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ALIEN DAY Prologue 'The Crossing' - Arrival Stills




Posted Apr-26-2017 11:39 AM

19 Responses to ALIEN DAY Prologue 'The Crossing' - Arrival Stills


Apr-26-2017 11:42 AM

Nice! The video and these stills are epic!


Apr-26-2017 1:36 PM

The Jaggernaut does not go into dock. The image clearly shows the (bomb) hole at the bottom of the ship. If it had docked, it wouldn't have been able to eject the goo urns.

small arrow = hole / big arrow = dock


Apr-26-2017 2:15 PM

I think my brain's about to explode, but in a good way!! LOVE all these teasers and such, TY guys for posting them, all of you!!

*Man's giant leap was just a stumble in the dark.*


Apr-26-2017 2:22 PM

Yup I knew Juggs did the bombing.  But the second orifice on the scorp begs the question of its purpose.


Apr-26-2017 2:30 PM

BWW - There's a new one just for you. :)


Apr-26-2017 2:41 PM

This movie is going to be jaw-droppingly stunning. If you want epic you need to go with a huge scale. Ripley is going Super-massive!!!



May-08-2017 11:34 AM

Kayden Andrews- are you spamming?


May-09-2017 10:20 AM

Yep lol

Anyway back to Topic... Amazing HD Captures.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


May-30-2017 2:36 AM

Can anyone delete and block the spam?!



May-30-2017 10:20 AM

All anyone needs to do is hit the REPORT button at the bottom left of the post!



"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Sep-07-2017 8:09 AM

I hope that we are one day given more details on the function and interior layouts of some of these vehicles. I'm always curious about what all of the other stuff on or in the ships are for, even if they aren't relevant to the movies.  Like the other two orifices on the scorpion docking ship.  The view looking down on the Juggernaut shows maybe another hole (like the bombing one) but on the top of the juggernaut.  Maybe it can dock to the bottom hole to unload, or up to the top hole to load things into the juggernaut.


Sep-07-2017 9:51 AM

it could be something as simple as either being able to deal with 2 ships at once or the 2 parts of the scorpion ship are so it can deal with different types of ship with different designs of docking ports?


Sep-07-2017 6:11 PM

drucea - 'Maybe it can dock to the bottom hole to unload, or up to the top hole to load things into the juggernaut.'

Yes, I think the same.


Sep-07-2017 10:29 PM

I'd always assumed that the scorpion thing was both a docking station and a protector of the planets population.

Given that both the scorpion and juggernaut are crashed in the movie, I assume it attacked the juggernaut when the payload was released.

I also assume that those two things that are sticking out either side of the juggernaut are like shuttle craft, where the leaders/heroes travel from the juggernaut, down the surface and meet with their creation.


Oct-31-2017 5:14 AM

The movie looks really amazing and looking forward to see it. Lets see when the time comes for me to watch this masterpiece. By the way in my free time i will play pixel gun 3d and will go for pixel gun 3d hack if i want to get resources for free.


Oct-31-2017 6:35 AM

The Wayne Haag concept above shows the Engineer craft rising out of the courtyard opening. The large scorpion ship may fold into place (change shape) with a hinge in the middle in order to rise out of the recess in the courtyard.

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