Engineer Outpost on Earth.... or on some other Planet and a Specimen is brought to Earth.

PERSONALLY.... i have Little Hope for this Project, i think its going to CONFLICT the Franchise and Especially as it would be set some 20 Years before ALIEN and yet we have Xenomorphs running around in City Locations on Earth!

Unless its a Alternative take aka Multiverse.. i think its ASKING for Trouble.


MemberPraetorianSep-30-2022 11:37 PM

I think xenomorph bioships/hiveships would be terrifying

Raiken Sigma

MemberOvomorphOct-04-2022 4:58 AM


First time i've seen this concept art and it looks interesting. I speculate since the doomed Prometheus mission, rival companies emerged all wanting to claim a stake in "Terraforming", and Weyland merged with Yutani as a way to make both "Companies" stronger and stay on top.


    Now this "Maginot" ship, i think is a ship sent out after the events of Prometheus and Covenant, consisting of a team of Weyland Company people and Scientists, that rendezvous with David somewhere out in space. Ofcourse David deceives this Maginot crew, and they end up with more than they bargained for when they recieve Xenomorph eggs, which eventually break out on the ship causing it to crash on arrival back to Earth. 

                       Cue lot's of Corporate battling between Prodigy Corp and W/Y and the Xeno outbreak which both companies fight to contain. I think this is what the ALIEN Franchise truly needs; a continued direction from the Core narrative Ridley Scott layed out, but with fresh "Input" from other talented storytellers. Hopefully this series can combine the whole Corporate espionage with horror/suspense of the Xenomorph in all it's splendor. 

Raiken Sigma

MemberOvomorphOct-04-2022 4:58 AM


First time i've seen this concept art and it looks interesting. I speculate since the doomed Prometheus mission, rival companies emerged all wanting to claim a stake in "Terraforming", and Weyland merged with Yutani as a way to make both "Companies" stronger and stay on top.


    Now this "Maginot" ship, i think is a ship sent out after the events of Prometheus and Covenant, consisting of a team of Weyland Company people and Scientists, that rendezvous with David somewhere out in space. Ofcourse David deceives this Maginot crew, and they end up with more than they bargained for when they recieve Xenomorph eggs, which eventually break out on the ship causing it to crash on arrival back to Earth. 

                       Cue lot's of Corporate battling between Prodigy Corp and W/Y and the Xeno outbreak which both companies fight to contain. I think this is what the ALIEN Franchise truly needs; a continued direction from the Core narrative Ridley Scott layed out, but with fresh "Input" from other talented storytellers. Hopefully this series can combine the whole Corporate espionage with horror/suspense of the Xenomorph in all it's splendor. 


MemberDeaconOct-10-2022 7:31 AM

As of NOW we have no Real Idea of what this TV Series is going to Affect as far as CANON.

These Concepts seem to indicate that a W-Y Ship will likely be what Brings the Xenomorph to Earth.  And in what seems to be a Popular District which we can ONLY assume will be in a Area that the Prodigy Corp Controls.

THIS... is going to Contradict what we see in ALIEN/ALIENS as FAR as most of Mankind has NEVER encountered anything like this....

LOOKING... at the Time-Line thats been Indicated the Events of the TV Series could be like 5 Years before ALIEN COVENANT... and Certainly some 20-25 Years before the events of ALIEN!

Xenomorphs in a CITY location on Earth at least 20 Years before ALIEN?.... thats a BIG NO THANKS from me...... UNLESS... as i have said before, maybe we are being given a ALTERNATIVE TIME-LINE like a Multiverse.... just like how we have the Spiderman Movies over the last 20 Years where we have had 3 Incarnations of our Super Hero.  Or the Batman Movies of the 90's compared to the Dark Knight Series and then Latter Appearances....

Same Character and Broad Plot/Villains... just Alternative takes... if this is what the TV Series is bringing to the PLATE then maybe we can Appreciate if for what it is... otherwise its going to MUDDLE the CANON of the Movies.

Seems a Cash Grab to me, where they have RAN OUT of Ideas and are going for the more POPCORN like Route....  but as Ridley Scott had once said... there is ONLY so much Chest Bursting and Snarling you can do.....

If they are going to the BASICS... which is WHAT is the Xenomorph, WHERE did it come from... then you have to Answer as to WHY would Mankind want such a thing, and WHY the Space Jockey/Engineers would too (if we going to look at these Guys).

Xenomorph as a Weapon?  Nah! its more like the Nuke Option... or like Dropping a Chemical Weapon that causes a Zombie Outbreak.


MemberDeaconOct-10-2022 7:48 AM

So you then got to look at the Xenomorph!

Space Bug?  Its then HOW do you Uplift or Evolve what Essentially is like a Space Ant Colony, and i think you have to be Careful.... maybe YES you make them Super Intelligent, give them BIO-SHIPS etc... which maybe makes them like the WARHAMMER 40K TYRANIDS.... but you RUN the RISK of giving us another like STARSHIP TROOPERS.

Bio-Warfare? This is the Route that Ridley Scott had saw it has but the WHO and WHY had Changed over Time... i think i agree with this as ONCE you have shown the Xenomorph over and over.... we have to ask.

Is it the Perfect Weapon/Solider and the Answer has to be NO! Now bare with me a Little... its more like a KILL SWITCH a NUKE... its like say COVID could you imagine if you Created a Virus which combined COVID with EBOLA... if you have NO CURE for it.. or it Mutates to become IMMUNE to such a Anti-Virus then you could be in BIG TROUBLE... its ONLY SAFE USE is to Drop onto a World you want to Destroy all LIFE on and then leave that World to ROT and become a Waste Ground.

