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Fifield question

Nathan Adler



Posted Jul-02-2017 1:42 AM

Why doesn't acid drip from Fifield’s injuries after being shot by security guards before he is burned to death?





Posted Jul-02-2017 3:54 AM

I think that will be an oversight. Again, another good spot. The thing is that post A:C we are now finding so many inconsistencies regarding the Pathogens effects in various hosts and their eventual outcome / end product.

It would be fair to say that theoretically the gun was of a sufficient standard that it would rip the suit and puncture the skin causing leakage. The Acid blood may of then dripped out causing damage to the floor of the entrance.

So i dont think they purposely left the acid blood effects out - i think they thought there was enough going on with the fight scene that it didnt need that effect. Even though that is what should have happened if Fifield was bleeding inside the ship during his end.

I doubt they planned Fifield to not chang in that way, in some way hinting that not all hosts gain Acid blood. I reckon it is another oversight to through onto the mountainous pile.

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord




Posted Jul-02-2017 10:49 AM

Well, I don't know why, but he/it just didn't have acidic blood. It looks the same way with the Neomorph (I didn't see it's blood melting, whatsoever, through the floor of the room it was killed in on Planet 4. I agree that there are incosistencies, but I don't know if I would call this one an oversight. It is frustrating that we don't know the details of how this pathogen is affecting people/animals, as well as not knowing the rationale behind the decisions (since we aren't there at every meeting and build).

I do think that the people behind creating Fifield, the Neomorph, or in designing any other thing infected with the black pathogen, choose everything carefully and knowing what has come before. Now, this prequel series seems to be filled with evolving ideas from movie-to-movie, but yeah. Not an oversight, but something we just may never have an answer to, because Ridley doesn't seem worried about giving it out or letting others do so. 

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Posted Jul-02-2017 4:43 PM

He was in the process of transforming into something, so perhaps not there yet, but why would the resulting organism need to have acid for blood? 

The original xenomorph in Alien certainly did not. The facehugger did, but not the xeno. Watch the ending of Alien, particularly the part where a speargun is shot into his gut. Not only does the fluid spray not dissolve the hull and smoke, it does not even dissolve the spear head.




Posted Jul-02-2017 5:20 PM


Indeed that is a Good Point, again this may be a Oversight on their part... as i think the intention was it had Acid Blood, right from the Earlier Drafts.  Why Parker said "one hell of a defense mechanism you dare not kill it"  but off course this could be him Assuming it would have Acid Blood like the Face Hugger.

On to the OT... indeed i think there is a lot of stuff done with the Franchise where each time they change and add stuff without keeping to the Lore or the Original or Previous movies, there seems to be no consistency.


Fifield was to had been a different Monster, they did many versions of it, but from the Drafts it was to have taken on a more Xenomorph look well it was to show us that Fifield had became a Xeno/Human Hybrid but they Toned this down when shooting Prometheus and even never had ACID Blood.

Alien: Engineers which is the Original Prequel idea to Alien that FOX had decided to tone down and get Lindeloff in to Re-write... but in Spaights draft Fifield was a Xeno Hybrid and he did indeed have Acid Blood.


A FIGURE IN A WHITE SPACE SUIT lies writhing weakly.
The insignia on the suit’s chestplate reads FIFIELD. The
suit’s helmet is shattered. Inside the helmet, Fifield’s head
is a horror: a gelatinous mass, skin reduced to putty.
The softened bones of his skull change shape as we watch.
Elongating. Fifield mews in pain.


The figure turns.
The label stencilled on the space suit reads FIFIELD. But the
face is of no human shape. A hideous hybrid of the crewman
and a hard-shelled Alien, pale and horrific.
Its helmet has been shattered by the growth of its elongate
skull. Spines have burst through the suit from within, down
the crewman’s spine. Clawed fingers piercing his gloves.


A ROAR of gunfire. The dying Shepherd empties his clip into
Fifield from forty feet away.
Acid sluices over Vickers as Fifield collapses on top of her.
She dies horribly, caustic liquid eating through space suit,
flesh and bone.


I hope that the only AWAKENING we are in for is FOX/RS wake up and learn from their mistakes.




Posted Jul-02-2017 5:28 PM

@BigDave - Yes, I have read both drafts of the script many times. In the actual movie they went with a more humanoid version of Fifield, not the advanced form in the script or the original cut scenes. As I said, he was still in the process of transforming into something, so perhaps not there yet, thus no indication yet of acidic blood.

Regarding the Parker line you quoted from Alien - he was referring to the face hugger. The xeno had not yet been born.

Whether it was an oversight or not (I have never heard that), it is film canon that the original xeno was shown NOT to have acidic blood. The xeno breed in Aliens did, but not the original.




Posted Jul-02-2017 6:05 PM

Kethol great point about the original xeno!!! I have watched that film and read the novelisation countless times and always just assumed it did have some form of acidic defence like the facehugger.

An assumption probably retrospectively applied from Aliens (where they DO have acid blood)







Posted Jul-02-2017 6:21 PM

Indeed, Parker was on about the Face Hugger which i think led them to assume the Alien must have too hence they would not make any attempt to harm it.  I do think the intention was the Xenomorph had Acid Blood. 

It does raise a Question to why would it need Acid Blood though?  The Face Hugger we can see it clearly was a form of protection to prevent the Organism being removed from the Host.  Well AC showed you dont cut it off, just a bit of elbow grease was needed.... if only Fifield had realized that then he may not have needed to cut the Hammerpede lol

I think Fifield did not end up to good, but they had made further changes as they was happy with Sean Harris Performance and again its something they toned down.

