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Is Walter an android/human hybrid and does he bleed red?

Is Walter an android/human hybrid and does he bleed red?

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Mar-09-2017 2:25 PM

Is the new Walter (images below) line of androids a hybrid (biomechanical) of android/human components?

Does he bleed red if he is (no, male actor with blood on grey shirt isn't Walter, thank you BigDave and Svanya)?

Ridley Scott is producing both movies and I would assume, with Blade Runner and Alien in (potentially, not even close to confirmation, thank you S.M and BigDave) in the same universe, that he would keep the technology theme consistent. 

Please see the 3D printed organ technology below from Svanya, thank you again and excellent example of current technology concept for what is shown in constructing Walter.

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Mar-09-2017 2:32 PM

Ryan Gosling responds to Harrison Ford when Ford tells him that he did his job (Blade Runner) before.

"Things were simpler then."

Does this mean Tyrell Corporation technology has moved to blur the line in between what is human and what is synthetic and Weyland-Yutani Corporation has adopted and fielded this technology with the Walter model? 


Mar-09-2017 3:08 PM

I am not sure if we should consider Tyrell as Canon to the Alien Franchise... maybe they could connect it, but at the moment i dont think that Blu-ray extra should be considered 100% yet as it was no more than a Easter Egg Gag.

As far as Red Blood who knows...

Maybe he could be a Synthetic Construct? like Elden from Fire and Stone but we have no proof for this as of yet and so we cant say of this is the case.

The Set Reports and inteviews they got did however confirm they would be using White Blood in Alien Covenant.. so this has to mean.

1) David's scene when he has his Head Re-attached.

2) David or Walter get Wounded

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-09-2017 3:18 PM

Yeah, we safely discount any connection to Blade Runner at this point.

I think mention of 'machine' would indicate he's a robot, and if they want to maintain continuity he'd have white blood.  Even the most advanced robot in Call still has a white blood - and she'd be a prime candidate to try and make it red in order to hide from United Systems authorities.


Mar-09-2017 3:30 PM

This is why my personal theory behind the creation of the xenomorph has got to do with a black goo + android crossover or neomorph + android crossover. It would explain why the xenomorph has the mechanical aspect of the biomechanical anatomy. The neomorphs obviously don't breed from Queen - Egg - Facehugger - Chestburster method since it shows the spores from those plant pods getting into the respiratory system of humans. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it! (and maybe David 8's joy of playing "God" has some part in it." 


Mar-09-2017 3:31 PM

Yes S.M, not much depth on my part to debate with on the connection to Blade Runner at this point before the movies come out.

Another excellent point is Call's blood. Scott is in charge of this one (Alien: Covenant) and what we've seen from other directors might get corrected.

The title image was blown up from the fine print. I brought up the red blood because of the debate on who got the facehugger in the wheat at night in the dark in a grey shirt. I've been sure of who it was four times (different characters) and ready to argue about it. I have seen compelling answers every time.

I read that this android (from the Walter ad) is tailored to each person's "biosocial stamp". That is why I ask about the hybrid.

Is each Walter tailored to each customer's DNA to host the "instinct" advertised, another way, does this product have your DNA in it to forecast the instinct of what you want it to do?


Mar-09-2017 3:34 PM

Thank you spacewitch and I agree. I believe Walter is part of a special event (because he is also unique in relation to David 8) that contributes to the "perfect organism" that Ash admired.


Mar-09-2017 3:39 PM

Thank you BigDave. I think from the trailer it looks like everyone gets wounded (or worse).


Mar-09-2017 3:39 PM

I would assume the biosocial stamp is so that each unit is adapted to fit with the Personality of the intended owner.

The whole Viral will be interesting... as Walter is a Straight Up Robot.... and the question he raised... about Knowledge would surely mean if he was given more Knowledge like how Adam had when he ate from the Forbidden Fruit then we could see  Walter become like David.

Its there to show us that when a creation is allowed Freedom of Knowledge and Free-will that bad things and Rebellion can happen.

In context to Paradise Lost.... if God had made all his Angels Straight up Robots as far as their Emotions and Personality etc... then God would never have had the Fall of the Angels or Man on his hands.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-09-2017 3:41 PM

Well the VFX guy i think it was said, they brought in Alien Blood (Acid) Black Blood (Engineers or Neomorph?) or part of the Neomorph infection?

As well as White Blood... and a very large amount of Red Blood which hints that indeed Most of the Cast of Humans die in a Blood Bath..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-09-2017 3:44 PM

The "biosocial stamp" bit reads like it's referring to the human owner and Walter is tailored to it.


Mar-09-2017 3:44 PM

So correct BigDave. Free will. They chose to leave their assignment because of beautiful women. I might have heard of that concept before....and bad things and rebellion followed. 


Mar-09-2017 3:54 PM

Yes S.M. Tailored in what ways (semi-rhetorical)?

