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No ofense, but........(get your flame throwers ready)




Posted Jan-11-2017 1:32 AM

Please understand I say this as an Alien fan.

Beyond the original 3 Star Wars, which were awesome but wholesome, I dismiss it starting with the whiney EP 1. I am an Alien and Trek Person.

I would like to see the Engineers bombard the Star Wars universe with black goo. Who or what in that world could challenge a pi%^ed off Xeno?

Again, note the OP. This could be cathartic.

20 Responses to No ofense, but........(get your flame throwers ready)


Jan-11-2017 1:36 AM

Jedi would chop them to pieces with the lightsabers cauterising the wounds minimising acid blood spray.

Or the Death Star could use a single reactor ignition from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.


Jan-11-2017 1:41 AM

LOL! I only did this thread after seeing Star Wars references- completely different thing. Star Wars- Lasers and ships vs Alien- Spear gun, faulty malfunctioning equipment.


Jan-11-2017 1:50 AM


That is another thing. Star Wars folks seem to have lasers/blasters, technology etc while the Alien franchise has basic equipment, stuff that almost never works and wits only.


Jan-11-2017 2:02 AM

They had hand-held lasers in Alien.  Never got to use them though.


Jan-11-2017 2:08 AM

Ha this is a funny idea.I'd like to see the black goo used on the gungans or atleast Jar Jar.Bet you he'd still be pretty fucking stupid once he mutates lol.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Jan-11-2017 2:37 AM


Thanks for the laugh


Jan-11-2017 2:49 AM

Your welcome neomorph

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Jan-11-2017 4:21 AM

As stated in the OP......I would like to se a Juggernaut drop a payload of black goo on the Star Wars universe and slap its smug wholesome face. I would leave Star Wars alone but someone mentioned it on an Alien thread and contaminated the site.


Jan-11-2017 8:46 AM

Ha ha ha! A gooed Jar-Jar! :D :D


*Jar-Jar speaks silly, attacks people, bites them and makes the invasion of Normandy during ww2 seem like a vacation*


Jan-11-2017 1:06 PM

Makes you wonder what effect the blackgoo would have on the midichlorians.  Lightsaber wielding xeno that wants to french kiss you, shoot you with electricity, and then levitate you towards it all at the same time.  That's just not even right. 


Jan-11-2017 3:59 PM

I think its the Merger that would kick ass....

Snoke.. the Sith Engineer lol

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-11-2017 10:32 PM

yeah get a huge IV drip of black goo and stick it into jar jar, has there ever been a more irritating character??


Jan-12-2017 4:20 AM

The only character i find more irritating is episode 1 Anakin

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Jan-12-2017 4:23 AM

We should dip him in black goo too,then we'll have a black goo infused Darth Vader(cue the Imperial March theme)!!!

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Jan-12-2017 4:25 AM

the kid wasn't too bad but the older Anakin was hopeless, such a weak flat actor for such an important role 


Jan-12-2017 5:28 AM

Exactly, miscasting at its finest. 


Jan-12-2017 5:46 AM

tbh im not interested in SW anymore. ep4-5-6 were amazing but 1-2-3 were awful, Anakin and obi-wan were terrible and im a huge ewan McGregor fan, cant wait for trainspotting2


Jan-12-2017 6:07 AM

I actually enjoyed TFA and Rogue One for what they were, but like Indy and a lot of other classic films with new sequels decades later, it's very hard to recreate the same magic.

We also have to take nostalgia and our youthful view on things back then into consideration.


Jan-12-2017 6:25 AM

thought the last indy movie was good tbh but even letting the star wars films have a bit of slack, they were poor. was it intended to be so obvious who the emperor was 0.3 seconds after the senator came into view?


Jan-12-2017 7:57 AM

 BD If you BG'ed Snoke to make him an Engineer he would be effectively extinct per current state of knowledge in the AC universe.  Easy way to eliminate the dark side :)

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