I think the Trilobite had Acid too, and this is where the Burn Came From... the Trilobite Attack is a funny one as the Burn Appears and Disappears a few times during the attack.

It appears thus this is a highly edited shot...  but RS had felt the Original Shot diminished the Engineer and Re-shot a Scene again after Ian Whyte had the Burn Effects applied/finished the Trilobite Scene

By going with the alternative shot where the Engineer was just pissed off and wanted to kill Shaw, they had to remove other scenes due to the No-Burn Mark... and we could assume he suffered this in the Crash.

So i think indeed there was hints at ACID planned in Prometheus but all we are left with was the Hammerpedes only having this.

Fifield indeed could have been in the Process of Changing Still, RS had mentioned that eventually he would have exploded like the Engineers.

I hope that the only AWAKENING we are in for is FOX/RS wake up and learn from their mistakes.




Posted Jul-02-2017 6:44 PM

The Protomorph Daniels crushed in the Lander's crane arm was hissing and smoking too from memory??

I read a theory somewhere the acid blood may be used by the Xeno organisms to produce its own form molecular energy as a bi-product of bio-electrical charges....literally xeno's have their own battery acid

“While Xenomorph acidic blood is primarily thought of as a passive defense mechanism used to deter attackers, studies show that it in fact plays a far more integral role in the creature’s biology. Research by Lasalle Bionational indicates that the acid is primarily a component of a biological “battery”, generating a powerful bio-electric charge by means of chemical reaction that provides the Xenomorph with its energy, replacing the need for traditional respiration and digestion of food altogether. This would would help to explain how the creature is apparently able to survive in the vacuum of space for significant periods, and also helps to explain how the Ovomorph stage is seemingly able to remain dormant but alive for vastly extended periods of time. However, the means by which the creatures may “recharge” this battery remains a mystery. It is quite possible it simply cannot be renewed, and that Xenomorphs will eventually die naturally as a result of this energy source depleting.”

SOURCE: https://cosmicchemist.wordpress.com/2017/01/30/science-of-the-alien-franchise-i-xenomorphic-blood/





Posted Jul-02-2017 7:00 PM

It has been mentioned numerous time in various threads on here that the Xeno was in the Narcissus shuttle preparing to die, having completed it's task of subduing the crew and eggmorphing Dallas.

There are theories that eggmorphing may produce a "royal egg" which does line up with why the Big Chap was all mission- complete-time-to-die. Which in turn does support the acid blood as an energy source  / Battery theory.







Posted Jul-02-2017 7:33 PM

I have heard the acid blood and as an energy source theory before. I like that one much better than some of the other theories to explain the growth - like it absorbs water and carbon from the air to gain mass, or that it actually weighs very little but has densely packed mass that expands as it grows, rather than gaining mass.

@BigDave - I alwasy assumed the trilobite thing had acid blood. It's basically just a big face hugger after all.

The wounds on the Engineer's face could be from the Juggernaut crash or the trilobite. It's definitely not clear in the movie, but I like to think it's from the trilobite.

Capt Torgo



Posted Jul-03-2017 6:33 AM

Now that Covenant has emotionally damaged myself it's hard to even adjust to Prometheus even though it's superior, imo. Why is Fifield not already turned into a crazy looking neomorph but is instead a zombie by the times he's baçk and dripping acid?=ridleys (get out) is it was a different virus goo in the ampule room or that pyramid. The deleted scene is not canon but one can infer riddles inteñt. What is bothering though is instant it should have been, he should have been just raging straight in minutes after exposure towards the ship. What a mess




Posted Jul-03-2017 7:27 AM

Nathan Adler:


Oh, that stupid Zombie shit.


Maybe he was about to be turned into a Xeno but that he hadn’t reached the final stage of transformation? Compare it to how a butterfly is developed from an Egg to a butterfly it also as different stages. Maybe he wasn’t there yet?


I like your question, it is interesting.




Posted Jul-03-2017 4:34 PM

If acid blood is an energy source then the facehuggers are biomechanical? This does not necessarily make the xenos biomechanical but the eggs can be engineered by someone. This would also exclude the ant queen concept, wouldn't it? 




Posted Jul-03-2017 5:48 PM

The Battery Acid Theory is a interesting one..

Because then we could maybe see that the Xenomorphs Acid performs the same task the the Androids White Milk Fluid does.

This could help to bridge the Bio-Mechanical Gap if a Android is used in this Process down the road... But i think its no Coincidence the Hammerpedes had Acid Blood.

A Lot of people did not get Prometheus, yet the clues was plain to see, if they had the Alternative Fifields  such as one of these and showed Acid Blood, i am sure the Connection would be easier.  But Alas it never had Eggs and Xenomorphs which displeased a number of people.

I hope that the only AWAKENING we are in for is FOX/RS wake up and learn from their mistakes.




Posted Jul-03-2017 5:56 PM

The xenomorph had acid blood in Alien Resurrection?




Posted Jul-03-2017 7:40 PM

Yes, remember the Xeno's in the cell. They killed the weakest of their own to melt a hole in the metal floor and escape.

There was also the xeno that spat acid at Christie climbing the ladder too

Actually Alien 3 is interesting. From memory there is no evidence to suggest the runner definitely acid for blood?? The juvenile possibly spat something like acid at Murphy causing him to fall into the fan too... 



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