The Xenomorph would be something like the above..... but if we take the Engineers as Canon then the GOO is many more times more Effective and Efficient.

What about as Soldiers?  Maybe you could TRY and Control the Xenomorphs and then USE them as a Fighting Force... but they are ONLY of USE in Certain Situations, when its a more OPEN BATTLEFIELD... then the Xenomorphs are NOT as BIG of a Threat....   If a Xenomorph Outbreak had occurred say on a Island lets say New Zealand.... well NATO at Present would WIPE the Floor with them.... we saw what the Sentry Guns did in ALIENS.... imagine more Powerful Guns from Air Force Weapons and Never Mind like Rockets/Missiles Fired from Ships etc etc...

So for me it has to be to LOOK at WHAT can be Gained from the Xenomorph Genetically.... what can you TRY and Gain from it to USE for some Greater Purpose.

Maybe the TV Series would LOOK at something like this... before we get a Outbreak?

When i look at the Xenomorph from a Military Prospective and what would be the BIG PAY OFF.... then RIPLEY 8 comes to Mind.... when we Dig Deeper into the Engineers Agenda... and Especially what was the ORIGINAL Purpose for them.. then what FITS with their Aim... and Peter Weylands (Immortality) the Answer to me is again RIPLEY 8.

It would be Interesting to see if the TV Series could look at Similar as in what Genetically could be Gained from the Xenomorph.


MemberPraetorianOct-10-2022 3:55 PM

I just thought of something, what if the black goo was created after the xenomorphs like the xenomorphs were the Engineer's first bioweapon but then they made the black goo which was a more advanced form of the xenomorphs which could make anything into a xenomorph-like lifeform?

Back to the BioShip Idea, I was thinking maybe the xenomorphs gain enough minds to their hivemind where they act more like a computer intelligence rather gaining sapience like a human. Thus they construct a mobile hive of some sorts by either incorporating some manmade things or they construct living engine of somesorts


MemberDeaconOct-11-2022 7:12 AM

I think the Problem with the Bio-Ships would be that a Xenomorph that has the Advanced Technological Knowledge to BUILD such a thing, would likely have other forms of Weaponry. This could make our Xenomorphs like TOO POWERFUL if they are Against the Technology we see Mankind has from say ALIENS and even Alien Resurrection.

I could buy a Hiveworld which has been Invested with Hives and Xenomorphs where they would GET OFF that World via the Hubris of any Species trying to Obtain a Specimen for Study.

I am not sure about Evolving the Xenomorphs to be so Advanced to Space Travel by their own Means.... maybe we could introduce another Species above them? who had merely used the Xenomorphs as a Killing Machine? But this was the Indication of what the Space Jockey had them for.... which became our Engineers.

Regarding the Goo and HOW it could come from the Xenomorph they could go that ROUTE of have a Common Ancestor... but then if we look at Prometheus it would indicate that the GOO was USED to Spread the Engineers DNA to then either EVOLVE into the Basis of Life or (more likely) to Contaminate Life to take on Engineer DNA.

They could CHANGE this by showing us the Engineers were Actually trying to Contaminate Worlds to Create Xeno-Virus Monsters and THUS the Sacrificial Scene is NOT them Creating Life and its NOT set on Earth or HOW WE was Created.


MemberPraetorianOct-11-2022 11:01 PM

well back to the bioships, well we might not know the full capability of the xenomorph since all xenomorph hives so far were either room-sized nests or an entire apartment sized hive.

We know the xenomorphs are exceptional quick observational learners and they tend to have genetic memory, it would probably be rare but if lets say the xenomorphs could completely take over a capital world like earth.

I think gradually the xenomorphs would probably evolve a way to leave that planet after learning everything they could from their host species. I think the xenomorphs could evolve into a strange hybrid of the Geth and Flood


MemberDeaconOct-14-2022 4:45 AM

Genetic Memory i think this is the THING to have Concentrated on with the Xenomorph.  But from the Perspective of what there is to BENEFIT from this, be that for the Engineers or Mankind. It would seem the Xenomorph can Inherit some ASPECTS of this from the Host but we could take this Further.

But to just look at the Basics of this... then YES we cant Rule-Out that a Xenomorph could Learn to USE say Tools of their Hosts... Their Hands should be as Dexterous as ours if NOT even more so.  But i think that going too MUCH into this would TAKE AWAY the more Feral/Primal Aspect of the Xenomorph.

Same with Bio-Ships etc.... it could WORK... Certainly for a Comic and Video Game but i think that it would make them more of a Popcorn Flick and Starship Troopers like Movie.... thats NOT to say it wont Work.... or that it would NOT go and Please some of the Fanbase....

But its about the MONEY and if DISNEY feel such a Route would make MONEY then they could maybe GO that Route.... Especially if they wish to Cater for the Younger Generation of say under 30's.  Who are more Drawn to the MARVEL like Current Universe... rather than say the Dark Knight Batman kind of Superhero Flicks.

I like to see the Xenomorph for their Purity in that they are a Parasitic Horror that becomes the FOLLY and Chaos in Hubris for anyone who wishes to Obtain such a Species.  The same kind of Hubris you would get say if Science decided to Engineer a Deadly Spider the Size of say a LION.... these things then GET OUT and Multiply then they would a GRAVE THREAT to Humanity apart from our Military Weaponry.  And this is HOW i like to view the Xenomorph.

But other People have their own Views and ULTIMATELY its out of our Hands and into whatever it is that DISNEY feel is the way Forwards.


MemberPraetorianOct-14-2022 11:05 AM

I understand, I don't think i would want the xenomorphs to loose their Feral/Primal Aspect

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