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Alien FX TV series casting call reveals first character details!
Scified2021-11-06 19:13:44
Written by Chris23,253 Reads27 Comments2021-11-06 19:13:44

The upcoming Alien TV series being created for FX by Noah Hawley and produced by Ridley Scott will begin filming next spring and this week, our first casting call for the series has revealed the first batch of character details from the show!

This new casting call comes to us from website The Illuminerdi and it reveals the following:

FX is looking to cast a man in his early 30s, open ethnicity, to play “Hermit.” Hermit is a medic with the Army. The prototype they are looking for is Domhnall Gleeson

FX is also looking to cast a woman of any age and any ethnicity to play “Wendy.” Wendy is Hermit’s [sister], but stuck in another person’s body. Until now, Hermit believed his sister was killed in an experiment, but comes to realize that she is in fact in this soldier’s body. They are looking for someone who is well muscled and able to do action. FX is also looking for someone with comedy chops. Danai Gurira is the prototype for this role.

So we have our first two characters for the Alien FX series, Hermit and Wendy. Wendy is supposedly killed during some unknown experimentation but is later to be found to be inside a soldier’s body? Could we be seeing some form of Android / Human blending in this series? Transhumanism in an Alien series? With Ridley Scott being involved, it's not far fetched to assume we'll see significant references to blending of organic and inorganic life forms, akin to his Prometheus venture.

As new details arise we'll be sure to keep you posted! In the meantime, let us know what you think about this casting call and the details it reveals by commenting below!

Thanks to AVPGalaxy for the tip!

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MemberFacehuggerNov-07-2021 10:06 AM

oh god no, I can already tell I'm going to hate it


MemberPraetorianNov-07-2021 10:14 AM



AdminEngineerNov-07-2021 12:28 PM

I'm on the fence as well... my biggest fear is that this show gets plagued by millennial bull****. I just want an authentic take on Alien adapted for TV with as minimal political crap as possible thrown in. Some shows are impossible to watch lately with the amount of force-fed propaganda.


MemberPraetorianNov-07-2021 1:52 PM

agree 200%


MemberDeaconNov-08-2021 7:24 AM

Well its too Early to say what the TV Series will Introduce, we maybe should NOT go and Read too much into Stuff.

At the Basics it looks like the Inequality may come down to HOW you have the Common People being USED by the Rich Mega Corps.....were we will see some People who will be LED to think they are being Given Opportunities to their Benefit, but they are Merely being TAKEN Advantage of.

The Casting Details has just shown us that there will be a Military Element, which will Result at some point in a Military Conflict between the Xenomorph. (as the slow Burn will Build Up into Action and Special Effects Heavy Scenes which include the Xenomorph.

"Until now, Hermit believed his sister was killed in an experiment, but comes to realize that she is in fact in this soldier’s body."

Seems they are going for a Soul Transfer like i have Discussed on here a Number of Times.

so Experiments in Transferring your Mind/Soul and Consciousness into another BODY may Require a MIDDLE Component to STORE this Contagiousness.

This being to Transfer your Memories, Emotions, Personality into 0's/1's so it can be STORED in a A.I Medium and then Transferred into another BODY.

This does-not have to mean the Solider that Wendy's Mind is in would be a Synthetic/Robot.

The TV Series does seem it will TOUCH UPON the Subject of A.I as being a Future Threat/Problem.... but then we will see a ANCIENT Threat which could be WHERE we get the Xenomorph from.

"FX is also looking for someone with comedy chops."

This is a CONCERN... i hope they do-not put too much Comedy into the Series.... we DO-NOT want to see another THE PREDATOR here.


MemberDeaconNov-08-2021 7:28 AM

"STORE this Contagiousness"

Consciousness i mean ;)


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 8:44 AM

I feel that this "This being to Transfer your MemoriesEmotionsPersonality into 0's/1's so it can be STORED in a A.I Medium and then Transferred into another BODY." Should be something done in the distant future around Alien Resurrection time, not pre-Prometheus time


MemberNeomorphNov-08-2021 8:57 AM

Alien has always had political undertones (WY anyone?) it's a bit late to complain about that now, right? One thing that I would like to add is to get the story right, then characters, then you can try to think about what the messages should be. For those that don't like it, well, you have Fox news and so on.

As far as an authentic take, well that includes political messages since they were there from day one (the monsters as a metaphor for rape, a crew being expendable, and so on). If they want to include political messages, then you don't need to watch.

Don't have too much comedy in it, we already have AR.


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 9:47 AM

battling evil corporations is one thing, adding SJW woke stuff is another


MemberDeaconNov-08-2021 3:26 PM

I think its too Early to Speculate much about this TV Series being WOKEN... i think there has been a Insurgence of inclusive Programing/Movies over the PAST FEW YEARS.