Walter is new and more personal than when David models were piped out from the factory to work throughout the colonies (and they experienced a recall of David 7).

They (David and Walter models) might have similar roll outs (sales to the customer) but there has been an effort to distinguish the Walter from David product in the trailers and viral material.


Mar-09-2017 4:14 PM

"Yes S.M. Tailored in what ways (semi-rhetorical)?"

It would depend what information you had store on your biosocial stamp, but I imagine it's just like adjusting the settings on your computer or phone to suit.  The biosocial stamp does it automatically, without having to go to Walter's settings menu.


Mar-09-2017 4:19 PM

That is a really good way to explain that S.M. I now have to know what a biosocial stamp encompasses. And I know we don't have much to go on so I won't start to project but that is a great comparison with computer settings/preferences.


Mar-11-2017 12:36 PM

Here are assumed customers sitting with Walter above a disclaimer of the loss of DNA rights upon non-payment.

Did these customers contribute their DNA, to harness instinct for both, to this Walter product?

Walter construction methods resemble UV and tissue matrix for manufactured cells to overtake.

Adjusting settings and reading nutrition feeds?




Mar-11-2017 1:48 PM

Indeed the Viral has given some information thats interesting..

What is meant by a disclaimer of the loss of DNA rights upon non-payment.

If you loose those rights, do you loose the rights to be Human? its interesting and could even lead us to think do they become Replicants then.... but again this could be a Red Herring or a clue that could make us think this, when actually its not the case at all

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-11-2017 1:54 PM

As far as the Chest Buster.... who knows...

This is the guy who is playing Billy Crudup's Stunt Double..

Toby Fuller

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-11-2017 1:57 PM

Now I'm sure again who it was for the fifth time (each time a different actor).


Mar-11-2017 2:24 PM

I'm sorry I threw DNA in on the construction methods discussion at the end (while DNA is discussed here as well) on the other topic BigDave. Thank you for commenting on both. That came to me after the initial Walter construction methods update in that topic.

I was trying to segregate the topic concepts (DNA and potential descendant Yutani Geisha) with the separate image analysis and my mind came back to DNA in both topics.


Mar-11-2017 3:06 PM

@BigDave That's the face! The nose and earlobes match! So it's Billy's character then, the victim.

Also, you see white fluid being pumped into Walter in the viral video, so i'm assuming he has the white blood Androids normally have.



Mar-11-2017 3:13 PM

I agree with both of your points Svanya. I did put the reference to blood in the title because we were debating who was in the photo.


Mar-12-2017 2:50 PM

Wanted to add the white scaffolds in his body looks much like the tech for 3D printed organs that we have now. I'm guessing the buyers DNA is laid over it in a similar way~ 3D printed organ technology and  3D Printing Can Build New Bone

Video - 3D printed organs demonstration. Quincey Technology

Video - 3D printed organ dissection (kidney)



Mar-12-2017 6:22 PM

I could not think of a better example, current tech, to explain the white scaffolds (better term) shown below Svanya. Thank you. 

I can only assume a portion of this scaffolding is used to manufacture synthetic/organic hybrid organs and the circulatory system inside of Walter.

The scaffolding reaches throughout his entire frame. The black goo would then have something to work with inside to change Walter.

That is what led me to theorize that Walter could be affected by the black goo and it could change him because of the building blocks the scaffolding produces towards a partially organic organism (biomechanical).


Mar-12-2017 6:24 PM

I wish that Technology was affordable as i could do with a few reprints my self ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-12-2017 6:45 PM

BigDave, thank you for making me belly laugh. Sometimes I look at the mirror and feel like I need a full reprint.


Mar-12-2017 6:48 PM

Close up of chest cavity.


Mar-12-2017 10:18 PM

Ohh, didn't notice the brain in there! Thanks Ingeniero!


For those that are interested, here is the full Ted Talks video with Surgeon Anthony Atala, a pioneer in 3D organ printing (3D Bioprinting). 

TED: Printing a human kidney | Anthony Atala



Mar-14-2017 12:03 AM

Well i have read that Blade Runner is not part of the Alien franchise and are two separate boats. Yes on one hand it would be interesting to see the deeper connections in AI technology but i would rather have them not together, two Masterpieces that should stay single. Towards Walter bleeding red i doubt it, not only is the white blood a trademark for robotics in Alien movies but in the new viral of Meet Walter you can clearly see the white fluid being pumped into his system. Is he bio mechanic? i am not really sure, for me it looks more like synthetic organs, synthetic blood and loads of technologies we are working on now from 3d printing and creating your own growing cells but are they organic or synthetic, my assumption is that they could be further than we think. One thing i find compelling is what you can do with the accelerant (black goo). i always wondered if weyland yutani are not only looking for purpose of finding our makers and harnissing the alien as a weapon but to you this accelerant to merge biology with technology or proceed to the next evolutionary stage in engineering :-)

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