I dont see this being too much of a PROBLEM, provided it also Focuses on other Elements and does-not get TOO TIED down with some Political Inclusions.

There is a lot more OPENNESS regarding the LGBT Community nowadays Compared to in the 70's and 80's, and also in Regards to Gender Identification.

Hearing about Gender Identification and Particularly being GENDER FLUID is something that would seem a ALIEN Concept back 30-40+ Years ago. There is more OPENNESS towards it and more Acceptance than there was 30+ Years ago and i can ONLY go and ASSUME it would become more Normal and Accepted in 30+ Years Time.

And so IF we have Characters who are GAY or Identify as a Different Sex than they was BORN with, or those who DO-NOT IDENTIFY as any SEX, i dont think thats out of Place in the FUTURE i think it would be more Common than we have NOW, and so IF they Choose this for the TV Series then i DO-NOT see a Problem, as LONG as the Emphasis does not Distract from other PARTS of the PLOT and Characters and IF its Well Written and NOT just ADDED for the Sake of it.

Looking at Gender Identification then MAYBE this is what they are doing with the Character WENDY.... IF she is a Female Soul who is NOW in a Male Solider Body this could be a Clever Way of doing the Gender Identification,  i am NOT saying this would be the CASE... and if they do such a thing then it MAYBE could UPSET those who think that this is a FORCED Attempt.. and False... instead of Dealing with the Reality that some People do Grow up and Feel Emotionally, Spiritually they are NOT in the RIGHT BODY as far as SEX.

Maybe a BETTER way to take on such a Concept would be to have a Masculine Female Character much like  Vasquez from ALIENS and have this Character go and Identify as a MALE.

The Gender Fluid Subject is something that you would Expect from a Synthetic... WHY do we have to have Female/Male Synthetics instead of just GENDER NEUTRAL?

Maybe you could have a Attempt of Scientist, Transferring the Soul of a Human who Identifies as Gender Fluid into a Gender Neutral Synthetic Body?  Or maybe this kind of PLOT is something thats BEST to be Explored in its OWN Sci-Fi Movie.

In Reality as Technology goes and Advances, then in 50, 100 Years those who FEEL they are Trapped in the Wrong Sex Body would likely have means to Obtain the BODY they Identify with.  Should we EVER get to the Point when we can Attempt to Transcend a Human Soul into a Robot... i am sure that those who Identify as Gender Fluid or do-not Identify with the Aesthetic Sex they are Born with would be WILLING to take Part in such Experiments.

The Question is should we EXPLORE these within the ALIEN FRANCHISE?

So maybe the Wendy in the Body of a Male Solider could be a more Subtle way of doing it?


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 3:32 PM

Can we leave identity politics out of this, I mean the alien franchise has been through enough.

I would rather focus on learning more about the Aliens and their creators and the corporation's plans on getting their hands on a xenomorph, not this "oh wouldn't this be cool if we include a transgender character to make this series more human centric" 


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 3:39 PM

also this sounds like a repeat of Caprica. It made sense with Battlestar Galactica but not Alien since the focus of Alien is supposed to be well ALIENS and not the androids.

I don't mind the conciseness transference if it was further up the timeline let say between Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection


MemberDeaconNov-08-2021 4:11 PM

Its too Early to tell Exactly what the Focus will be, we have to ASSUME it will Eventually come down to the Xenomorph.

It does seem that A.I will PLAY a Role in the TV Series, but its Quite HOW this will be.... but it seems its seen as a THREAT..

It could be that Wendy is a MAIN Character though, but all we know is HER SOUL in in the BODY of a Solider and at this POINT we dont know if this would be a Female Solider, or a Male (seems likely).

The other Threat is from a Ancient One... and THIS is were maybe the Xenomorph comes into PLAY which will TOTALLY go and Discredit the Prequels.... but with Ridley Scott on board i think he would NOT be Interested if the TV Series was to TOTALLY RUBBISH his Prequels.

To me i am being drawn to maybe the TV Series will be a ALTERNATIVE CANON.... a Reboot if you would.

IF it is NOT then i cant see HOW this can NOT go and Conflict the Franchise... and Especially the Prequels.

I do have Concerns about the TV Series...... i think you are PLAYING WITH FIRE.... if you are going to make a TV Show that is SET prior to say 2180.


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 4:15 PM

I guess I jumped the gun on this one, time will tell if they do it right or if its complete RUBBISH


MemberDeaconNov-08-2021 4:21 PM

Reading into it again though....

Wendy could be in another Females Body just a Female who is more Muscular.  We can ONLY go and Speculate at the Moment.

As i have said it seems the TV show will Tackle the Two Sides of the Coin, that is the Greedy/Rich Corporation Owners vs the Common Person and the Injustice and way that these People will be taken Advantage of.

It will SLOWLY go and Build on Characters... and DEAL with the Threat that A.I would pose....

Before we get into HORROR/DISCOVERY like in ALIEN, which then would become more ACTION HEAVY like ALIENS.

The BIGGEST Concerns for me are..

1)  It will be SET ON EARTH.

2) It will be SET prior to the Prequels, and likely at least 50 Years before ALIEN maybe up to 75 Years Prior.

3) The Ancient Threat could be the Xenomorph/Engineers.

And so the Combination would SURELY make a Mockery of the Prequels... and WELL it will CONFLICT the FRANCHISE too...

IF you are going to Explore the Xenomorph again... then for me you have to... either.

a) Have it SET after 2125 and on ANOTHER WORLD.

b) Have it SET on Earth only if its after the Year 2180.


MemberPraetorianNov-08-2021 4:26 PM


Agree 110%


MemberDeaconNov-09-2021 6:18 AM

Well i have done some looking at what we know about the TV Show and it seems i have MIS-READ one of the Statements.

"They’re about humanity trapped between our primordial, parasitic past and our artificial intelligence future—and they’re both trying to kill us"

This seems to be Aimed at the Alien Franchise/Prequels.

With the Inequality i think some are Reading into this being a TV Show that will be WOKEN but it does-not seem to be that way.  It will likely look at HOW even in Today and in the Future we will see a GULF between the Rich and the Poor and it seems it will TOUCH ON how the Rich will always Benefit from the Blood, Sweat and Tears of the Poor. (and i guess Common Working Class).

We know it seems there will be a Horrific Discovery that will LIKELY be the Xenomorph, that will Develop into some Heavy Action.

With Hermit being Part of the Military there will be a Military Element to the Story, with Wendy it does seem we will have a Persons Soul/Consciousness inside another Body (this could be a Female, Male or Synthetic we just cant tell yet)..

The Xenomorph they may be TRYING something a BIT Different but they WONT be Changing it too much, looking at the Images so FAR we have Traditional Face Huggers and the Gestation/Chestbuster looks more like that from ALIEN COVENANT.

It would appear the Xenomorph is Discovered on a Partially Submerged OUTPOST or SHIP. That seems to have the more Modern Prometheus Aesthetic rather than the ALIEN one.

The Areas of Concern for me are STILL that the Action takes place on EARTH and it would seem more Closer to Current Time-Line (2022) than the 2122 of ALIEN

So i would GUESS we are looking at Earth between 2047 and 2072 which would be a PROBLEM...

Unless this is a Alternative Take... a Re-Vamp, Reboot of Sorts.  Which it seems like it could be to me.


MemberPraetorianNov-09-2021 8:02 AM

As a fan of Alien Franchise and its sister the Predator franchise, I am going to write off the Alien TV series as non-canon in my eyes.


MemberPraetorianNov-09-2021 8:34 AM

Although not many people liked the prequels, I think no one should undo them


MemberDeaconNov-11-2021 7:14 AM

Looking more into it......

It seems that the TV Series is AIMING to NOT go and Conflict the Franchise or Prequels. And to become CANON.

I just STRUGGLE to see HOW....

I think maybe like AVP if the Action took Place on a Isolated Location/Outpost that gets NUKED and then a Massive Cover-Up then MAYBE it would NOT go and Conflict the ALIEN Franchise much.

But i FAIL to see HOW it would NOT go and Conflict the Prequels.

The Promotional Work for the TV Series shows us a Face Hugger, and a Xenomorph Embryo that has Arms/Legs and Tail (like from Alien Covenant).

what we KNOW for Sure is...

*They will introduce the Xenomorph

*It will be SET on Earth for the Majority.

*They will be Tinkering with the Xenomorph but NOT too much.

*It will Focus on Inequality in Relation to Mainly the DIVIDE between the Rich and Poor and how the Rich always USE the Poorer to their own GAINS.

*It will be SET in the Near Future which to me Sounds like UP-TO or around 50 Years from NOW, than the Distant Future of ALIEN in 100 Years from NOW.

*There seems to be some Submerged/Flooded Chamber that has the Aesthetic of Prometheus Engineers (this is likely where the Xenomorph is Encountered).

*We will see it deal with a Human Consciousness thats STUCK inside another Body (but we cant be sure WHAT this BODY will be... as far as SEX, RACE, or if its a Synthetic).

It seems the Comments about a Future Threat and Ancient Threat are about the Franchise and Prequels..... but this does-not mean we WONT be seeing A/I or Synthetics.

I am going to Assume they Discover something and then we GET the Answer that the Pathogen comes from Xenomorphs and that Eventually the Pathogen will REVERT/MUTATE/EVOLVE all Life back to a Xenomorph.

For me i think the PLOT would be a MISTAKE...

I also think having the Xenomorphs on Earth could be a RISK.... are we having a MASS/EPIC like War of the Worlds/Independence Day?

Hundreds or Thousands of Xenomorphs roaming the Streets of a Busy City?  This would be a MISTAKE and Especially IF we are in a Time-Line that is PRIOR to ALIEN.

I would like to HOPE for the Best but i Dread something like AVPR without Predators and the Pred-Alien.



MemberOvomorphNov-12-2021 8:48 PM

this post this really very good


MemberNeomorphNov-14-2021 5:17 AM

Xenotaris: To say something against woke stuff is usually a comment to not add anything controversial at all. If someone has something to say then let them do it. You can choose to not watch it.

Someone says something about treating women bad some people say “that's woke stuff, you can't have that”, someone says something about environmental damage some people are “that's woke stuff, you can't say that”, and so on. In the end it becomes like you can't say anything about important issues because it hurts someone's feelings and the art becomes meaningless.

I agree with you about having it if it fits the story and not put it there in the first place and then let the story come after that. You're right that the androids shouldn't be the focus because to me it isn't interesting as much as the human story is.


MemberDeaconNov-15-2021 7:08 AM

"You're right that the androids shouldn't be the focus because to me it isn't interesting as much as the human story is."

Can you imagine this Comment in 100-125 Years!  When Robots will be wanting Human Rights... Joke ;)

I think that the A.I has its Place but should NOT be the Main Focus, i think having other stuff included that People may say is Giving into to Wokeness is also Fine as LONG as its does-not Distract from the Main Story.

For me then ALIEN has to Symbolize the ALIEN UNIVERSE that is out there, where Mankind has Ventured Forwards looking at the Rewards of the Galaxy the Fruit to Steal and Harvest..... while being Naive to the DANGER and HORROR that awaits those who Unsuspecting it and are NOT Prepared for it.

We also see its about Certain Humans who will go to ANY LENGTH and Extremes for Personal Gain, while they Manipulate and Use the more Common People.

This is something that i think the TV Series will be Covering to a Good Extent (that prior Paragraph).   The Xenomorph will become PART of the Story as well MOST will see that anything ALIEN has to have a Xenomorph.... for me i would say as long as it has anything Connected to the Engineers in Context to any sinister Agenda and Horrors they Create then that to me Constitutes as ALIEN because the Xenomorph is merely a Extension/Evolution of what the Engineers had been doing.

We still KNOW so Little about the TV Series so all we can do is Speculate and maybe something the Comments by those who are GIVING US this TV Series could be taken out of Context or are Comments that are Throwing us OFF the Scent... for Example say if the NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE.. Ends up being say the Year 2150... on the Scale of Humanity that is the Very Close Future.....

If its more 2050 and will be SET ON EARTH... then i have Concerns.... unless its a Alternative Take/Reboot.


MemberPraetorianNov-15-2021 10:57 AM

"We still KNOW so Little about the TV Series so all we can do is Speculate and maybe something the Comments by those who are GIVING US this TV Series could be taken out of Context or are Comments that are Throwing us OFF the Scent... for Example say if the NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE.. Ends up being say the Year 2150... on the Scale of Humanity that is the Very Close Future....."

So they are pulling a lying creator trope? I certainly hope so!

"To say something against woke stuff is usually a comment to not add anything controversial at all. If someone has something to say then let them do it. You can choose to not watch it."

I think some people misinterpret what WOKENESS is. I am all for pushing boundaries if they have actually meaning in this universes setting but to for example of "WOKE"

"I am female there for I am better than any male characters because all males are evil or cannot truly be as good as a female because women are perfect" is an example of wokeness.

"I am female but I am an equal to the male characters because were both humans beings with flaws" is not an example of wokeness.


MemberPraetorianNov-15-2021 10:58 AM

 damn realized I made some spelling errors


MemberDeaconNov-18-2021 7:44 AM

"So they are pulling a lying creator trope? I certainly hope so!"

Not sure what you mean by that, what i was saying is that while Noah Hawley says the TV Show would be SET in the Not Too Distant Future... it Really Depends on WHAT he sees as NOT TOO DISTANT.

So we could Assume this is like within 50 Years but then it could be within 100 Years.  I am going to Assume that its LIKELY to be set between 2040-2060, it does seem that it WILL be SET before ALIEN though.

And so YES we will be seeing Xenomorphs on the Rampage on Earth in PRIOR to when Ellen Ripley had ever Encountered One on the Nostromo.

I just think you have to be Careful, and HOPE that it would be in a Outpost in a Secluded Area that then gets NUKED with NO TRACE before we get to ALIEN and see a Cover-Up.

But Personally if it was down to me then Xenomorphs prior to Alien Covenant would be a NO NO! and Xenomorphs on Earth prior to say 2200 would be a NO NO!  I would even NOT want to see them EVER get to Earth ideally if i am Honest.


MemberPraetorianNov-18-2021 10:50 AM

I don't mind Xenos being on earth as long as its set after ALIENS/ALIEN 3

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